Poodle Skirts & Fashion Dolls

I know this photo is really, really bad but, after all, I have been carrying it around in my wallet since.....well you can see the date on it. The photo has lots of wrinkles and memories on it now just like those cute kids. The tall kid with the bear and fashion doll is me. Don't you just love the saddle shoes? The cute blond is my baby sister. It's hard to tell in the photo but she is wearing the infamous poodle skirt. And the little boy with the beanie....that's Johnny, my brother. Those beanies are just as popular this year. And in front is our old friend, Rex.

A little update on my pink reindeer pop-up card post. That card I made for Boo should get there today. My son told me that they went to visit Santa this past weekend out in the country. And not only was Santa there but his reindeer too....real reindeer. He said Boo was enthralled more with the reindeer than Santa. So I think that makes the little card even more special. Wish I could be there when she opens it. In that little card I also included a little package of reindeer food for her to sprinkle in the yard on Christmas Eve. It's oatmeal with a little silver and gold glitter.

A special thanks to Sherry over at Esprit d' Art who honored me with this very special award. Sherry is such a sweetheart and a special friend behind the scenes to me. Thank you Sherry.

This award comes with a meme tag of listing 7 random facts about yourself. So here goes:

1. I can't stand green peas.

2. I can cross my toes.

3. A family pet name for me is frog tongue. (don't ask)

4. I don't like to drive on the freeways anymore.... maybe it's because I drive the speed limit.

5. I have three metals screws in my body.

6. I redecorate people's homes mentally when I visit.

7. I've always dreamed of being a dancer.

Okay...I know you are probably tired of reading but there is just one more thing I would like to mention today. I hope all of you will join me for the Holiday Christmas Tour on Monday, December 17th. You can start here and then jump over to Pea's Corner, the sponsor, for all the participates. I think it's going to be so much fun with beautiful and fun things to see while sharing some nips and nibbles. :) ~ Lynn

The peace in one's heart is a small start for peace on earth.


Sherry said...

Lynn!! I love these facts!!! Frog tongue?!? I won't ask but it's an unusual nickname! I love that you redecorate people's homes mentally when you visit!! I do that to some degree too..usually change the wall colour!! And dreaming of being a dancer? I did too..which is why I often pretend to be a ballerina!!! :) You are truly deserving of this award and I'm glad you like it!!

I love the old photograph...I loved my saddle shoes, though I know I didn't have a poodle skirt...when I was little I wore "skorts" in the summer.

Your card for Boo will really be a hit...it would have been a hit on it's own anyway, but after having just seen live reindeer? The timing couldn't be better!! Hopefully they take a photo of her opening the card!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, how sweet of you, thank you for checking in on us :) Frog tongue ooh, ok we won't ask!! Such a gorgeous photo!! Congratulations on your Award, you are exactly that :)

All is going pretty well, we have unpacked about two-thirds and now we can start on the Christmas tree! Speaking of birds, we have many visitors of the feathered variety! Our lovely next door neighbour is an elderley gentleman, he feeds them every morning quite early around 6am, so we wake to these gorgeous tiny sparrows chirping and fluttering on the front balcony, they are so sweet :) I (Jenn) sprained my ankle yesterday so I am as slow as a snail at the moment but hope to post again soon!

Jenn and Jacqui xo

savvycityfarmer said...

Oooooh, I've missed you girl...
doin my best like everyone else to stay on top of the blogger phenomenon...

I'm always soothed here.

Mary said...

Hi Lynn, oh come on, you're not going to tell us something like "frog's tongue" and not explain it?!

I'm looking forward to taking the tour on the 17th!

blessings said...

I can't cross my toes but I've been known to pick things up with them. Dang.. I just remembered that I never did the 7 random things the last time I was tagged. Ooops. Blessings... Polly

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Polly, It just kills me that I can't comment on your wonderful post. But please know that I read them and enjoy them all. I tried to listen to the recorded messages but guess I was too late or couldn't find the right button to push. Hugs, Lynn

Nunnie's Attic said...

HAHAHAHAHA! You had great answers. I love the part about the pet name. But I won't ask.

Love the picture too!! Have no fear about your visits, darlin. I always try to visit as often as I can too but lately, things just keep piling up on top of each other. The rush is on!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Evening Lynn!
It's great to know others have discovered Victoria Trading Co! After 3 hours in court today, I was not one of the 12 jurors picked...but it was a very interesting day.

Frog Tongue? Now my imagination is going wild!

Unknown said...

Lynn I love that picture! How adorable! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Your granddaughter will just love the card! I have always thought real reindeer were fascinating too! Probably because you dont get to see them much.


Anonymous said...

I love the photo and so glad you told me about your redecorating in your mind... now I know im not going crazy.

Distant Timbers Echo said...

Saddle shoes are CUUUTE! I love older black and white pictures!

Anonymous said...

What fun things to learn of you from the picture to the random fun facts. Hope your week is going well.

bj said...

Oh, boy...I do remember saddle shoes and poodle skirts. I was older than you in 1957....and it was a fabulous time! I loved being a teenager in the 50's...a great time in my life.
I also loved reading the things about you!!
hugs, bj

Michelle said...

Lynn, Congratulations on your award. I don't like peas either~frog tongue, I can only guess! I love the photograph of you and brother and sister. Thanks for sharing such a sweet, well loved picture. Michelle

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Lynn...love the photos!! Yes..the beanies are back as my daughter wears one all the time. We did the reindeer food too...it was so so cute!

Elzie said...

I just love this photo. It shows just how old it is with it's wrinkles. And the photographers shadow on it. I can almost believe it's me that's taken the photo LOL.
Hope you have a great day.
Love Elzie

Carol said...

Hi Lynn what a lovely photo and it is nice to hear that you have had it with you for so long......I love that.
I must admit I re-decorate peoples homes in my mind!
Christmas greetings,
Carol x
PS your music is so relaxing.....I could easily drift away listening...

CIELO said...

What a lovely photo... there is something almost magical about the past that atracts me so... thanks for sharing that photo.

Enjoy the Season...


Michele said...

Lynn, always love coming to your blog. So many fun things to read and thanks for sharing that wonderful picture. I had the same saddle shoes. I loved the story you left on my blog about the Christmas Eve red pajamas. Reminded my of my kids, they would hate opening a clothing present and would beg me to let them open one more.
Hugs~ Michele

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Lynn - I love the old photo of you and your siblings...and I'm impressed that you can cross your toes....soooo talented - LOL!
And I have to admit I redecorate people's homes in my mind too...but never really realized I did it until you said it - HA!
I enjoyed my visit here today...and especially the 7 new things I learned about you.


Esther Sunday said...

Lynn - love the pic you you and your sibs. What great memories it must bring back to you! Congrats on your award - you deserve it, darlin'! You can cross your toes? I am so jelous! Love, Esther

Bristol said...

Lynn- I just love old photos. that one is filled with meaning and love!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Lynn, thanks for stopping by to see me. What a wonderful old photo, those have the best memories. I love that cute little reindeer card you made your G'daughter! Just the cutest.
And that toffee recipe looks SO good, but 8 sticks of butter will prevent me from trying it, LOL. I love toffee!


Back Through Time said...

Looks like you have been busy lately with the toffee, cute cards and listing all those interesting facts!! Can't wait to see your Christmas tour.

Deb said...

Lynn....your Christmas decorations are so pretty! I love visiting your blog. :)

vintage twist said...

What a wonderful picture, so many memories it must evoke. Congrats on your award and a very Merry Christmas to you.

kari and kijsa said...

just love the old photo (saddle shoes are a favorite!) and your beautiful award- well deserved we say! Can't wait to see the wonderful home tour!

Merry Christmas blessings,
kari & kijsa

Cape Cod Washashore said...

That old photo of you and your siblings is just so sweet! I remember I had a pair of saddle shoes! lol Boy, they sure lasted a long time and wore very well! Congrats to you on your award! =)

Susie Q said...

I LOVE this photo...

And I too decorate other's homes in my head...*smile* If they only knew...*laugh*


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