Tractor Man

I have to tell you as much as I love treasure hunting for that perfect little vintage or antique item, my better half doesn't. He will go with me but it's just not his thing. I try to give him an enticement such as sending him off to look for antique fishing lures (such as the one on eBay that sold for a gazillion dollars) but that doesn't seem to work. But one day we were out driving and he spotted a vintage tractor for sale in a guy's front yard. Well now...that got his attention real fast. With a gleam in his eye he wrote down the phone number posted on that old tractor and the next day went back and bought it. It's a gray 1952 Fergurson and runs like a top and I must admit I love it as much as he does. It looks real cute sitting in the field..... LOL ...... I hope he doesn't read this post because I don't think he would like his manly tractor being called cute.


Michele said...

Lynn, I love your "cute" tractor, what a great find. Your blog is great, I will come back again. Also thank you for stopping by my blog, I have entered your name fot the tablecloth.
Thanks, Michele

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe you have a lake in your backyard. How fantastic, It is beautiful with all the trees. I'm packing my bags. LOL

My Pink Boutique said...

Love the tractor! I bet he won't mind driving you around treasure hunting anymore! ;-)


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