Steel Magnolias

I found the sweetest pink glass vintage boudoir lamp when I stopped off at one of my favorites haunts on the way to my hairdressers yesterday. Please do check it out on my website. It's a Make Mine Pink moment lamp and so so charming. But I want to tell you about my hairdresser. Her place reminds me so much of Truvy's beauty parlor from the movie Steel Magnolias. Going to see Susie and having her fuss with your hair is way better than therapy. Susie is not only a fabulous hair dresser but I swear, each and every time I go there I laugh so much my face hurts. That's her little salon in the photo. Going to Susie's and sitting in her chair is a like a little slice of heaven. Now...if I only felt that way at my dentist office!

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Michele said...

That is just so much fun. I had a hair dresser that had a salon very similiar. I love the prices, maybe I need to go there. LOL


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