Leaping Lizards ~ Help Me Martha!

Oh sweet Spring......... the fresh new green grass, birds a singing, April showers, sweet smell of lilacs, ........................... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........leaping lizards!!! Did y'all hear me yell? Good grief!! I was planting begonias in the big pot next to the back door and this fella jumped on my arm. Now...... I have to tell you I am not afraid of the little creatures but .....DON'T jump on me when I am not expecting it. LOL........I fell back on my bumper I was so startled.

As I am sure most of you have been, I have been busy, busy, busy in the gardens with a lot still to be done. With all the rain, Bobby G. has been cutting grass like crazy every couple of days and I have been planting, planting, planting. Have you ever heard of Malabar Spinach? I had never heard of it until three years ago when I spotted a seed packet in this wonderful nursery I go to. It is a warm weather spinach and a vigorous vining and twining plant. To me, it has a more earthy taste than the regular spring spinach we are familiar with. This year, because of the deer, I have planted it in a big pot on the deck. I made a tripod trellis out of bamboo sticks. You can do the same instead of buying a store bought trellis. Just use any kind of sturdy limbs you get from your own (or your neighbors :) yard. The bamboo grows at my hairdresser's home and she graciously gave me all I wanted. :)

My cool weather spinach has finally gotten big enough to pick, along with my planter of mesclun. We had our first salad from it last night and it was wonderful. How fun it is to step out your back door and pick dinner. :) (that rascaly lizard likes to hide under this planter)

Run get your favorite beverage of choice and settle back 'cause this post is gonna' be a long one. :) Spring also means the start of yard sales around here and I get to go "treasure hunting". Many, many Saturdays, I come home with nothing but last Saturday was payday! The local highschool had their bi-annual flea market to benefit the PTO. There's lots of food and fresh baked goods too and it's like a party seeing all your neighbors there. I scored with getting this fabulous silver vase. It's real silver and very heavy and only cost.....uh uh....not tellin'. :) but mere pennies ) Isn't it gorgeous? It was heavily tarnished and I cleaned it up leaving the dark parts in the grooves. The lilacs came from a friend's garden.

One of the local churches also had a big sale. I love church sales. This one had one lady selling plants too. I got a hydrangea, some purple potato vines and a sedum. And I also got this fabulous old wooden well bucket. It's got that perfect cottage, shabby charm and it was already white. Can't beat that! It's a real charmer. I had a hard time not keeping this one but I did list it in the boutique today. A perfect piece to put red geraniums in!

The azaleas this year have been absolutely spectacular. Last year the cold got the buds and the show wasn't all that great but this year........woohoo.....the colorful dresses are dazzling. As I was taking photos of them yesterday the good Lord chose to give me the gift of a lifetime. As I was bending down to get a shot of a butterfly, a hummingbird buzzed and landed right in front of me.....not six inches away. I was literally shaking trying to get a picture of him. He was a gorgeous green jewel color. Can you see him?

And my vincas this year are truly gorgeous. Two years ago I planted some hostas next to the stone walkway, thinking it was the perfect place for them. In the hostas, was an accidental snippet of a vinca plant. Well...you guessed it. The hosta, not being very happy where they were planted, haven't done much but the vinca just took off. The blue flowers are as big as fifty cent pieces and stand so tall. The bicycle is almost hidden in it. I wish all of you lived closer so I could give you some for your gardens. It's a wonderful ground cover and a filler in hanging baskets.

"Help Me Martha"! I have been trying to grow green on my outside pots like Martha does, without much success, but this winter this pot, planted with my (future pesto), basil, finally turned green. I love the look of the old terra cotta, the white worn paint and the green moss. I think Martha would approve, don't you? :) My friend Cindy gave me the Help Me Martha sign. I love it! Because goodness knows I can use all the help I can get.

Some of you asked to see more of my pink dogwood after it bloomed to it's full glory and I am happy to oblige. I wish everyone of you could see this. It's a a big tree and stands just outside my family room window. In the late evening the whole room glows pink and I look ten years younger standing there. (just kiddin'...... I wish). The stained glass windows hanging in the windows were cabinet doors in my former home.

Bobby G. had a birthday yesterday. No cakes here but I did make this delicious dessert that was low calorie and low fat. I just made it up....very simple and easy. And would be perfect for a ladies tea party or Spring party. I mixed instant pudding with non-fat milk (I didn't use as much milk as called for on the box so the pudding mix would be real thick), then I folded in some non-fat cool whip. Layer chunks of angel food cake, the pudding mix, and fresh strawberries, ending with a top layer of plain cool whip. Top with some strawberries for decoration. Very elegant, taste good and it's easy on the calories. I used the bottom of my old glass punch bowl, turned upside down, as the bowl.

Well.....I am hopelessly hooked on the television show "Lost" (Sawyer) and it comes on in exactly 15 minutes so time to go for now. :) Stay sweet! Until later......


Judy said...

Martha would be very proud of your garden. It is beautiful. it's starting to get green here thank so a few weekends of snow and/or rain which we are having again this weekend. The trees are budding and the tulips are blooming so it is getting pretty here.

Jeanne Oliver said...

First of all....you need to give everyone the recipe for that dessert...of my goodness that looks good! Secondly, your tree is so beautiful. It is so nice that it is right outside your window.

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Wow what a lovely visit I had visiting your blog today...i even saw a hummingbird! i am not even sure we have those in Australia, well none near me that is for certain!
Thanks for sharing, it all looks so pretty!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

Donna said...

Hi Lynn,
Spring is beautiful at your house! Love your pink dogwood. I also love that terra cotta pot. Martha would approve!


Beverly said...

Lynn, you scored big at the sales. I love both the vase and the bucket.

And, everything looks so pretty. I would definitely be stopping by for some vinca if I lived closer.

My husband has a birthday coming soon, and your dessert just may turn into a birthday treat for him, too.

Little Lovables said...

Those all look lovely, and what a yummy dessert! still need to plant my basil and herbs, but wouldn't you know it, my chives came back perfectly after not having been watered for a year. We don't have a yard, so all of our plants are in pots, and the chives pot got hidden and neglected somehow.

Nana Net said...

Oh Lynn, your pictures are quite gorgeous! How I wish I was there right now taking it all in! Your little lizard friend is something else. Reminds me of all the ones that would show up at my Moms' house. Lord how I would sit on her screened in back porch and watch them scramble around all over the place. thanks for the memories! :0) I do so love your stained glass windows too. They are so beautiful. Just everything brings a calming effect to me! Plus I could just eat up the whole cake you made your hubby! LOL
By the way I hope you enjoy your trip to Duck, NC! It is quite lovely there. I am sure you will truly have a great time when you go. Take lots of pictures too! Well I wrote a book so I must go for now. Enjoy it all and maybe one day I can get up your way and take it all in!


well, i'm absolutely not martha--but i'd still like to help. :)
just stumbled upon your lovely blog and thought i'd wave hello.

Jennifer said...

Wow Lynn! Based on what you've shared, you have done just as well if not better than Martha! Everything is just beautiful! I know you are certainly enjoying the beautiy and bounty of it all. Happy Spring!

gail said...

Hi Lynn, what a great post. And I would have been screaming like a baby if a lizzard hopped on me! lol I love the Help Me Martha sign. too cute. Your pink blossoms on your tree are sooo pretty. All of the flowers are beautiful. I live in AZ and there just isnt too many flowers that will grow here. I am glad to hear you found so many treasures. I think I will visit your website now. :) have a pretty day,, (())gail

Margaret Cloud said...

Martha would be proud of your garden, and flowers, not to mention that knock out dessert. Have a nice weekend.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Lynn, I so wish I had a green thumb, but mine is as brown as they come. Thank you for sharing all your spring goodness. Love the Martha sign.

Lisa said...

OK, must you torture me with thoughts that spring has arrived everywhere but my yard? HA! Beauty surrounds you and I am simply jealous girl! I have never heard of that variety of spinach, and here we have no chance for the cool weather variety. I know I've never even seen it in the stores, maybe a internet search is in order. Now, you can keep the lizard, but send that hummer my way in about a month! SNIFF< SOB< please send spring too!

Enjoy the fresh pickins and late Happy Birthday to the hubby as well.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

♥ Loved everything about this post ~ the words, the pictures, the very flow of things. Your recipe sounds delightful! Must try!

And I loved the "fell back on my bumper" ... that's a new one to me! ♥

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hi Lynn
Great post. You have some beautiful plants. Love the little lizard. When we moved to Indiana from Florida, we had two lizards make the move with us. Of course, we didn't know that until we started unloading the truck! Your pudding looks absolutely YUMMY!!!
Take care and have a great weekend.

The Chateau of Remnants said...

I love the help me Martha..lol Very cute :) What a great fun blog to visit today, thanks for sharing!


GMG said...

Hi Lynn! TGIF and a holiday here!!
I see that you were busy: plants, flowers, yummy desserts... but why lizards? ;))
Did you have a great rock concert? My 12 (one hour each) Bach Legacy concerts were thrilling!

Blogtrotter is still turning around Vilnius. Enjoy and have a great long weekend!

Ruth Welter said...

HI Lynn, I would have jumped out of my skin if this had happened to me. LOL

Your garden is looking great, mine is coming up and looking good as well.

Lost is the best show, isn't it??


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wonderful post, Lynn!!

I wonder if the spinach with the earthy taste is more like the taste of wild greens. I miss having those in spring,but would probably poison both of us if I went out and found some to cook. Lambs Quarter, Sourdock, Poke! Oh my...haven't had wild greens in years and years!!

I noticed the rocks in the dining room garden are getting some moss. I love it.

CatHerder said...

what beautiful pics!!! I just LOVE the chicken in the flowerbox, i want one!!!..cute lizard, we dont have any in our yard, even with the pond, no salamanders either :-(

Back Through Time said...

Your garden is beautiful but that lizard is gross, lol. I hated that part when I lived in the south was all those yucky lizards!
Your pudding looks yummy!!
Hope you are having a great weekend

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Lynn,
You had me laughing, that lizard is pretty big! Do I see him smiling for the camera? Your garden is looking so good, love that bike. I haven't heard of that kind of spinach, I'll have to look for it and make myself a trellis too (I think even I could do that project... I hope ;) I love the pretty white starfish I ordered from you, they're just so sparkly sweet and ready for the warm weather. Oh, that dessert looks so delicious.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Loved your post...started out by laughing at your creature surprise and going wow with the dessert. The pics in between of your garden were fabulous :-)

Tamara Jansen said...

Your garden is just FABULOUS!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

From what I just saw, you don't need any help from Martha, but that is the cutest sign. Your garden looks so pretty, and so does that desert (aren't you smart to just make up that pretty desert and put it in the bottom to your punch bowl?) laurie

Susie Jefferson said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my Blog Party post (I'm sorry I'm late - you saw my post and the Pink Saturday post... after midnight Friday night... but after all that close work on the buttons I worked myself into a migraine!) So hence I am finally here. Hopefully better late than never, and welcome all the same?)

Love the gooey desert - I'm wondering exactly what you used, and if we have it in the UK. Both DH and me adore too many sweet things, and now I have to be aware of cholesterol etc. this could well be one to try.

RE the lizard - did you scream? I know I would!

Anonymous said...

eeekkkkk that's one slimy lizard!

I love how your planter not only houses the spinach but there are pansies and a hen :-) I also like the bike with baskets and flowers planted - beautiful!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Lynn, I can't believe you did this to me! I'm going to be so curious about the bargain you got, I won't be able to stand it! I can't wait to see it! laurie

Dana and Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Bobby G! Your dessert sounds better than Steve's cake ha ha! Okay, I would freakin' flip out come unglued and probably streak naked across the lawn if that thing had jumped on me! You should have seen how fast I undressed last summer when a wasp flew right down my shirt. Oh man! Now I am going to warn you about a little something. It is not so much the lizard you gotta watch out for, but the thing that might eat the lizard.... he's probbaly crawlin' around somewhere nearby! Be careful! AND that is hardly a small lizard! Good grief!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello Lynn!!!What a happy happy post,it made my day.That spinach looks so pretty and I bet it taste good to boot.LOL...Everything is so lovely.You gotton sme wonderful things.
Thank you so much for stopping by Hon,with your well wishes.I did have a minor setback healthwise,but I'm doing well.TIA's can be a bummer,but I can handel them.I always bounce back.By the way...I hope you did not hurt your bumper when you fell on it.I've got scared of them myself a time or two...LOL...XXOO Marie Antionette

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