It's Cold Outside

Okay....I was told I needed to start a blog. Why? I recently started my own selling website, mostly vintage items, and a blog would help people find their way to the site. So here I sit, wondering would anyone care about what I have to say. :)) Yesterday we worked in the gardens all day, pulling weeds, planting flowers, pruning and blowing away a gazillion pine tags off the porches, decks and walkways. Today it's very chilly and very windy and about a million more of those pine tags have fallen. Why fight Mother Nature, so today I decided to stay inside, sit down at this computer and figure out how to do this blog. Oh yeah, I am also going to make one of my vintage pillowcase dresses. Check them out on my website:www.thevintagenest.com. I enjoy the "hunt" for those very charming old vintage pillowcases and them turning them into the precious little dresses. I have posted one here for you to see.
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