Tuckered Out

Well...I gotta' tell you. I am just plum tuckered out and my arms are so tired from flying all over the world to visit all of your wonderful tea parties yesterday. You bloggers are amazing, beautiful and talented people. Your parties were all so inventive, full of memories and showed wonderful tea treats, recipes, interesting facts, families and beautiful photos. And a big thank you to Sharon of C'est Chouette.com and Pillow Talk for dreaming up the wonderful idea of a virtual tea party. Now since I am so tired today I think I will take a little nap in the fish chair. Nothing fancy, nothing pretty..... just icy green tea for me today in my old Happy Face mug, a sweet cookie and a biscuit for my best bud Ben. Then I shall be ready to head out and visit even more of you and your lovely parties and it's my dearest wish that many more of you will visit Ms. Sophie Mae's tea party. :))


Back Through Time said...

Wanted to say I was sorry I didn't make it to your tea party, it looked lovely!! Thanks for stopping by to visit

Roxie Morrow said...

You are such a tease. Sitting there relaxing by the pool with Ben and eating one of my absolute favorite cookies in the entire planet. Now ya got me craving those big time! You know where I'll be going tomorrow. Heehee!

Michele said...

No fair, I stopped by and caught you napping. Love the color of your chair. I must run, so many tea parties still to go.
Hugs, Michele

PS I am going to post all my new shoes soon. I found some really cute ones. LOL

Unknown said...

Now that looks relaxing!!!!! Your dog is beautiful!! And I love Loft House cookies!! Yummy!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hello and welcome to my site, Melissa's Cozy Teacup.
It's nice to meet you.

Michele said...

Ok, this is just to funny,LOL. I think you need to take a picture of all 21 shoes, I'm now dying to see all of them. I will put a post on tomorrow of my "new" shoes.
Your right, what a collection for $5-$8.00. What else do you collect?

Tracy P. said...

I'm so glad you had a few ounces of energy left to stop by the garden today. Those little girls finished me off, too! ;-)

Sharon said...

Lynn better be careful which biscuit you take a nibble of.

Anonymous said...

Your tea party was a success and it was beautiful too!
The picture of the dog bone and the cookie on the same plate reminds me of one night... after too much "not tea"... I grabbed an all natural dog treat and convinced my girlfriend that it tasted like a gingersnap. She took a huge bite. Bless her heart.

It tasted nothing like a gingersnap.

So anyways, that's what your picture of treats on the plate reminded me of.

cjan said...

Hi Lynn,
I love your relaxing from all the "Teas". My computer is so slow it takes me forever to get anywhere.. but I so have enjoyed visiting them and your's as well. How precious your Dedication to Ms. Sophie Mae! Love the glass baby shoes.

I'm so glad that your Brother-in-Law is doing ok.
Life is only a day at a time and yes, we so need to not take it for granted.
Our lives are special and each day is a Gift from God. Have fun with your 'Teas' today.


meg said...

Sometimes, that is the best kind of tea break- a simple drink, a treat & a friend to share :)

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this wonderful Tea Party~ I wish I could join you~ do you have another fish chair?
Sharon @cest-chouette.blogspot.com

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