Make Your Own Seed Pots & Lavender

There's something deeply satisfying about working on the land, producing and enjoying its rewards on the table........ an amazing feeling of a job well done.  The joy of creating, and my love for it, is so important to me.  

I am so lucky to have a neighbor who has just put in a greenhouse annnnnnd she lets me use it!  While she was away this past winter, I loved working in it on a cold cold day, puttering and planting.  In the past, the "sweet and beautiful" deer out here so enjoyed the table I set for them each summer, laden with corn and tomatoes and cucumbers and pretty zinnias and peppers and cantaloupes and all manner of fresh grown bounty.  Deciding enough was enough, I gave up the big garden but I still have my flowers and some veggies in containers and the tiny garden up close to the house.   Usually buying the young plants from a local nursery, this season it has been so much fun to start my own in Cindy's little world.  

 Cindy's pink geraniums.  I love that fluted tin planter she's used.  I wonder if she'll notice it's missing.  :)

Looking from the outside in at our seedlings.  So much fun to watch them grow a little more each day.  The sun caused quite a reflection today.  Thank goodness I didn't wear my usual ratty work clothes.  These are pretty bad, but not as bad as some.  :)
I experimented with several different kinds of seed pots, some I purchased and some I made.  I want to share with you how to make newspaper planting pots if you grow your plants from seed early on.  You can make different size containers for your specific needs and they can be planted directly in the garden.

 Using a single sheet of newspaper, tear it down the fold

 turn lengthwise and fold into thirds

Place your can on the "folded into 3rds" single piece of newspaper and start rolling...rollin', rollin', rollin'....   :)  Be sure not to roll too tight or it will be hard to slip the can out when you're finished.  I used a 6 oz. size tomato paste can. 

 If you want, you can fold over a "hem" on each end to make the seed pot neater and use tape to securely close it.  

Fold one end in as shown in the above collage, turn over and slip the can out.  I didn't find it necessary to use tape to keep it closed.  And there you have it.  Fill with your seed starting medium, your seeds,  and mist until wet.  Keep in a sunny location. You may choose to cover with plastic or saran wrap until seeds sprout.  This is less stress on the new plants as the entire newspaper pot and plant can go directly into the garden. Remove tape before planting.

Easy, practical, earth friendly, green, recycling and very cool looking :)  I saw one of those contraptions in a seed catalog called a "pot maker".  Cost $20.00.  Ours is free. :)

My little tomatoes sprouting.  Cindy had a great idea to recycle old mini venetian blinds as plant markers.  Super easy to cut and write on.  Love it!

Some more little seedlings

Several weekends ago, Cindy and I attended a class on growing lavender, held at Lavender Fields Farm. 
The farm is open to the public most of the year and they grow and sell organic herbs and gourmet vegetables, as well as offering classes on gardening, farm tours and lunch. It's a delightful place!  It was a fun day and we had a great time.  I bought honey from their hives and some fabulous lavender spray (for my sleep pillow).  Basically what I learned is, lavender is not easy to grow in Virginia.  Lavender thrives in hot dry climate and ours is humid, humid, humid.  But, I am going to try anyway, maybe doing a container planting.  My little lavender sprouts look promising and it will be fun to try.  Attending the class in early Spring, there wasn't much growing yet so I have no pictures to show you. 

I kind of have my own lavender fields.  Took this shot going down the lane today to the hot house.  It is common lawn weed here called Henbit.  The little purple flowers look almost like a teeny tiny orchids and is quite pretty. 
Until next time, have a wonderful week  xoxo
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Olive said...

Oh to have a green house. The newspaper cups are brilliant. We save all our papers for our wood stove so we have plenty. Lavender will not grow here in this humid hot place unfortunately.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what fun you are having getting all of your seedlings started! I would love to grow lavender too, but of course we are humid humid! Let us know if you have any luck!


NanaDiana said...

Lynn- What a great idea. I love those paper pots. I am so very anxious to get outside and get working. I really love your greenhouse- lucky girl- xo Diana

Junkchiccottage said...

How clever are those newpaper pots. Love that green house too. I can't wait to get out in the garden. Hopefully soon.

Connie in Hartwood said...

It's always good to reuse newspaper and other things, instead of throwing them away or even sending them for recycling.

Let's not even talk about weeds.

Goddess Findings said...

so enjoyed this post! Am making my paper pots as we speak! Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

Desire Empire said...

Such a simple yet stylish idea Lynn.

All About Vignettes said...

Lynn, this is such a fabulous idea. I love to have climbing vines on my trellis but they take so long to get going when I wait for the right outside temp. I'm totally going to do this. Thanks. I've already forwarded this to several friends.


Beverly said...

My husband has greenhouse fantasies. I will be showing this to him.

vikki said...

Love the newspaper pot idea, I need to do that. I laughed at the fact that it is hard to grow lavender where you live, here it grows like a weed. I am pulling it out all the time even though I do love it. Hope you have success growing it in containers.

Unknown said...

This is perfect! showing my hubby now!!
Id love for you to stop by and link up at our party!


Unknown said...

My friend has a large greenhouse and a garden. I love your paper cup idea and I will be sending her your post. Thanks for the inspiration.

Fishtail Cottage said...

Wanted to come by to say hello...it’s so very exciting to see garden posts again, winter has lasted way too long! Just wanted to let you know Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party will be starting up again in May (Thursday May 2nd) Would love to have you come over and link up again and again! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo, tracie

Unknown said...

Great post! I'd love to try growing lavender. It gets pretty hot here during summer so it might work :)
I'm visiting you today from Common Ground. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment and Link Up, too!
~ Megin of VMG206
Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Great idea. Gee if ONLY we had some sunshine !

LV said...

I know all about the planting and growing process. However, we did not know what a greenhouse was. All done my by hand in the fields. Some modern changes are nice.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your post!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

This is a great post! I love to garden and plant and plant!! I have 2 lavender plants in my yard-and they are doing quite well! I have always wanted a greenhouse!! You must enjoy having one so very much:)

Visiting from Pink Saturday!
Happy Friday-

Anonymous said...

HPS!!! Love that greenhouse you lucky neighbor!!! And I LOVE your seed pot idea using the newspaper! BRILLIANT!! Didn't you something like that with favors for guests...giving them plants in newspaper containers...or is my elder mind totally off course! Probably the later! :)

Our weather is FINALLY getting spring-ish. We've had such a long and miserable winter...we're all suffering major Cabin Fever! Actually, it's warm here today, so I'm gonna get out and exercise because it's gonna be rainy for several days starting tomorrow!

Hope all is well with you and your family and hope you had a wonderful Easter!! L, Dana

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Lynn,

What a great idea! Love the simple and rustic look they have.


Pendra said...

Oh I am so green with envy for your friends greenhouse, how lovely! Thanks for sharing how to make the newspaper pots, I am so going to try this! And I love the henbit and am going to check that out too!
p.s. I can't get your pin it button to work...may be me, new computer

Ivy and Elephants said...

Good luck with your little seedlings, it looks like such fun. Our climate is way too humid, but I love the scent.

RobinfromCA said...

What a wonderful neighbor to let you use her greenhouse! Love your idea for seed pots. So economical!
Have a lovely week!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

I love that little green house, how nice that you are able to use it & the paper pots are such a clever idea~
Thanks for sharing,

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Lynn, I love this time of year because of working in the garden. Great idea with the paper pots.

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