I'm a Hottie!

It's hot, hot, hot here today! 91 degrees and humid. And we need rain so bad but not a cloud in sight. Everything's wilted just like me and I'm hot. Who knew when we closed the pool up we could have used it for a month more? The dog "asked" to go outside and then wants right back in. He's hot too! I feel parched, weathered and worn not unlike this beautiful antique wedding certificate I recently found. It's weathered a lot since it's 100 years old but it's oh so gorgeous. Look at those beautiful pastel shabby roses and pretty blue ribbons. I just listed it in the boutique if you'd like to see more photos of it. In the meantime I am heading upstairs to get a nice cold one. That's a cold glass of ice water with lemon. Take care you all. :)


Nunnie's Attic said...

I'm hear ya, sister! It's so unbelievably hot for October, it's making me very grouchy, very irritable and sadly, that makes me very loud!


Esther Sunday said...

Sorry it is so warm for you. I grew up on the coast just south of San Francisco, so if it gets above 80, with no humity, I get cranky. Here in the Panhandle of Idaho, it is nice and cool again, so I am getting down right friendly with the neighbors again. Aren't those old marriage certs just lovely!

Anonymous said...

You have such a pretty blog and fun posts. I cannot believe it is so hot there!

We are in to fall in Portland Oregon for sure!


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Ack, high 80's here too so I'm sweatin' with ya sister....

That is a lovely certificate indeed and a great find...


PAT said...

It's cooled off a bit this afternoon. I just came in from the patio. There is a nice breeze and the temp is 77. It's much better since the humidity has dropped, also!

I love the marriage certificate. It's beautiful!


Unknown said...

Hi Lynn! It was 90 here today too! It is supposed to cool down a lot this week. I dont want it to:( I am such a warm weather freak!

I love the certificate! That is just beautiful!

Lynn, I love your idea for keeping the tree out through Easter!! Thank you so much for the idea of the roses in a tree! I wouldnt have thought of that :)

Love ya,

Scrappy Moments said...

What a beautiful Wedding Certificate from 100 years ago, pretty roses too. You can send your 90 degree weather her, we have a/c, It was a high of 50 something today. I hate cold weather,lol.

Angie :)

BellaColle said...

That is so pretty! I have one from my husbands great grandparents? (maybe one more great in there..) Mine is falling apart and I really need to know how to preserve it! Yours looks awesome..

Anonymous said...

Girls Mississippi is so hot still. I love the fall and blogging about it,but darn I wished I felt it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I couldn't agree more. I looked at my digital read in my car on the way home from work ~ 91 degrees. Pahleeze. I was thinking this morning, arghhh still into summer wear. :)

kari and kijsa said...

Oh-for a little cooler weather! Beautiful find!
kari & kijsa

Mary said...

We're sweatin' here in Jersey, too! But it's supposed to break tonight, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

What a beautiful marriage certificate -- love those roses!

Linda said...

What a lovely wedding certificate, the graphics are beautiful.

Sorry it is so hot for you, we are having fall weather in Calif., hope it comes your way soon.

Thank you for the visit and nice comments...come back soon:)...Linda

OldBagNewTricks said...

It's hotter'n blazes here in Ohio too -- I'm longing for sweaters and blankets... and rain. What I wouldn't give for rain!

Such a beautiful certificate -- that tradition should be brought back.

I recently commented on your RateMySpace -- about you Queenland Crimson chairs... I'll go gaze at them some more.


Anonymous said...

Well, today got in my car, looked at the digi read and it said 100. October...lovely. Not. :)

Bristol said...

What a beautiful certificate. Can hardly wait for the weather to break.


Susie Q said...

Gorgeous certificate...and I DO feel your pain. It has gotten cooler this evening and we are to get better temp wise and perhaps have a little rain. Fingers are crossed for us all!


Dena said...

What a beautiful piece this is! I'm with you. It's been pretty hot here too in sunny Southern California. We don't get much for seasons but a little cooler weather would be nice now and then.

Kerrie said...

Have a lot of reading to catch up on of your blog..
What I have seen I love...Your treasure find (Marriaage Certificate)is so presious and beautiful..
Thanks so much for sharing.

:) Kerrie

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