Beavers & Other Ornaments

I know there is a big debate about whether to use colored lights or white lights and I must admit I am a white light snob. They just look so pretty at night. But I do have a tree that we use the multi colored lights on and I have to admit it's my favorite tree. I put it up in the kitchen and it's just loaded with bright primary colors. On it are ornaments that reflect events that have shaped our lives. Most of them are given to me in my stocking each year by my husband. If he can't find an ornament that reflects a momentous event from our lives that year he makes one, which makes them all the more precious. So today I thought I would share some of the ornaments with you. But first I'd like to give you a little tip. If you take very thin wire and loop it through the hooks on three or four of those pretty glass Christmas balls they make quite a statement on the tree instead of just hanging them singularly.

Last year in my stocking was a little stuffed beaver. You see that past year we had had a really bad problem with the beavers on the lake. They were coming into our yard and cutting down newly planted trees. Momma wasn't happy about that and it became my husband's mission, as nicely as possible, to encourage the beavers to move on.

The doggie represents the year we got sweet Ben...our golden retriever.

The little snow people with the names Jason and Kirsten on them represent the year our oldest son got married. Only problem was my husband bought the snow girl with the name Kirsten on it...not Kristen which is our DIL's name. Duh! We got a great laugh about that one and still do.

The Raggedy Andy was a baby gift from my big sister when our first was born.

The birdhouse ornament represents the year I was all about making shabby birdhouses with antique elements and selling them in my brick and mortar store. I made so many of them. They were quite popular.

Of course, the little baby photo ornament represents the year our sweet grand-daughter Boo was born.

The fish ornament.....what can I say? My husband is a big fisherman and loves nothing better than to be out on the lake in his boat fishing.

The cute little wooden airplane was given to me the first time the kids flew on an airplane. They are both seasoned airplane travelers now. :)

The tennis playing Santa.....that was the year I won all city team matches....singles and doubles. I was on a roll that year.

The little baby block ornaments are the actual baby blocks the boys played with as toddlers.

The CedarHill sign represents the year I became part of a brick and mortar antiques shop with several other ladies. It was a scary thing at the time for me but I loved it.

And the little red mailbox was given to me the year we moved to the country.

I bet you have wonderful ornaments too that reflect your special interest. Have a super great weekend! ~ Lynn


Michelle said...

Lynn, Thank you for sharing your special ornaments. These are the best! I am a converted white light snob too! I love the idea of wiring the colored balls together. I'm going to try that this year. Have a great weekend :) Michelle

Alison Gibbs said...

What wonderful memories the ornaments on your tree hold for your family.

Sherry said...

Lynn, your ornaments are delightful with a lovely little story behind each one and what it means to you. We have collected ornaments each year and I always try to find something special to me. I always put an ornament in the boys' stockings so that when they leave home whether to strike out on their own or with a partner, they will have a little collection already started.

I'm a white lighter myself (!) but the coloured lights make me think of childhood and my boys love the coloured lights...so we've done both from time to time!

Janet said...


I love seeing others' ornaments. Somehow it makes ones I take for granted special.

Thanks for sharing.

BellaColle said...

Your tree is soo sweet! we do that too..have an ornament for each year. But how thoughtful your DH is for each year giving you a special one! I guess I'm too sentimental...I think Christmas ornaments like you've mentioned are worth more than all the silver and gold there is!! Thank you for sharing such sweet treasures!

Unknown said...

i linked here from bella colle...lovely little blog you have. =)
so fun to see your ornaments and hear the stories behind them! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, gorgeous Post :) Your tree looks beautiful decorated with these special ornamets. Such a lovely idea and cherished memories. Have a wonderful weekend, we will be unpacking!! J & J

Carol said...

What a gorgeous tree. I love seeing the trees all dressed up.
I am a white light snob too lol.....but I do love coloured lights too. Good idea two trees.
Have a lovely weekend......
PS your music is so relaxing......I could drift off

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Your husband is a sweetie - so thoughtful! And the Kirsten/Kristen made me laugh too!!! Your tree looks lovely, and thanks for the great tip!

Betty said...

I love your little stories on each Christmas decoration..
I have 2 trees up, one has white lights and the other colored..the colored being the one that has all the old ornaments. I also hang the Christmas balls in clusters, I love the way that looks.
Have a nice day!

Elzie said...

I must admit that I'm a snob too LOL. If you're a snob when you like white candles in the tree, well, then I am one. I have never liked colored candles anywhere, I must say. It's good we can chose whatever we prefere.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Love Elzie

bj said...

I loved seeing all your special ornaments and I love that you have a tree in your kitchen. I am putting a small one in our kitchen for the firs time this year. Or, maybe a group of the 3 small trees together.
I LOVE the idea of wiring 3 or 4 balls together. Can't imagine why I didn't think of that!!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Lynn
I love that all your decorations bring back sweet memories and have a story..
It is tradition in our house to buy one new decoration each Christmas for the tree.. last year it was a glass snowman from Venice Italy..
You have a wonderful collection..

Sandi McBride said...

funny, I was thinking about all the memories my ornaments held, the oldest being around 49 years old, an angel topper that I'll post about Christmas Eve...the wooden ones from when the boys were toddlers...they couldn't break them...the nutcrackers I bought when we lived in England...so many memories...your tree is beautiful...my outdoor tree has white lights, but my indoor tree has coloured lights...it's a "Mama" thing, lol

Nunnie's Attic said...

Aw Lynn, how pretty! And I'm a white light snob too. I can't help it. But, maybe I could start introducing colored lights into my house in small increments? Cause your tree looks so pretty!


Unknown said...

How sweet and special! I love them all Lynn! The Raggedy Andy is so cute!!

love ya,

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Betty r, I am so delighted you visit my blog and leave such nice comments but I can't thank you because I can't figure out how to get to your blog if you have one. Does anyone know?

Kissing of the Frogs said...

OK can I tell you that I clicked on your boutique and I JUST LOOOOVVVVEEE the black rooster plaque - HA! I also adore the rug that you can see in the background of the picture with the cream distressed candle sticks, ha I'm quite nosey ya know....Thanks for coming to see me today. I'll have to look around in your lovely boutique! Thanks for lovin my hunt scene paper, I have a soft spot for Hunt Scenes....maybe I was English in my past life - ha!

Nan said...

Oh, I love all your ornaments. It's great that they have special meaning for you. I started using dated picture frames on my tree with Christmas pictures from the past.

Esther Sunday said...

Lynn - this is soooo sweet! How precious your husband is to do this! What a tree of special memories! I Love it. Great idea about the glass balls to - it really does look good! Love, Esther

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a sweet idea, love that your husband has done that for your through the years!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Lynn, your ornaments are all lovely! It is so nice that each one has a special meaning. I especially love the Santa tennis one (that was some roll you were are girl!).

I use all white lights, but I still love to see a vintage tree with the big colored lights I grew up with..

Flea Market Queen said...

Lynn...I love your ornaments!
They are all so special...
Happy Holidays,

kari and kijsa said...

Love seeing all your special ornaments and their meanings! That is what we love about Christmas trees- they truly are temporary family trees filled with memories and treasures!

kari & kijsa

Bristol said...

Lynn- I loved that post! Every year I say I want to do a theme tree but my ornaments, every single one of them have meaning. That's what makes Christmas! I guess I am behind and did not realize you had a golden. We have our three year old Coop who is an awesome companion, mostly to Griffin our four year old!
Thanks for your advice~~~ Enjoy you so much.

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

I'm having a giveaway - hope you will enter!

Anonymous said...

What sweet and endearing ornaments and obviously loved. Cute photo of you wrapping presents. And the fruit arrangement is extraordinary. I had to chuckle at your first day of Christmas...doing nothing. I love it. Some days I just love being worthless. :)

Anonymous said...

Lynn come to my blog; I have something for you.

GMG said...

Now, we're definitely in the season! Must start thinking of getting the ornaments out of their boxes, and the white lights also...
Lovely music you have here!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome. Thank you for your kind words about my poem.

Susie Q said...

I loved seeing all your beloved ornaments. It is such fun to open the boxes each year and relive memories of places we have lived and people we have known. Each ornament means something doesn't it?

You have been bust decorating!

Your toffee sounds so good and congratulations on winning the giveaway!! *smile*


Priscilla said...

Hi, How nice all your baubles and ornaments reflect different times in your life.... I also enjoy looking at our baubles each year, I remember getting them and whos is whos favourite. Colour lights are my favourite, I also love white but cant part with the colour! ha,ha

Priscilla x

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love that Raggedy Andy decoration! He is so cute!

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