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Hi Y'all! I think I have mentioned that we are having a wedding party out here on the "farmette" in October. Well...it's nothing like a big "to do" at your home to get you in the mood to do some much needed fixing up, cleaning, and all those other little things ya' been meaning to fix but just never get done. We have been working real hard to get the gardens, yard and etc. looking real pretty. So today, with the gorgeous fall weather I was in the mood to hit the garden center. This garden center is huge and not only has every kind of plant in the world but lots of home decor too. So I thought it might give me some ideas on decorating for the wedding. So....off we went. We decided to go to town by way of a little back scenic country road instead of the highway. The road is very narrow and winding. As we're toolin' along enjoying the scenery we noticed a motorcycle approaching and a car directly behind it and then all of sudden that car just slammed into the motorcycle. I gasped and then yelled. Gar' quickly pulled off to the roadside and ran over to the couple that had been on the motorcycle. Within a minute we had called 911 and within 5 minutes could hear the sirens in the distance. Before the police arrived my husband directed traffic on the narrow road. Finally the police, firetrucks and the rescue squad arrived. The couple were pretty banged up but will be okay. I felt sorry for the guy that hit them. He said he just never saw the motorcycle. He had been on his way home from church. He was so upset he couldn't stand up. After the couple were put in the rescue squad Gar' gave a statement and we went on our way. It wasn't even us in that accident but I was shaking like a leaf. After arriving at the garden center the gorgeous colors of the fall mums brightened my spirits. Everything was just so pretty! I was on a mission today and that was to get some pink spirea, some ornamental cabbages and some hostas (for the deer to dine on). After making my sweet husband's wallet a little lighter we left. I got some great ideas for the decor of the wedding too but decided I will come back later for the mums. The cool, crisp weather just called for a good ol' "down home cooking" pot roast. I think that took my husband's mind off all that money I spent today to make his yard look beautiful. :)) Oh yeah, one more thing, Polly over at Counting Your Blessings and Michelle of Back Through Time are having a yellow rose contest. Counting Your Blessings is over there on my side bar under "Take Me Away" blogs. Click on over there to find out about the contest. It starts Friday Sept. 21st. and she has the most gorgeous yellow roses umbrella to give away. You'll love their blogs too. Okay...now I am off to see who wins tonight on Design Star.


Unknown said...

WOW Lynn! It is a good thing you had decided to take the different road this morning, you both really helped those people! I can imagine you were pretty shaken up!

the store looks amazing and so do your veggies! Cant wait to see what you do for the wedding!


Scrappy Moments said...

Wow! That was an upsetting thing I bet, I bet you were shaken up. Glad they will be ok and the poor guy coming back from church!

Sounds like you had an enjoyable Sunday afternoon, all kinds of flowers and those veggies look divine. Speaking of which, I need to start thinking about what's for dinner :)


savvycityfarmer said...

I just love Mums....because a strict budget, this I will probably not buy any, but for my porch I use great artificial...no one can tell the difference from the street...I always post a blog about my new fall "dress".

the wedding party sounds like bliss

blessings said...

Holy Cow, what a day! And a second either way, could've changed your life forever. God's protecting hand!! Blessings... Polly

Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh my gosh...I would have been so upset too, glad nobody was seriously hurt! How fun planning a fall wedding...we will be doing the same next year!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Lynn! I love fall flowers and visiting the nurseries at this time too! Your husband looks like he was being a good sport about the shopping. How are the wedding party plans going? I would love to hear what you have decided to do! Thanks for commenting on my florals too!

PAT said...

Our mums haven't "popped" yet! I can't wait!

These are some wonderful photos!


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