Roxie Rocks & I'm A Little Teapot

It finally happened!! I got to meet and hang out with a blogging friend and she was just as I had imagined from all of our email correspondence. Roxie makes and sells the prettiest bulbs that she calls CandyLights. You must click on over and pay her a visit and see what her confections are all about. I met Roxie when I first opened my e-boutique. She was one of my first customers. We just automatically "clicked" thru our emails. She was my mentor when I joined a very special online shopping mall called Make Mine Pink. We had been talking about catching up with one another as she only lives about 2 hours from me. So Roxie came on down this past Friday. She was just as sweet, thoughtful and fun as I had imagined. As soon as she arrived we took off for my fave little eatery out here called Becky's Tea Cafe.

Becky's is a darling little place. The front is a wine and gift pantry and in the back just six tables for Becky's place. Her gourmet sandwiches and teas are fantabulous. Both Roxie and I had fun and a lot of laughs wearing just one of many vintage hats Becky has on the walls while having the best panini sandwich called the Florentine aka the Million dollar panini. Along with all the vintage hats, she also has lots of colorful feather boas and jewelry. (I apologize for the quality of some of these photos. My camera was not co-operating with me. It sure wasn't the photographer's problem.... ha! :)

After our lunch we drove on over to "Gather". "Gather" was a feature article in last month's Victoria magazine and the most darling shop located in an old historical building. The owner, Melissa, has the shop downstairs while her painting studio occupies part of the second floor. Don't you just love the cute little boxers hanging on the front porch?

Next, we went to one of my favorite antique malls. Sorry, but once again I have no photos. Usually I am a pretty good photographer but a lot of these turned out blurry for crying out loud. But Roxie found the most fabulous find for her new home and some darling butterfly nets for her girls. (Roxie let me know about those gorgeous blue shabby drapes and I will go get them for you). And I found some wonderful finds for my boutique. Some of the cutest vintage floral juice glasses and tray, the cutest little New Year's Eve vintage apron and this fabulous vintage pearl tiara. Tomorrow I will be frantically trying to get everything listed.

Then it was back home for a little R & R poolside and a frosty yum yum drink.

That evening there was a Barn Party at my neighbor Dr. Ron's home or barn I should say. There was a live band in the hay loft, a delicious country dinner of barbecue chicken, deviled eggs, green beans, ham biscuits, macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans and peach cobbler and an open bar. It was so much fun but it was so hot that evening Roxie and I kept sneaking in the tack room that was air-conditioned to cool off.

The next morning there was a lot of coffee chat before Roxie had to leave. I was a bit sad when the weekend ended and feeling a bit blue. Meeting Roxie was proof for sure about all the fabulous ladies I meet in blog land but the mailman brightened me up with the ring of the doorbell and a left package. Proving once again that bloggers are the BEST in the world. A couple of weeks ago sweet Michelle over at I'm A Little Teapot blogged about the cutest bird house her husband Rob had made from bits and pieces and found objects. I left a comment and casually said " Hey Rob, can you make me one too?". I was just teasing when I said that but lo and behold look what I got. Michelle and Rob I am dumbfounded and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's just charming and will have a place of honor on my summer porch.

Happy Monday all. xo Lynn


Roxie Morrow said...

Hi Lynnie!!!!! I had so much fun visiting you, hope to do it again this Summer. This time I want to visit that sweet pool of yours, all the while sipping our Yum Yum drinks from sweet Gary.
Thanks for showing this free spirit a good time!

Diana Lyn said...

Oh Lynn , How fun was that, and Very Special , I hope to meet some of my blogging friends someday! Good Times! Love the sweet birdhouse also thanks for posting the barn party looked like fun! XO Diana Lyn

Anonymous said...

I read about Gathers in my Victoria magazine - which just happens to be my favorite magazine ever. It looks like a wonderful place, and I made a note in case we are ever up that way.

I'm glad the two of you had such a great time together. It seems there are so many kindred spirits. It just goes to approve even with all of our differences, we are alike in many ways.

Love that tiara.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

How fun! I know Roxie, because I use her bulbs in my chandelier creations and also sell them on my website, but I have never met her in person....I wish I could have tagged along with the two of you!

Love that birdhouse!! So cute...
p.s. I did not watch one second of the French Open - a first for me. I kept forgetting it was on!

Anonymous said...


You and Roxie looked like you had know each other a lifetime. What a fun weekend you planned.


{oc cottage} said...

That id too much for for one person!
Thx for sharing ti with us!!

M ^..^

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Hello, Sweet MH.....
What a great weekend you had!
Mine was not so colorful but I did get to see Sex in the City with my hubby. He was a trooper cause it is a chick flick like no other.
I bought a few things too this weekend but they were last minute things for my swaps.
Hope your week is wonderful :)

Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

That is special that you met up with a fellow blogger..your weekend looks like a lot of fun!

I'm so glad the birdhouse made it to its new home. We are so happy you like it!

Michelle & Rob too!

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn!
I received my package!!!!I love everything, my daughter just giggled with glee as we opened the package together....I took pics, I will post them for all to see! You may laugh at this but I LOVE the cotton colored batting you used to wrap everything in...What is it and where did you get it? ALL your creations were just marvelous! Thank you for being a great swap partner, I really did enjoy this!

PAT said...

Wonderful post, Lynn. I enjoyed hearing about your get together with Roxie and seeing the photos, too.


Susan said...

Would have loved to go shopping with you all!!!
Susan (dutchrose)

Unknown said...

What a happy feel good post Lynne! I am so glad you got to meet Roxie and hang out! She is so sweet (as are you)! It was wonderful working with her on my blog banner and business goodies!

Love the birdhouse too! All those shops look wonderful. I wish we had a tea room here!

I LOVE Panini's :) I have a Chicken Tuscany one by Lean Cuisine every day for lunch, lol! Except for today, I am being bad and eating leftover macaroni salad as we speak, lol! I cant help it, I love the down home American summer foods! Just like at your party, yummy!!


Sandi McBride said...

I'm SO jealous Lynn!!! Looks like you girls had a great time, sure wish I could have been there to have a good time too! I love that bird house...wonder if I could build one like it!

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm coming to visit you...what a great weekend. The tea, shopping and a barn BBQ, meeting your blogging buddy and sipping yummy drinks by the pool. How nice to meet someone that you blog with and be reminded of what a great place it is when you received that wonderful birdhouse. Karen

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the funnest.... to visit with a blog friend....
I love that old red pick-up... I want a blue one like that...

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was tons of fun!! Wish I could visit!!
A party at the barn... I that would have been my favorite!
Have a wonderful week.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Lynn-It looks like you two had a great time. I have met Roxie in person a couple of times and she is great! Can't wait to see her again and hopefully meet you too - are you going to the MMP retreat?

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Lynn! How fabulous..I loved reading about you and Roxie, and it looked like the 2 of you had a great time to boot!! Love the sweet birdhouse too!!

pts said...

you'v very interesting blog.thanks for comments my blog.

vintage girl at heart said...

This looks like mad fun!!!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful eye candy!!! I just love going on these little trips with you!!

The Other Side of Me said...

How wonderful to meet one of your blogging buddies! It looks like you had a great time. I am so loving that birds house. The generosity of some of these women never ceases to amaze me.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Thanks for sharing i enjoyed it.

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Glad to hear you're back up and running at full speed again, what fun you had to run to!

Thank you for sharing your visit with Roxie - her lights are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

As usual you had me traveling right along with you and Roxie.
What a fun time we had, lol. I wish the west coast was closer to the east coast. Of course that would hurt the midwest, lol. You have so many neat places near you. Oh well, vicarious living for me....
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Donna said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun, Lynn! How nice to meet a blogging friend.

Love the bird house!


Anonymous said...

What fun---meeting your blogging buddy! You girls looked super in your hats and boas-----what a blast! The frosty yum-yum drink sounds pretty good to me this very minute! Oh, and that barn party had to have been soooo much fun.

Dana and Daisy said...

What a fun time for both you and Roxie! Blogging has helped me to see there are still many fine people who extend friendship and hospitality to others!

Susie Q said...

How much fun is this!! I do so hope to meet up with more blog friends and what great fun you had on your adventure!
The shops and tea room look amazing!

I am so glad you had such a sweet time!


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