Up, Up and Away

Hubby turned the big 60 this year. No parties for him so I had to come up with something special. Soooo...I came up with giving him a hot air balloon ride. Not for me...just him, 'cause you see I was afraid of doing it. I figured I would just go with him to the take off area and wait in the car until his ride was over. Well he loved the gift but said there was no way he was going without me. So I swallowed hard and said okay. It took three booking dates before we finally actually got to go because the weather has to be just perfect. When that time finally came we drove off to the launching site and when we get there I am even more scared now because the launch site was right next to a cemetery! I was not a happy camper but kept my feelings to myself. Have you ever actually seen the size of the basket below the balloon? It's tiny and there is no ladder or footholds to help you climb into the thing. Not very graceful.....at all. It takes about an hour to actually get the balloon filled and ready for launch and the riders have to help with all that. I was still filled with trepidation as we took off. Very quickly you are way up in the sky. I finally started to relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery. It was truly amazing. At one point we actually skimmed over the treetops. As we neared the end of our ride I started getting nervous again thinking about the landing, especially when our pilot told us we would have to brace ourselves. Gulp! We landed on the grassy rough next to a golf path at a country club and I was happily surprised at how gentle it was. Following tradition we had a champagne toast to end the ride. Would I recommend you ascend into the sky in a Hot Air Balloon? Yes, ABSOLUTELY

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