Cabin Kitsch

After our flight we still had a seven hour drive to the NorthWoods of Wisconsin. By the time we got there it was well after dark so I had no idea what anything looked like. We had rented a tiny cabin on a lake in the Wisconsin NorthWoods (that's way up there folks!) My son, his wife, our grand-daugher and my daughter-in-law's mother had another cabin. The little old cabin was furnished in 1960's and 70's bric-a-brac. Tons of it....all fish and wildlife related. All manner of decoupaged plaques, paint by number paintings, beer clocks, deer mirrors, orange shag carpet and floral cafe curtains. It was absolutely charming. Imagine my delight when the next morning I woke up and gazed out the window to see the lake was only a few yards from the cabin....double delight. And the most gorgeous hydrangeas I had ever seen along with tons of pink and white phlox. And the yard was a menagerie of statuary animals...... raccoons, bears, deer and little gnomes everywhere. The story I was told was that all the hummingbird feeders had to be brought in at night because a real bear might show up. Needless to say I didn't wander around the paths at night. Another fun fact was that a cabin near by had once belonged to Al Capone as his hide-a-away cabin in his hey day. Stay tuned for more vacation photos and tales of my antiquing excursions.

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Sweet Remembrance said...

Lynn...The cabin grounds are so charming! I love Wisconsin, used to go in the summers with a friend when we had our antique biz. Prices then were pretty good, heck nothings as high as Southern Calif where I live!

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