Oh, Christmas Tree

one of the advantages of cutting your own tree is it takes you to beautiful off -the -beaten- track places like this one.

I was recently told about a Christmas tree farm just a few miles from my home.  I never knew it existed and decided to take a little trip to see it today.  I loved it!  Being away this year for Christmas, I probably won't put up a tree but I sure was tempted to just cut a small one.  But I did buy one of their beautiful wreaths for my front door.  Going to a city lot or your local big box store is easy, but going to a place like this with the entire family ....you come away with many fond memories.  When I was a little girl, we used to take a trip to the country and tramp the woods looking for the perfect cedar tree.  No one bought a tree.  

I noticed people brought all kinds of vehicles to get their tree home......trucks with big trailers, trucks with little homemade trailers, SUV's, and cars with the trees on the roof.  Nothing makes me smile broader during the season than to see a car traveling down the road with a Christmas tree tied to the top.  

Some chose to cut their own trees and drag it to the car and some had the farm tractor pick it up for them.  :)

I hope you have a tree farm near your home.  Enjoy the walk through the trees looking for the perfect conical shape or the one that suits your lifestyle, have some hot cider and sugar cookies.  Such a wonderful family outing.

A few tips for Cutting Your Own Tree

1.  remember....trees always look shorter in nature than in your living room

2. the longer the needles on the tree, the longer the retention of the needles.... for example white pines hold their needles longer than a spruce

3.  shaking....if you can't get the tree farm to do it, shake your tree vigorously to get rid of dead needles and tiny critters.  Do it over the azaleas.  They love pine.  

4.  always tie the tree to the top of the car with the cut end facing forward.

5.  put up the tree in its desired spot (preferably away from heat and drafts and let it unfurl for a few days before decorating.

6. remember to put a bird nest in the tree for good luck :) and please recycle your tree after the season

But just in case, you are like me, and may not put up a fresh tree this year, you can always go to my retail booth and buy a sweet little hand made faux tree.  The base is made from a box and vintage Santa wrapping paper.  Simple, charming and perfect for a table top tree.


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Sarah said...

We no longer have a real tree in our home. Moved on to faux several years ago. I honestly didn't think I ever would, but as I age I realize that I need to simplify. ;-)
This would be such a fun tradition for a family. Beautiful shots!

Art and Sand said...

We cut down our tree for about 20 years, but once the children were grown and not interested in joining us to cut the tree, we went the "tree lot" route. Last year, we bought our first artificial tree and that was simply because with our larger family (KC's boyfriend & JP's wife) we needed a tall skinny tree in our tiny cottage. We bought a pencil tree and I'm glad we have the tree because we are going on a family vacation for Christmas and I would not purchase a real tree since we'll be gone. Our pencil tree went up today and I love it.

Gayla said...

I loved this little look back at cutting our own tree. We used to get a farm cedar from the woods. My dad was Mr. Christmas. I was married twice and neither of the men I married really liked the holiday... oops... Well, anyway.. loved the tree getting fun. Take care.

Betsy Brock said...

Lovely post...that looks like a great tree farm! I love to see trees tied to car roofs, too...nostalgic and charming...

NanaDiana said...

That was so much fun to do with the kids and now do it with the grandkids. We go to one of the places that gives you a sleigh ride to an area of the tree farm- you cut your tree and they keep making the rounds of picking people and trees up and dropping others off. It is so much fun. xo Diana

Maureen Wyatt said...

When my kids were still at home, I always had a real tree and going out to get it was a big event for my family. I go the easy route now and use artificial, but treasure those early memories.

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