Clinging to Summer ~ Pink Saturday

I am clinging on to summer with a tenacity.  As much as I have loved the hint of Fall we have had lately with the cooler temps., finding our first Stayman apples and making brunswick stew,  I am just not ready to let summer go yet.  We closed the pool last weekend and I cried....is that silly or what?  But it just makes me sad when that cover gets pooled over that beautiful aqua blue water.  I tried to mix some purple mums with my pink and white impatiens, starting a little Autumn vignette out front, but it's not working for me.....not yet anyway.   After pulling out the pretty feather wreath for the front door,  I headed out to the Christmas shed.   We don't have a garage (yet.....my dream is to build a carriage house but that's another post) but I do have a shed where I store all my holiday and seasonal decor.  I try to make that old shed look like something it's not, with old windows and climbing roses and hydrangea bushes and a trellis and a bench.....anything to disguise the fact that its just an old shed. 

I am a real wimp when it comes to  going into that shed alone.  It's dark in there with no lights and since we live in the middle of the woods, it's no telling what has  decided it's a nice comfy place to sleep.   And to make matters worse someone, and I am not naming names here, but someone stuck the Halloween and Autumn stuff wayyyyy in the back.  I was climbing all over everything trying to find it.  It was way behind the Christmas trees.    EEuuuuuhhhhh.......


Now, I know right about now you are probably asking yourself, " what the heck does any of this have to do with Pink Saturday?".   Well  hold on...I am getting to that because I was asking myself the same thing.  For once, I had no idea what I was going to post for Beverly's Pink Saturday today until........and there it was....staring me right in the face.....(no...not a spider) .a great big huge bow hanging there from the rafters with the burgundy Christmas bows and orange Halloween bows.  Isn't it BEE-U-TI-FUL....even if it is a little on the faded and tattered side.   :)

And then I was again reminded of how much I am still clinging to summer when I begrudgingly tried to replace the Pink Roses Welcome sign with the 'Witch Is Out" sign.........although come to think of it, it is probably more approriate...hehe.   But nope...not yet....a few more days and then maybe.

So there you have it, my Pink Saturday blog today......all about witches and pink roses and pink bows.   As for me, I will be out on a historical house tour today, one being the home of George Washington's father-in-law's house....Martha's Daddy's home.  I am looking forward to taking photos and hopefully sharing with you all everything I learn and see.   Have a wonderful day. xo

Lynn @ thevintagenest.com


Jennifer said...

Don't like Halloween - never have - no clue why - I'd miss the aqua of the pool as I'll cry for my ocean and sand - do I understand? Hell yes! Jenifer

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

but isn't it nice to have a place to store stuff? and that looks like a place full of neat stuff too...tho I know what you mean about critters trying to move in.
Will look forward to hearing about the house tour..

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hey Lynn, Your storage shed does look like a wonderful place to keep things, but I understand about what else might be in there! :) We actually had a snake (ok, it was a little one) but still a snake curled up in our garage this week. think he was trying to be on the warm concrete as it was quite cool outside. Yes, I too understand not wanting to give up summer. Seems we were just pulling out summer clothes and planting pretty summer seeds.


Blondie's Journal said...

That's a big storage shed!! I feel the same way you do around the shed...we always have something burrowed underneath it!!

I'm trying to make fall work, too and it's not happening yet. I guess until the leaves change I will just have to enjoy the rest of summer. I would also be really sad about the pool. I love to swim!


Margaret Cloud said...

I think we all feel a let down when it starts getting dark early and September 1st pops up on the calendar. I just love your shed, it definitely is you. I wish I had a place to store all the holiday trimmings in one place. I am sure once you find vintage items for sale, you will cheer up. Thank you for coming by, have a nice weekend.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Lynn!
Thanks for stopping by. I know exactly what you mean about not being ready for fall yet. Even though this was one of the hottest summers ever. And I love fall! But I just want a few more weeks of summer....

NanaDiana said...

Well, Lynn, I was beginning to think that was the un-pinkest pink post I had ever seen (Say that fast 10 times- un-pinkest pink post)...never mind.

Love your storage area. I do have my stuff in the basement but I myself put my Halloween stuff BEHIND my Easter/Summer stuff...what was I thinking? I haven't dragged it out yet...I, too, have been prolonging summer and having a hard time moving into Fall! We'll get there, kiddo! Hugs- Diana

dana said...

I LOVED this post, Lynn!! I'm kinda torn....we've had such a crummy summer (weather-wise). SO HOT. Lately, we've had the most delightful temps. It's so much fun to be out now....watering the flowers is almost fun when you're not sweating buckets!! However, I'm ready for Halloween decorations, cuz that means my favorite months of the year are ready to start..OCT, NOV and DEC!!!! Anyway, I'd be spooked going into an unlit shed, too!! My storeroom in the basement is dimly lit and that scares me!!! It does, however, look very similar to your shed....trees and totes and decorations everywhere!! :)

Have a blast on your tour tomorrow. My friend and I have been working on our upcoming tag sale. I'm so tired my eyeballs are crossing as I type this to you!!

Take good photos of the tour! L, Dana

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Lynn,

Like you. I am holding on to summer for all that I am worth! I am not ready to acknowledge fall yet. Although, I did get the fall decoration out of the attic but I tucked the container out of the way for now. Maybe in another couple of weeks I might break down and say hello to fall.

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ Tracy

Tara said...

That sounds like a fascinating tour! Loved the tour of the shed, it cracked me up! I wasn't ready to let summer go either but Fall came in with a vengeance, I think it has rained 4 inches in the last few days. Usually we don;t get this weather until November, it's slightly depressing!
Oh well, bring on the PINK! Happy Pink to you!

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Lynn I completely understand! I did put up the fall/halloween decor yesterday but I was happy about it, ha! I love your roses sign and I wouldn't want to put that away either. Have fun on your tour!


Sue McPeak said...

Okay, Lynn....it's time to 'SnapOut Of It'! Let the summer go and get in there in that storage room...spiders and all, and bring out the FALL...you got it goin' on in there. I can hardly wait to see what you put together for us outta that room full of cool stuff. Altho, it would be kinda hard to replace the roses with witches. Neat post about what to post about! I think you posted it perfectly pink.

Unknown said...

Funny! And I'm the opposite...I cling to the cool weather with all I've got---not a summer girl!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Lynn Sweetie...
What a precious share today, and just look at that little faded bow, as she sat patiently waiting for her day to shine on your blog page, and she finally made it. Oh what a beauty.

I love your beautiful little shed. I wish I had one of my own. Hubby owns the garage and sadly I don't get much space out there, so a shed of my own, oh would that ever make me happy.

I love your feather wreath and the witch is in sign, oh is that ever stinking cute. I love it. I need to find one of those signs, I will do some looking now that Halloween is starting to pop about.

Oh and PaPa and the grands were swimming in our pool last night. It is still in the 100s here in Phoenix. Yesterday was 106. I am not sure Fall is ever going to arrive here.

Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. I so love to pop over and say hello. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

bj said...

Hi, Mizz Lynn...I love this cute post. And...I love how you've fixed up YOUR shed...I am going to try to do the same thing with an ole eyesore shed in our back yard. You did a great job..

My post about all the lovelies you sent me will be coming up this coming week. I'll let you know the date...
xo bj

bj said...

...back just to say I just ordered your shot bags...they are adorable!!
Thanks so much.
xo bj

Patti said...

I am totally with you on clinging to summer. In fact, I REFUSE to put up any fall decorations until at least mid-Otober...maybe even November.

While I can TOLERATE the slightly cooler temps of fall, I detest winter, and I HATE HATE HATE barren trees. I am a Florida gal (translation...used to warm and green all the time), and when we moved to a winter climate a few years ago, I had no idea how much I would struggle with winter. (We're hoping to move back to the deep South)

I actually put my spring/summer decorations out in January this year, which was a good thing, since it didn't get really nice until the first week of June, and I'm keeping them up a few weeks longer.

I don't have a pool to cry about covering, but I did and do cry when the temps fall below 55 and when the leaves fall from the trees.

Sorry for the long comment...you just touched a chord with me.

Blessings on your day,

Marina Capano said...

Hi! what a just beautiful post!

Happy pink saturday!


Unknown said...

G'day Lynn ~ I so love each season, & yet at the close of each it is sad to let go. Love your shed ... cute write. Enjoy your tour.

Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Grace said...

Happy Pink Saturday. What a great storage space...so many treasures. Grace xoxoox

Trotter said...

Hi Lynn! Great to have some time to land here...
Don't worry, it will be back next year... ;))

Blogtrotter Two is showing a wonderful site for your holidays: Costa Smeralda!! Enjoy, leave your comment and have a great Sunday!

D. Jean Quarles said...

Happy belated Pink. Just getting around. I seem to always be behind. Hope you had a great day.

The Four Tides said...

Hi Lynn: You have the most gorgeous storage space ever. Storage envy!
On the domes call Kathleen at Melange and tell her that Jacqueline from Romantic Homes/The Four Tides sent you. ;) She has three!

Kathleen/Melange Antiques
(949) 497-4915
1235 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

How great to have so much storage! I have a wall in the garage and that's it... I want to thank you for coming by my post on Pink Saturday. It was so fun getting to be showcased and meet some new bloggers. Debbie

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