My Dirty Little Secret

a "HOW TO" on aging statuary....Creating the French Look

Don't you love the look of a very beautiful and old 18th century statue, it's coloring bleached white and gray with age, it's paint distressed and crumbly?  Well....I am going to give you my secret for getting that look on a new piece or unaged piece.  .....

yes....good ol' regular garden variety dirt

The old gold piece of statuary above is what I started with.  She is some type of chalkware but I think you could use this method on most any type of  medium.

I used the plaster of paris homemade chalk paint colored  in a simple "antique white".   Paint your piece, going lightly over any raised areas, leaving the original color of your statue in any cracks, crevices and folds.  Mine was a very worn gold.  By the way, my gorgeous statue, I found at a yard sale this past weekend.  It's an Italian piece of a young person reading to a child, stands 20" tall and is 8" in diameter at the base.  

  rub the dirt (I used purchased potting soil)  into parts of the of the wet paint and in the nooks and crannies.  Skip some areas while going heavy in others.  There is no wrong or right way to do this.  Just play with it and have fun.  

Using an old paint paintbrush, mix the dirt into the paint.  It will mix with the white paint, making it a little grayed and dirty, while knocking back the highlights on raised areas.  I used care to keep some of the dirt in crevices, just as would happen over time.

In these photos you can see up close how the piece was transformed.   With the addition of the dirt, the piece becomes crusty and decayed looking, like weathered concrete, having an old French white appearance with a patina of gray.  When your piece has dried, use a soft brush to wipe away any excess dirt.

 And voila, you have a beautifully aged "priceless antique"  :)
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Jamie @ Domestically Vintage said...

This is so good to know! I love the old white look and with the addition of the dirt it looks just beautiful. Have a lovely day! ~ Jamie

All About Vignettes said...

I love this. Can't wait to copy.


Mari said...

Neat trick, I love it ;-)


Betsy Brock said...

This is perfect timing for me! I brought home a huge ugly rooster from the auctions. I was just looking at it today wondering how I could paint it to look like old concrete! Thanks so much! He's going to look wonderful..older and so much more expensive!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

You clever girl!

Anonymous said...

It looks very impressive, like it has been standing there for years!

Pamela said...

What a great tip! Thanx for sharing at THT. Hope your week is going well!

Audrey said...

Adding dirt to paint!!!
... wow, what will we try next to achieve the aged look? I like it ... great idea and thanks for the tip. I may try it on my cracked statue or cement column.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

Tete said...

That's pretty cool! How are you and your hubby doing? I haven't heard from you for a bit.
I hope you are getting some garden time in.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Lynn...Thank you for the great tip, I love the way it looks....This..I could do!!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Great job! What ever made you try this?! Amazing! Thanks for the tip.

Alycia Nichols said...

Pinning it!!! I have a few pieces I'd like to age, so I guess I'll be playin' in the dirt this weekend!

Pam Kessler said...

No way! That is a good trick!

Diane Higdon said...

So glad you shared "your dirty little secret"....Now we can all make our stuff look old!!! Thanks again. :)

Town and Country Gals said...

what at great idea! It looks amazing!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Gorgeous Lynn !!!
I will try that.I have several statues to work on.Even my bird bath.This sounds fun and easy to do.
Thanks a bunch Sweetie Pie
XXOO Marie antoinette

Pam Zirbel said...

This is wayyy to awesome!!! I posted on HomeTalk under this and was wondering how you got the dirt to stick to the parts that you hadn't painted yet?! This was so wild girl!!! Great job!!! Thanks...hope to hear from you!! {email: SunnyGirl63@gmail.com}

Our Pinteresting Family said...

What a great idea!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Way cool my friend! thanks so much for sharing.


Http://whatmeeganmakes.com said...

What a transformation. You did a fabulous job. Thanks for the inspiration!

Our Family Inspired Home said...

Clever, it looks great!

White Lace and Promises said...

What a great idea. I'm gonna be following you. Love your blog. Hope you'll visit sometime at White Lace and Promises.

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