I bought this sign some time ago, found  in a junk/antique shop, and I love it!  Nailed to a tree at the entrance to our drive, it serves as a reminder that you are home now, sit a while, rest and enjoy the view. Take the time to notice what is happening around you in nature.  It's peaceful and restoring.


With that ol' rusty sign in mind, I thought I would share the season around our home with you.  I try real hard to walk nearly every day, most times with camera in hand and the dog by my side.  By the time I have walked to the mailbox and around the pastures and fields, I have covered a couple of miles.   The above photo is looking over to our back yard.  That adirondack chair,  the black arrow is pointing to, is where I sometimes sit and try to solve the world's problems.  :)

 This day was a dark, gloomy one,  which gives you a new perspective on your surroundings.  I am standing on the dam taking a long view of the lake.

 When hurricane Isabel came tearing through Virginia, she wrecked havoc in the woods surrounding our home.  Tons of trees came down, not all a bad thing.  This fallen tree provides a hide out for some big bass.  :)

Interesting vine growth along a long forgotten barb wire fencing.  Taken along the path beyond the dam.

 More fallen trees from the long ago hurricane.  Don't you just know something lives in the hollow of that tree? 

a ray of sunshine among all the brown

and some trees are all ready for winter

the road less traveled :)

 Back at the house......although later than usual, the colors were spectacular this Fall.  Believe it or not, there is a stone pathway under all those pine needles.  We use the needles for mulch, so Bobby G. has been working like heck the last couple of weeks raking and distributing them in the garden areas.

 I still haven't put the umbrellas away for the winter.  I like that pop of blue in the colorful leaves.

 this sweet red maple, was a gift from Bobby G's  Mother, no longer with us.  It was nothing but a mail order single stick when we planted it.  It's so beautiful in the Fall, especially when the western sun shines through it in the later afternoon.  That white you see around the many trunk tree in the background, is the white mums we planted for our son's wedding party a couple of years ago.  They like that spot and bloom profusely.

 the front porch ~~~~  I switched out the Halloween witch sign for 'old man winter and the grapes' plaque to carry us through Thanksgiving.  He was a Big Lots find that I re-painted. 

just up the street, a neighbor sells his pumpkins on the side of the road

 Ha!  Thought you might like to accompany me to the grocery store.....aren't the parking lot trees gorgeous?

 Heading out of the grocery store parking lot.......crepe myrtles line the median and put on a beautiful show of color

Heading back home

Around the curve and then our driveway

Ben, Pumpkin and Pepper have all put on their winter coats, ready for the cold winds. 

And those cold winds are blowing hard today.....brrrrrr.   I hope you enjoyed a little piece of my world today.  I am crazy busy preparing for the Vintage Home Market this week....the last few days of preparation.  Hope you are having a great week. xo

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Terra said...

Ok, I must tell you what you already know, you live in a beautiful place. I like how the fallen trees remain as homes for wild critters, and the blaze of red in the leaves, and your Adirondack chair placement.

SImple and Serene Living said...

Oh what a gorgeous place you live in. I can't imagine why you would ever want to leave home. xo Laura

Anonymous said...

Oh, just absolutely gorgeous. I would love to come and walk around these beautiful sights. Thanks for sharing!

deborah@confessions of a craigslist junkie said...

Your surroundings are beautiful -- love the shots of the lake! I live in Virginia too, this is my favorite time of year around here!

genie said...

If I had it, I would have it nailed to the tree at the top of my driveway, too. What a great find. Love it. genie

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh your post made me so home sick as I am from Virginia also. My relatives are from Buchanan, close to Roanoke. I just love fall and spring at home - the beautiful leaves and the mountains. Your pictures are beautiful - thanks so much for sharing this post with us.
I think the sign is great.
Have a terrific rest of the week.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Virginia is GORGEOUS, and where you live is just breathtaking, Lynn. I loved seeing this so much.

Love to you, my friend!



The Polka Dot Closet said...

Whoa!!! I love it Lynn!


Diane Higdon said...

Loved every minute of your tour. It was great!!! We too have an abundance of Pine needles....They are really wonderful mulch!!!! I keep telling my neighbors that, but they just don't get it.....Thanks again for sharing :)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Lynn, You have a beautiful
place for your walks! I miss the Fall foliage in Virginia but not the Winters. Love the picture of Ben and the chickens.

Tymes Past said...

Lucky you to live on a lake! What a beautiful place...smiles...Bev

Jen said...

Lynn, everything is just so beautiful and peaceful. What a magnificent world we live in!

I hope yall didn't get too much snow! It just skirted us so we saw about 12 snowflakes, but it gives me great hope for at least one snow this winter in South Carolina!

Have a wonderful week!

Sue McPeak said...

What a great sign...never have seen one like it before. You're right...slow down and and smell the pine!
Sue CollectInTexas Gal

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Lynn,
First of all that sign is wonderful. Love that so much. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful property. The tree colors are so beautiful. Little ben with the chickens is adorable. Loved the tour.

Donna Wilkes said...

So serene and beautiful! A daily walk here would be good for the soul.

Anne said...

Well I love that sign! Love the beautiful colors!Your property is amazing!!!

Olive said...

Such a glorious place you have. There is a business in Dublin, Ga. that has the WHOA sign in there parking lot. I giggle every time I see it. I know why you bought it.

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