The Country Auction

It's your first time at an auction. You clutch that little numbered piece of paper tightly in your hand.  You've walked the grounds and spotted something so special, ....you've just got to have it.  It comes up for bids.  You look around.  Does anyone else want it?  Do I look like a novice at this?  Do I wave my number furiously or believe what I've read and just make a tiny movement of my hand by my ear, with the auctioneer knowing I want to bid the next increment up?  This is sooo scary!

 As I sit here this morning, on my new almost finished deck, in my online auction bought glider, rocking back and forth with the most glorious cool breeze blowing, I am reminded that there are all types of auctions.  On line auctions that might sell coins or a site that might sell jewelry online  or fine art. Last Spring I won, via a local on line auction, this charming vintage garden hand made glider complete with a cut-out heart, I am sitting in now. There are estate auctions where you might find some fabulous furniture, high end house auctions selling fine antiques, and recently I have seen advertisements for trunk auctions....something I am thinking of doing instead of a yard sale.  That's where you bring your items to the auction, maybe in the trunk of your car or the bed of a truck.  Everyone just lines their vehicles up in a row and the auctioneer comes around and auctions your items off.  But what if know one bids on my stuff?  How embarrassing would that be! 

But my favorite auctions are the country farm auctions, mostly what I attend.  They are laid back.   It's like a social party, as I see many of the same people each time I go.  The auctioneer knows me now and even knows what pieces will appeal to me and will glance my way when a particular item comes up for bid.  I went to one last week.  This auctioneer, over the years, has replicated an entire old town on the site where he holds most of his auctions.  There's one tiny building/house that I just adore.  I have told him (about 1,000 times) that some day I want to have a little antique shop in this house.  The entire little town would make a fabulous destination spot. Today I am showing just a few of the buildings but one day I will do a post on the town he has built, including collections of old cars and trucks.  You have never seen so many antiques in one spot in your life, each building filled to the brim.  But today, I just wanted to show you what I shot my hand up and bid on last week.  :) 

The little house I would love to rent for a sweet shop........(but you wouldn't catch me using that outhouse.  My grand-mother had one and I was always so scared to use it as a little girl. :)

 The owner of the auction company has built this large pavilion, so in bad weather the auction still goes on. :)  That's me in the background wearing black. :)  I wear black, hoping no one will notice me...(just kidding).

  Lots of guys and hardly any of them looking for my kinda stuff!  The Wednesday morning auctions are like that.
Loving those cast iron chippy white garden chairs.  Somebody else won those that day.  You can tell by the trees that I took these photos late last Fall.

 This old oil painting is from the 1800's and was just exquisite.  A little girl and her dogs, painted by a very accomplished artist.  Unfortunately, the canvas is badly torn and needs major restoration.  I also loved the deep, very ornate worn gold frame and may use it as a head board.  Even with the painting in bad shape there was still a bidding war between me and someone else.  I won, as you can see.  :)

 A lot of people kept looking at this old piece of linen before auction time.  I kept starring at them, trying to convince each one by telepathy they really didn't want this ratty old piece of fabric. It worked....it's mine now.  I fell in love with it at first sight and have special plans for this fabulous patriotic piece of memorabilia someone painstakingly crocheted. The white has mellowed to the perfect old book page color.

I paid a little more for this vintage Italian tole chandelier than I really wanted too.  As can happen a lot of times, you tend to get caught up in the bidding process and convince yourself that an item is a must have.  I haven't decided whether to keep this one or sell it yet. :)

This is the way to my favorite auction.  Have you ever been to one?  

disclosure policy:  this is a sponsored post and I was financially compensated.  The opinions are 100% completely my own, I hope fun for the reader, and based on my own entertaining experiences.

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Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Lynn, Of course I am an auction fan. I haven't been to this one though in quite a while. Love your finds and especially the chandy. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Have I been? OH MY...yes!!
Love going with my friend when I can to a Tuesday night one.
If I had the money I would go to more!! Such a thrill to win

Michele said...

Love auctions and go to them all the time.

What I DON'T do is garage sales, just can't stand em.

Nice treasures, there, lady! Yay!

Maureen Wyatt said...

I'm an auction junkie and I have done the stare down when I really wanted something. You buys were worth it! ~ Maureen

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what fun, I have been to a few auctions, but I seem to find myself paying more that I want and regret it later, you got some great finds, Oh on patriotic piece and the tole chandy. I also get anxious, my heart starts beating fast when something I really want comes up for auction, I just don't think my heart can take many more auctions LOL!


thistlewoodfarm said...

I go to an auction like this! The auctioneer knows me.....I feel like sometimes they are trying to bid me up because they know what I like :)

Have a wonderful day!

Sarah said...

We've only been to a few auctions, but agree they are good fun. Like the idea of the little house for a shop.

Sandi McBride said...

When we lived in England I went to the auction every Wednesday in Amersham and brought home many lovely pieces...that I got for nearly nothing...I still love auctions and flea markets...just a picker by nature and heart...
loved this piece Lynn

Cindy Riggs said...

Love your blog. The auction looked like loads of fun. Am a new follower. Come visit and follow me too. Thank you, Cindy


I love auctions! You got some good stuff!

Plumfield House Gardens said...

What beautiful buildings and items, I want that little house!! so adorable, I used to go to auctions with my mother when I was a teenager, we would have so much fun!

Blessed Serendipity said...

I love going to auctions too, especially when I can snag a bargain or two. I have the same tole chandelier and it hangs in my breakfast nook. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment.


Becca said...

I've never been in auction event.It looks fun and exciting. And more stuff to choose.
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Jen said...

I haven't been to an auction since my kids were born. I had forgotten all the neat and fun things you can find at one! It looks like great place for an auction and like you might find some grand treasures indeed!

Honey at 2805 said...

I've only been to a few, but find them so exciting! Looks like you had fun! Have a great weekend and thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

Heaven's Walk said...

lol! I've been to a few auctions, and you're so right, Lynn! I'm a nervous wreck! AND I usually end up spending way more than I should because I WANT a certain piece and I'll pay anything for it! lol! Add that to the fact that I'm always afraid to scratch my nose or swat at a fly..... lolol!

You nabbed some lovely things, though! Great job! :)

xoxo laurie

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Oooo... for a brief moment there Lynn I thought you were going to say you purchased that sweet little house... maybe that's because I'd love to have that in my own back yard. I love a good auction.
Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday this week.

Beverly said...

Oh, I do love an auction. I wish we lived close enough to go together.

It is one of the few things that I love that I haven't convinced my husband to to love. It hates the long wait.

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

We used to live out in farm country years ago, and my sister-in-law called one Saturday to tell us she was at a farm auction and there were musical instruments for sale. My hubby is a musician, so we headed down there, and he picked up 2 classic saxaphones that were vintage and sold for a song (I couldn't resist:) and that he went on to play them at several traditional jazz festivals! Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit today--I appreciate it. Your shrimp sweet dip sounds wonderful!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

This is soooooo awesome! I have never been but it sure looks like tons of fun! hugs...

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