And It All Came Tumbling Down

Couple a weeks ago I was in the kitchen cooking, home alone.....and I heard this terrible racket (no pun intended). Ran all around downstairs and everything looked fine, ran upstairs searching and everything looked fine. It wasn't until later that night as I was getting ready for bed that I looked in my closet and saw the source of the noise. One of the top racks in my closet had pulled away from the wall (overloaded with tennis clothes), fallen down on the rack below it and pulled that one down too. What a mess! I was in no mood to clean it up that evening nor for the next couple of weeks. It was just too steamy August hot to mess with it. I used to be heavily involved in the tennis scene. I ran a tennis pro shop along with the tennis pro for 10 years. Played on many teams, won some local tournaments, ran social events and was head of the Junior tennis league in the city. I attended the trade shows to pick out all the latest tennis fashions for the following season which was so much fun. Needless to say I had a TON of tennis clothes.....the cutest little pleated skirts, tops, vests, jackets, warm-up suits and even cute socks and jewelry. Due to an achy back and shoulder, tennis elbow and foot surgery I don't play a lot of tennis anymore. Finally this past weekend I decided to go through all those tennis clothes and clean up the mess. I ended up throwing away everything except for one cute little skirt, top and warm-up pants. Most of them were out of date, too little, too big or too something. The thing about it was I got a little weepy as I was doing it. It was like packing up part of my life and throwing it away. Silly, I know, but I am kind of sentimental that way. But the good news is now I have a whole new part of the closet to fill up with more stuff. And maybe I'll even go through the rest of that closet. Nah...maybe not...think I'll wait 'til this winter. Tennis anyone?


Roxie Morrow said...

OMG, you totally look like a tennis pro. I thought you reminded me of something. Maybe it was time for that closet to be free of those clothes, it was giving you a subtle hint. That would have been so much fun going through all those fashionable clothes, I can't even imagine the memories. What will you fill the closet with now?

Sweet Remembrance said...

Lynn...You must have had quite a stash of tennis gear! But it will be fun refilling your closet with new stuff!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Sigh, I know what you mean. It's like you got rid of a bit of who you are...but really we are just getting better. (or so I've been told LOL)


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