Fur Babies & Birds

I so look forward to the Westminster dog show every year. Did any of you watch it Monday nite and last nite? I was rooting for that beautiful Weimaraner but the cute little beagle, Uno, won. And the commercials were better than the Super Bowl commercials. Every single time they showed the commercial of the little dog sitting in his cage at the shelter and some prospective owners would come by he would jump up and looked so "please take me home with you", I would get a lump in my throat. Our dog, Ben, a golden retriever is a rescued dog. Seven years ago he and his sister were left on the front porch, in a box, at my son's fraternity house. I guess whoever did it knew those boys would take care of the pups. We ended up adopting one and the other went to a home at the beach....lucky dog. Ben has been the best dog ever. If you know goldens they are party dogs.....always ready to play.....always waving that big rudder of a tail. Our Ben always carries a stuffed toy around with him......inside and out. Always ready to go for a walk or go fishing with his Dad. If you are considering getting a new fur baby, please, I encourage you to check with your local shelters. There's a lot of love there to give.

Did you know that Feb. 15-18th is the Great Backyard Bird Count? It's a fun thing to do with the whole family and very educational for the kids. You can go here to read all about it and how to participate. Living on a lake we have all kinds of birds. Right now the little ducks are loving our rainy weather. I see geese, an eagle, a beautiful pair of herons and all kinds of song birds. My dh gave me a window bird feeder for Christmas. It has been so much fun to see the birds up close and personal.....drives the cat nuts though. :) For the last couple of weeks we have had thousands of black birds settle in the fields, woods and yards. I tried to get close enough to take some pictures for you. When they would all take off at one time the sound of their wings was amazing and a little eerie.

Speaking of birds and ducks, lately on my treasure hunts, I have been picking up some of the old planters for the boutique. I just love them and find them useful for all kinds of things. My sister uses one as a sponge holder at her kitchen sink. I think this little cold painted duck would be perfect for that or as a pencil holder at your desk maybe. I am off to make some pretties now. Have a great day everyone! xo Lynn


Tara said...

This is a gr8 idea, I live near an arboretum and lots of birds visit here--we'll try counting! Thanks, Lynn!

The Tomball Three said...

I love love love furbabies. You can come over to my Blog and meet my sweet baby schnauzer, Blanca.

Mary said...

Hi Lynn,
Your dear furbaby is so cute! Love the idea of a bird count -- what fun. I've missed a few posts here, so I have to catch up...love your fireplace -- it looks fabulous! Was it really difficult?

Little Blue Violet said...

What a coincidence! I just purchased this exact duck in a robin egg blue,at my thrift store one Monday! Ill have to post a pic on my blog tomorrow. Love youre blog.

Amber Cargile said...

Ben is adorable!We have a big furry Golden also...just the absolute best! Ben should come play with Zoe.

I had not heard about the bird "weekend" but I think that is a fantastic idea! We love to bird watch. We will fill up our feeder and take a gander! Love your shot of the cardinal!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by! Love this post! I am a dog lover too! I have a beautiful Alaskan Malamute! Glacier!

Elzie said...

It sure is some time since I visited your blog. Had quite a lot to go through LOL. and so many lovely pictures. Both rain and snow.

Hope you have a great Valentine.
Love Elzie

Carol said...

Happy Valentines Day To You Lynn....
I love that doggie rain coat!
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, oh Ben you are one handsome boy! We know what you mean about the Golden's tails, whack!! You live in such a gorgeous place, now serene is Life at Cedar Hill! Happy Valentines Day Lynn, we hope you have a beautiful day. Looks very wet and cold though!! Jenn and Jacqui.

Unknown said...

Lynn, what a beautiful dog. I have a golden and a schnoodle and we watched the dog show together. I loved how that beagle wagged it's tale when everyone applauded. Your post is beautiful with all these birds. Have a lovely Valentine's Day. Blessings, Karen

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Love Ben! He is so cute with his stuffed animal!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day dear Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Love your site!! I found you through Cottage Magpie--Angela. I petted the dog while I was here--just too cuddly. I'm adding you to my blogsite cause I want to come back! Have a wonderful Vanlentine's DAy.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Lynn, Ben is such a sweetie, we can see from the photo, what a rough life the poor guy has. ; ) Amazing that he and a sibling were left on the front door step of a fraternity.

Two out of our three Shih Tzus are rescues. A lot of people do not realize that pure breeds are available at shelters, tons of them. Our little Willow came from a shelter in NJ and before that, he was found wandering the streets of Manhattan if you can believe it. He is the sweetest tempered little Tzu we've ever had, a true treasure.

Thanks for advocating shelters and rescue societies alike...it is so important people know they are out there and that you can save a life and adopt a wonderful pet.

Back Through Time said...

Love your fur baby pic, too sweet! wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

PAT said...

We plan to take part in the bird count. It's supposed to snow here. That always brings lots of birds to our feeders.


Elle Jay Bee said...

What an adorable pup!! He looks so comfy...

Happy Valentine's Day, Lynne!

Love, Linda

kari and kijsa said...

What a cute use for an old planter...what fun...we have one we could use like that! Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a blessed and wonderful day,

smiles, kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

ooohh..your little guy is so cute!
gosh..you can actually see the ground! and birdies....must be nice!lol!!
Say, would ya mind sending Spring up this way?
Happy Valentines Day!

bj said...

What a beautiful and sweet looking dog. The birds are awesome and I LOVE your little yellow duck...
hugs, bj

Susie Q said...

Oh Ben! How sweet he is with his stuffie! AND in his rain gear! I love the idea of a bird count...

We have always made an even of watching Westminster. And yes, the commercials are wonderful...the one with the Golden that finished with his thinking how stupid cats were was priceless!

Our Kipper is a shelter dog and I really think that all our dogs will always be shelter or rescued from now on. I have always wanted a Golden but we don't have the big yard I would want for one...the other one I dearly love is a Norfolk or Norwich Terrier. Bill actually found a rescue group for both...so, maybe there will be one in our future.

We love our rescued kitties too...I can not imagine life without our fur babies.

Please give Ben a hug from me dear Lynn!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful dog and a smart hubby. The rose idea is great it was nuts out there today. That is one reason I ask my clients to wait until Fridaynight. I knew there was no way i could fight that crowd with two ladies one with a walker and a man in a wheel chair. Thanks God Hubby is going to help me.
I love the bird pictures!

Sandi McBride said...

I love your raincoated furbaby. We of the Furbaby Love Society are so lucky, aren't we? I get so sad when I see the SPCA commercials about those in the pounds...I'd take them all. I guess I'm too much of a softy...I'm glad you are too...I love your little duck planter...very sweet...

GMG said...

Hi Lynn, I’m back after a short break and an amazing experience, but the results will be seen only in some 20 months time (that's my delay in posting)! Anyhow, got here on time to see and count the birds around!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter
Have a great weekend!

Bristol said...

Lynn- Loved your post. It is hard to think why anyone would abandon a golden. They are the best dogs. We did not rescue our golden but got him from a breeder. He is the best do ever. He is my 4 year olds best bud. And he smiles whats not to love. Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

YAY BIRDS!!!!! I miss my feathered friends so much :( I need spring so they will come home. I ADORE birds and LOVE to watch them! I do have a cardinal couple that is still here. Thank you for the info with the birds!

I ADORE your dog. Golden Retrievers are my favorits! So pretty!

Love ya,

Naturegirl said...

Lynn I loved the story of how your dog came to be yours! The best way to love a pet is to rescue! Any I have had all are from shelters.
Now I am looking at your bench by the lake sigh.. mine are in the snow.
Your little duck is so sweet..I recently posted a ~lucky ducky~ a Mallard that found it's way to my snow garden for a bit of a treat...soon I realized it had a broken wing so resue was in order.
Love postings about the love of nature! hugs NG

CIELO said...

Hi Lynn: Ben is adorable! We have a Golden Retriever also, his name is Conan (the Barbarian), but he doesn't know he's a barbarian... :)

I miss my feathered friends too....... Have a lovely weekend!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Wow look at all those birds!

Your dog is so so cute...adorable! We would like to adopt one someday..but for now we have 3 cats!!

The duck planter is sweet for Spring!

Missy Sue Hanson said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful blog! I will definitely be back! Thanks for a wonderful visit! I'm off to visit your site!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

Ben is a big adorable softie!! I just want to cuddle with him and rub his tummy! :)

Thanks for the info about the bird count! That was a great picture you took of Mr. Redbird/cardinal! It looks like it should be in Victoria mag.!!

Bebe :)

Cape Cod Washashore said...

A bird count! That sounds like so much fun! Audobon has quite a few VERY EARLY morning bird walks here on the Cape, but I'm afraid their counts are done before I'm even awake! lol I did spot a large group of Canadian geese fly over the post office the other day (they wreak havoc on the grounds of one of the elementary schools nearby). For some reason they are much more fun to watch when they're in the sky! OH! We had a large hawk outside our kitchen window Thursday... I scared him off because he was sitting right over a little birdhouse that has chickadees in it! =O

Happy Weekend, Lynn!

kathyann said...

Hi Lynn,I loved reading about Ben's story,he is so gorgeous!All our dogs are rescues wouldn't have it any other way,there are so many out there that need a loving home! We do have an rspb bird count every year but this time we've not done it as we only have a small yard and not many venture in to it!
Lovin the duck!Love from Kathyann and the girls

Michelle said...

I love birds..egrets and herons are two of my favorites. I enjoyed the dog show too! My shetland enjoys watching TV .. especially doggies!


Little Blue Violet said...

posted my twin duck planter with a link to your blog.
Hope you dont mind. Darly

regina barnett said...

Your Ben looks like a sweetheart, If he's anything like the golden retrivers i've around, he is for sure a sweetheart. Watching birds is fun. I love your old duck planter. great idea putting pens and pencils inside of it. Oh! by the way love your photos. I had to laugh when I saw Ben with his rain coat. He looks so cute and very happy.

Lori said...

We had a bazillion birds descend upon our land while we were watching "the birds" movie!!! my 7 year old got a little freaked out by the movie so she said she didn't want to watch and was going outside to play, she came running inside about 20 mins later screaming that the birds were going to get her. Poor thing! It really was hilarious tho. what perfect timing eh???

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