Because Nice Matters

I was tickled pink to be honored with the Nice Matters award. Thank you my dear sweet friend Roxie for thinking of me. (the pool and lunch are waiting for ya'.) Roxie features on her website, www.jorabeels.com, the sweetest and best custom made cottage lamps and you just have to order some of her pink silicone bulbs and light strands (think Christmas). Recently she has added her "RoxieGirl Originals", darling mannequins or dress forms that are all dressed up for tea, tending garden, girls night out, flea market weekend and more. These are so cute and totally one-of-a-kind that you just won't find anywhere else. Head on over to her website and check them all out. You will love her and her fun site.


Roxie Morrow said...

You are such a sweet friend Lynnie. I would really love to come visit you, your pool AND your lunch. LOL
Thanks for spotlighting me, you ROCK!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Well, you deserve this award !

aren't Roxie's pink bulbs the best, and I love her new dressed up dress forms too.

Now I am off to check out your wonderful treasures.

(( ))

Anonymous said...

Well~ feel honored again~ I awarded you the nice award too.

Anonymous said...

giggle giggle

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