Cielo's Enchanted Window Party

Good Monday morning everyone. First my apologies for not being around for Pink Saturday. I missed everyone so much. I lost internet connection on Friday morning and it returned Saturday evening. We are fine from the hurricane....just lots of wind and rain and downed branches. The water in the lake rose high enough to be even with the dock. I hope everyone else stayed safe in the storm. My connection is still sporadic so I am trying to get Cielo's "Enchanted Window Party" posted and scheduled before I lose my connection again. Hope you enjoy my "rooms with a view" and click here to send you over to the House in the Roses for a whole list of participating bloggers. Have a super great week and thanks Cielo for hosting. What a fun idea! xoxo Lynn

I wanted to show you several window views in my home today. So let's start in the foyer looking out the front windows on either side of the front door.

This window, in the family room, gets the western sun in the late afternoons and the early evening. That tree there is a pink dogwood and when it blooms in the Spring time the whole room takes on a pink glow from the sunlight. The stained glass doors hanging in the windows I had made for our last home as cabinet doors to a wet bar. I had no place for them in this present home so hung them in the windows. I love them there. The other windows are also in the family room. It's Ms. Morning Glory's favorite spot to sun bathe.

They say you should always hang a mirror to reflect something pretty or a pretty view. This large mirror hangs on another wall of the family room and reflects the outside and helps bounce the light.

Look at this chair! I bought that chair one day on a total whim. Not very practical but I loved it. I call it my portrait chair. It sits under the living room windows.

Looking out the dining room windows into the summer porch. An antique frame painted white frames another framed photo of my boys when they were little. It hangs in another window in the dining room from navy grosgrain ribbons.

Moving into the kitchen you see the photo I sent Cielo. I love to sit at the kitchen table to eat or work and a lot of times just gaze at the lake and it's happenings.

Lastly, this window is in a guest room. I call it my Hemmingway room. The window has simple muslin tab curtains on it hung from old tiki torch lights. There is also a pair of binoculars hanging there to watch nature on the lake. Bobby G. painted banana leaves on the wall and everyone who has every been in the room thinks the leaves are a real potted plant. Hope you enjoyed my little tour. And hopefully my internet connection will all be working great so I can come see your windows too on Monday.


Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE ALL the glass windows :D can i come for tea ? hugs

Unknown said...

Your windows are beautiful, and the views are spectacular. I love how you can see the lake and the woods. With these views, I might be tempted to just get lost in the scenery in daydreams. Karen

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lynn,

What great window shots. Your home looks lovely and so does the view. Your property must be wonderful!

Love that chair! It is so pretty.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear you are okay after the storms!

I enjoyed seeing all your lovely views, Lynn!

Connie said...

Ooooh, Lynn, all of your windows are gorgeous, honey pie!! I love the views. All we see here are neighbor's fences and desert beyond with mountains waaaaay beyond that! Just beautiful view, lovey......

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous window views! You are so very fortunate. Oh how I adore a house full of light. They just looks so homey and alive!
Have a great week,

Dawn Marie said...

your home is beautiful! I love all your windows. To be honest Its not something I have done anything with. I only like the view from our bedroom window where you can see the little pond hubby made for me. In winter I like having the patio doors. Sure makes a difference in your life though.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I love your home and windows!! I wish I would have posted my windows. Thanks for sharing!!

Celestina Marie said...

Lynn, your windows are simply wonderful with views we all dream of having. I love your kitchen window and the view of the lake. That gorgeous portrait seat is one great find. Looks wonderful at the window. Gorgeous mirror too.
Hope your internet is back up and running smooth.
Have a great week.
la rea rose

Rue said...

Good morning Lynn :)

Your views are incredible, especially the one of the lake!

I had forgotten that you were in Virginia. I lived there during Isabelle and that was awful with no electric for 3 weeks. I hope this time around wasn't as bad.


Virginia said...

What great pictures, they all are wonderful, but the view from your windows is absolutely beautiful.
Blessings, Virginia

LBP said...

What beautiful views you have!



antigoni said...

I told you before that i love your house. It's fantastic. Yes, i thought the leaves were real. And yes, your house reminds me of Hemmingway's house at Key West.

Broken China Treasures said...

Glad to hear your survived the storm with no damage ~ I'll bet you loved the rain though!!

Your window views are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing.

(btw, how's that photo box coming?)

~~ Tanya

Anonymous said...

That lake view! Oh, how I would love to sit and drink my coffee and gaze out there! That's a nice white pumpkin on the table, beautiful view bouncing off your mirror. And altogether, Lynn, a very lovely home you have.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, I love your views, especially as reflected from your mirror!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

You have the most beautiful home.I enjoyed looking out your windows.your yard is just fantastic.I'm sorry you had limb and such.So did I.One tree on part of my roof.Now Ike is coming.Hugs and best wishes, Marie Antionette

Unknown said...

Hi Lynne! I am so glad you are safe!!

I love all of your windows, you have such a beautiful home!


Lisa said...

I am so happy to hear you survive the storm ok, sure was thinking about you. Your home has lovely views, I would never get a thing done except enjoy the view!

CIELO said...

Oh my goshm, Lynn, you're so lucky to have such beautify window with such an amazing view.... my husband saw your pic and thought I took it our of a magazine.... too lovely! My sincere THANKS for participating. I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ~William Shakespeare



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Lynn. I love seeing in and out of the windows in your world. Your lake view is so lovely and restful.

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn,
You have a beautiful home! I love your spectacular views!

Donna said...

Hi Lynn,
What beautiful views from your windows, and what a lovely house! I love your view from the kitchen.

Come over and see me, I have a special AWARD for you!


Louise said...

Loved your tour! What vistas you have. Looks like a fabulous place to just BE. Glad you've suffered not too much from the latest hurricane. I can't keep track of them right now!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello again,thanks for visiting me.I'm glad you liked my bartending story.Yes,my name is Marie Antionette.On purpose I put the i before the o,so that I could be different.It didn't work. Hugs Marie Antionette

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn!

What a beautiful home you have. I love the view and your decor. Good taste! It looks like a calm and pretty place to be. I love it.
Have a happy week!
Janet's Creative Pillows

CatHerder said...

I just love the amount of light that comes through your home...im longing to move out of the suburbs to have another home like that...our houses are so close here, a driveway space away...so when you open your windows people can not only see right in but hear everything......love your kitty too!

MARIA said...

Very beautiful and very lovely place.
Thank you so much for sharing!

My best wishes to you
Maria from Poland

MARIA said...

Very beautiful and very lovely place.
Thank you so much for sharing!

My best wishes to you
Maria from Poland

Elle Jay Bee said...

I love the framed photo of your boys...it looks so great hanging in front of the french door!
I will have to head over to Cielo's and check this all out!

Please stop by my blog give-away: Matthew Mead is giving away ten signed, hard covered, collector's editions of his new Halloween mag. Check it out!


Michelle said...

Your home and views are just lovely and very relaxing..


Ballerina Girl said...

Beautiful views that yo have!
Thanks for visiting my blog...
I enjoyed reading your blog and will be back to check it out some more!
Hope you visit mine again soon...

Gypsy Butterfly said...

Hello Lynn,
What a beautiful home you have, with many pretty views. I love your decorating taste too.
Wishing you a very pleasant tuesday,

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Lynn,
What beautiful windows (and views) you have. I love the quiet background noise too. I usually have my computer on mute, but so glad I didn't this morning!

I think the last window is my favorite, beautiful view, beautiful window. Glad to hear you're okay too. I'm in CA and we had a shaker this morning that woke me up - Mother Nature at work.

Going to come back and look around later after I make the rounds, think I found a new favorite here!
Happy day to you ;)

Tamara Jansen said...

Your views are just gorgeous! I'd love to sit there and sip a cup of tea and just ponder :)

Sherry Williams said...

Your home is beautiful...all of it!! I especially love your "portrait chair"...it's gorgeous! The views from your windows are heavenly!! Sherry

One Shabby Old House said...

Hi Lynn,
I really enjoyed your windows.
evey view was spectactular. I especially loved hearing that I am not the only impulse buyers. I loved your chair.
There are antiques in Eufaula but there is a fabulous one in Dothan AL. I would have to take you there as the guys fished. But then again if you come to my Roselake cottage here in Fl I could take you all over the place for some wonderful antique adventures.
Glad to hear you made it safely through the storm.

Marina Capano said...

Hi! wow! Your house is fantastic! and your cat is the king!What a beautiful views.!!!aesome and so romantic! Your windows are so nice! You live in the paradise

visit me anytime...

Anonymous said...

oooooh..I loove yur windows!
My fave is the white frames! Wonderful tribute to your boys.
Hope you guys are safe and drying out..

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn,
Love the stained glass doors, they have such an art deco feel.(Love art deco). I finally got a new blog up if you would like to visit. I am glad that nasty old hurricane didn't hurt your property too much. I can't even imagine a hurricane (we only shake rattle and roll here). Hmmmm, the Hemingway room! Is there a humidor with Cuban cigars, and a liquor cabinet bedside, lol? He was quite the character.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Susana de Argentina said...

Hi Lynn, I like, so much your windows, and the views are wonderfull, thanks to show us!
Kisses from Argentina! Muuuuack!

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Absolutely beautiful. Love those window scenes, it looks so peaceful from every angle. And I love that angel holding the urn. Wonderful pictures.

Susie Q said...

Your home is so beautiful Lynn...how I would love to join your sweet kitty at that lovely spot!

I love all your touches and flourishes!!

And I love the new look of the blog! It is so pretty!


Amber Cargile said...

What a beautiful home with soul, Lynn! Good gravy, though...if I had that lake view, I would never get a THING done! :-)

Roxie Morrow said...

Hi Lynnie!!! All I can say is...I've been there and there and there and there and......
LOL! Love your house Lynn, would love to visit again someday.

Les Cotrions said...

Hi! What a lovely home you have! And so beautiful views from your windows!
Your garden is so nice!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I have been so behind in reading my favorite blogs, Lynn! I just so enjoyed the window tour of your home! What a joy to live on a lake and have such wonderful views of the great outdoor area that surrounds you! Loved the guest room and your Bobby G is a talent--those leaves DO look real. I have been busy with sales, so my computery stuff is slow right now! I loved catching up with you today! Dana

Ruth Welter said...

Lynn, I was just visiting someone else who also participated in the window party...I have to admit, I love windows, I love to peek through them as I'm driving and walking by, to get a glimpse of how people decorate their homes. : ) My husband teases me that I have voyeuristic tendencies.

Love your back windows that face you deck...lovely.


Liz Harrell said...

This is just lovely!

Devonia said...

Let there be light... I'd kill for that much light. (An artist needs light most of all, you know) Gosh, I'm drooling. I dunno whether to thank you for showing me this or not, Lynn, I'm sooooo jealous.

Sandy said...

I love seeing other people's houses (windows). FUN post!

Barbara said...

Lynn, Thank you so much for the comment this morning! I love when people comment! Your blog is really lovely! and your views! our views are just gorgeous, and I love that you name your rooms. The Hemingway Room, just perfect. Much more fun than "And this is my office"... or guest bedroom.

I'm glad to hear the hurricane just made a nuisance of itself and didn't do too much damage.

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

MH~ I love the new header.....very soft and pretty. All the little birdies for the vintage nest too.
Hows business lately?
Hope you have a restful weekend....I am working at the store Sunday and my hubby is in San Diego again.
Next weekend we are going to San Fran to visit my daughter....can't wait, I miss her.
Hugs~ Sheri

Ewa said...

Thank you so much for vising my blog at Window Party :) and also taking your time and commenting.
Your choice of windows is very enchaning.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I like that chair too! Very different and kinda on the wild side. I think that is neat! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your windows are just so gorgeous!! What a fantastic place for a kitty to sunbathe!!...Donna

bj said...

Oh, my, what a lovely home you have there on the lake. I so enjoyed looking at and thru your lovely windows...

XUE said...

if I leave in yr home, nothing would ever get done as I'll be sitting the whole day, day-dreaming!

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