Happy Labor Day!

I took this photo Friday nite as we were heading into the big city for dinner out. Sorry about the telephone wires but it was the best I could do as I was in a moving vehicle. :) This flag is huge and flies over a car dealership. Every single time we pass it I say to my husband "Isn't that beautiful?" And he says "you always say that" and I say "I know, but it's true." It seems that flag is always waving in the breeze. I don't think I have ever seen it flat. It's just the most beautiful site to see as you come up the hill on Rt. 60. I hope you all have a great day planned and doing whatever your little heart pleases. We are just hanging around the house, washing the cars, doing some garden work, packing up some packages to get out tomorrow, maybe go on a little boat ride and cook something up on the grill. Happy Labor Day everyone!

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Sharon said...

Three cheers for the Red White and Blue!

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