On the First Day of Christmas

I did absolutely nothing. That's right....today should have been the day I got rid of the pumpkins and Fall wreaths and hay bales and orange leaves but nope. My son left early this morning (miss you sweetie) and the house is so quiet. I sat around all morning reading the paper...articles about all those people rushing through the doors on Black Friday at 5 a.m. in the morning. Uh..uh...not me. Heck...it was noon before I lazily ambled upstairs to brush my teeth. (bad). I did get up the gumption to sweep the kitchen floor and get on the computer and do some badly needed updates. After that I read some of my newest magazines that I had been neglecting for lack of time, looking for decorating ideas. Before I knew it it was 5 pm and almost dark. What a lazy day. But you know what ? I think I needed this lazy day, for tomorrow I will get back into the count down 'til December 25. I did get up one very important Christmas decoration though.


Sandi McBride said...

Oh girl I knew we were going to be buds, lol...did I rush out to Black Friday? What, and get up out of my cozy bed? Certainly not...not wanting to be pressed flat in that rush of humanity...why it'd squeeze the stuffing (literally) out of me!!! Sounds like a simply wonderful day to me! K Lynn...see you tomorrow hon

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I did not rush out either. Sometimes a girl just needs to take life slowly. Something us women don't get enough of! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Carol said...

You did deserve this lazy day, I love a lazy day too, but they do not happen often!
Have a lovey week.

Sharon said...

Our entire weekend has been filled with lazy days and we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them. Sometimes you just need to kick back and say to heck with the rest of the world, it will all still be there when you get ready to step back on.

Anonymous said...

We all need some down time. Glad you could rest. I didn't fight the crowd either. Brings out my mean side.

Esther Sunday said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! Hey, it is not even 12/1 yet - I'm not stressing about it either. Black Friday? Think I slept til 10:00 that day, so yeah, all was black in my world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, what a glorious day!!!! We all need days like that sometimes :) Love your Christmas songspot!! Have a lovely week :) J & J

Elle Jay Bee said...

Sigh...that sounds like a heavenly day...So glad you enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

I didn't rush out and start shopping either. Nor did I put decorations out. We have time. And I am even having a party in two weeks. Somehow it will all get done! :-)

I don't have many lazy days, but they are sure nice when they can happen. But I think the secret is you have to LET them happen. There is always more to do! Sometimes you just need to sit and breathe. Good for you!


Elzie said...

I too think you needed that day of rest. The decorations can wait yet another day.
I loved the decoration you did get up. It's so lovely.
And the Santa beside is so cute. Just wish I could get one of those.
Hope you have a good week.
Love Elzie

Scrappy Moments said...

I didn't get up early on Friday either. I did go out to shop a little in the evening, but no spectacular deals. I got up my Nativity Scene on Sat. too & my Tree. What a Beautiful Natvity Scene Lynn.


Back Through Time said...

I think you did the right thing to take your time and rest! Your Nativity is beautiful.
Hope you are having a good Monday!

Nunnie's Attic said...

You have to love lazy days. They don't come around that often so you truly savor them when they do. And you deserve it sweetie!

How is your daughter in law?


blessings said...

Oh, I hear you there! We're all exhausted at my house. It's good that you got a chance to rest yesterday. I need a day of nothingness =) Blessings... Polly

BellaColle said...

You certainly have had your share of busy days lately...you are due!
hope you are rested and refreshed...

Amber Cargile said...

Oh, a girl after my own heart! I blogged about being a Scrooge just today myself. You expressed it so much more eloquently than me. Celebrating the season should come when the spirit moves you, not when a retailer tells you it's time, or when a calendar looms before you. THAT is savoring each special moment of life as it comes. Cheers!

CIELO said...

You're so cute! You made me laught with that "Heck...it was noon before I lazily ambled upstairs to brush my teeth"... not bad, really. Actually it's soooo good. After a couple of days off work I had to wake up today at 6:00am; and believe me; it wasn't nice... :)


Distant Timbers Echo said...

Sometimes doing nothing is one of the most important tasks we can give ourselves!


PAT said...

Sounds like my kind of day Lynn! I don't leave the house on Black Friday, much less stand in line! I'd rather stand online! Which I did...shopping is finished!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful decoration and THE most important one of all Lynn! I have had a lot of lazy days lately. Just kind of depressed and dont feel like doing much. But I think we need a day like that now and then!

Love ya,

BittersweetPunkin said...

Lynn....sometimes I don't even make it to the shower until noon...I get up so darn early with Hubby...do my blog stuff...plan the school at home stuff...wake the kids up...wake the kids up again...go in there a third time....get them going with their day...when they break for lunch is when I know I can steal a good half hour for myself! It's not like that everyday...but often enough!! Thats why I like to do NOTHING on the weekend!LOL

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Sounds like a perfect day Lynn. I could really use one of those! Thanks for stopping by my open house!

Julie said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Can't wait to see more! I pray that your DIL recovers very very soon!


bj said...

I do love those kind of days and absolutely HAVE to have one every now and then.

Susie Q said...

I discovered 2 years ago that doing *nothing* was really doing *something* good for us! I too had no desire to be out on Black Friday!
I have most of my shopping done but no wrapping! I bet your gifts are done up so beautifully!
I have the mantle done, the dining room and a few other areas. The tree goes up this weekend as do the outside decorations.

I used to be SO organized and made my own cards and then cam Hurricane Grace and I am always behind the eight ball! My bad! : )

But we have fun...your nativity is so pretty!

Love and hugs,

Kathleen Grace said...

I just love your nativity set and I especially love that Mary is holding Jesus as a mother would. I had a lazy day on black friday too, it's the only way to go:>)

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