And the Winner is


Seriously though, I felt like I was the winner of my Rhinestone Cowgirl tote give-away post. I met so many new friends last week and had so much fun. Using my highly sophisticated method of selecting a winner, I threw all the names in my husband's well worn cowboy hat and he drew a name and it is ..........Ruth of Artful Creations. A big hand clap and congratulations Ruth. She is the sweetest lady and visits regularly. If you haven't done so already, pop over to her blog and pay a visit. She is so talented. Right now she is into painting roses....pink ones. :)

There are times when I feel like my blog is so boring. I read so many blogs that I think are so creative, funny, endearing, beautiful, thought provoking and so well spoken that mine pales in comparison. Then something like this happens. Kim at Today's Creative Blog has honored me with a write up. It's her Feb. 3rd post. How cool is that! I feel like a celebrity. Thank you Kim. I am so humbled and honored.

Karen at A Scrapbook of Inspiration sent this award my way. I am tickled pink to receive it. To quote a snippet from her blog she says, " When all the world seems to have forgotten the kindness of words, there is a place I know that is filled with tenderness called Blogland." How true Karen! Please visit Karen. Her blog is so inspiring and just chock full of things to do and see. Oh...did I mention how talented she is? I am passing this along to a very special lady who only comments as anonymous. You know who you are. Every time I see a comment from her it always makes me smile.

So many of you commented on my last post about how you thought that photo of my DH and me should be framed. Yep, it's framed and has a prominent place in the family room. That photo was taken by the yearbook sports editor (unbeknownest to us) and it ended up being a full page photo in the yearbook that year. Also, ever since the movie Love Story came out I have been told I looked like Ali McGraw. A lot of you also commented on that. :) I think we are about the same age. I might be older. Haven't seen her in so long that I don't know what she looks like now.

Okay, I am almost through with this post but I have one more thing to add. Francie over at the Scented Cottage has tagged me (guess I wasn't running fast enough) to name seven weird or random things about myself so here goes:

1. Jimmy Connors (a past tennis star) accidentally knocked my drink out of my hands as he was rushing by at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

2. I have driven a gondola in Venice, Italy. (Not sure if driven is the right word. :)

3. I drive shoeless

4. I like boiled peanuts.

5. I am not a big chocolate fan.

6. I loved the movie Coyote Ugly, not for it's content, but for the dancing. Watch it over and over.

7. I have to sleep with a fan running.

Almost through now........ I just wanted to show you this darling little vintage pin cushion I found for the boutique. How cute is he or is it she?

Okay, I am done now. xo Lynn


Dee Light said...

Oh my, that photo is wonderful!! So glad you're framing it. Your blog is never boring I always look forward to visiting you. Congrats on the award!!!

Tara said...

I also loved the football pic...and also like to sleep witht the fan on! These are a great way to get to know people--it's the little things, right?

kathyann said...

Hi Lynn,Thanks for paying us a visit and leaving your lovely comments! Don't put yourself down so, you have a great blog,now I've found you I shall be a regular visitor! Well Done on your award and well done too Ruth at Artful Creations on winning the rhinestone tote,you lucky thing!love from Kathyann and the girls

Janet said...


You are always the first to tell me I am not boring so let me return the favor. You are never boring and I look forward to your posts.

You left a comment on K&K's post about your fireplace. Could you post a pic sometime. I have been toying with painting mine and I am curious about yours.

Anonymous said...

congrats...and girl I love your blog!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Lynn, thanks so much, how exciting. This is the first give away I have ever won. The tote is just beautiful and I will really enjoy it. I just sent you an e-mail with my address.

Esther Sunday said...

Oh, Lynn, I rushed over to read the blog entry about ya! So true! You are just precious - to all of us! Congrats to Ruth, the lucky gal! Love, Esther

Alison Gibbs said...

Lynn congratulations on the award.
That was a great photo of you and your hubby.

Amber Cargile said...

Yep! Ali McGraw! That photo is awesome!

Sandi McBride said...

Well darn it! I wanted to be a cowgirl so much, too! Congrats to Ruth though lucky cowgirl! I love the frog pin cushion (though I love frogs in any form especially the breathing form...)glad you're back in here, been missing you

Terri said...

Really? I've never seen that movie because I hated the title. Maybe I'll check it out sometime!

Alexa Lett said...

Love your blog!!! Saw it as well on Today's Creative Blog... yea you! Congrats!

BittersweetPunkin said...

That pin cushion is so darling Lynn!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Congratulations on your Creative Blog. You are in fancy company!

Suzanne said...

You're absolutely too fun. I found you through Robyn and melted at the photo of you and hubby. Absolutely precious. Glad I'm here. Hope you are too!!! I'll stay if you'll have me!

Much love,
Suzanne XO

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Are ya kidding me? I love you..I love your blog....I always make a point to stop in and see what's cookin over here. You make my day sweetie.

Deb said...

Hi Lynn....that football picture looks straight out of a movie still...what a wonderful memory! I love reading your blog...I'll try to get back more often.

Pink hugs,
Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Conners?! too cool..
..Italy, well loved it..
boiled peanuts! yummmm
oh well... I love chocolate..
that move is too fun! I haven't seen it in ages..we'll have to go on a hunt for it this weekend.
A fan?!! Me too! Bein' out here in the country, I never thought I'd say this, but it's too quiet! LOL!!
I have to have the noise to sleep.
love your list and your pin cushion.

Dee Light said...

Stop by my blog and sign up for a give a way. Then you can follow the link and sign up for many more!!

CIELO said...

Hi Lynn: Congratulations on your award.... and please do not feel your blog is boring... each blog is a personal life; a reflex of some unique self; inimitably, and full of its own charm...

Have agreat day!


Sugar Bear said...

Hi Lynn,
Congrats on you award. I saw your comment on Kari & Kijsa's post about my dull and boring mantle and I'm wondering if you perhaps have a photo of your painted brick you would be willing to share?

Unknown said...

How nice Lynn. I am so glad that you like the award...every time I see your smiling face on my post I smile. I have something for you...

You are invited to a World-Wide Giveaway. How nice...just in time for Valentine’s Day. Stop by my post today and leave a comment to enter mine, and follow the yellow brick road to the links to skatey-eight bloggers from around the world who are participating. Have a lovely day. Blessings, Karen

PAT said...

Hello Lynn..congratulations on your awards! I enjoyed reading your list of weird things!

Funny, I thought of Love Story, when I saw the photo in your previous post, too. Ali McGraw is older than both of us, Lynn. I haven't seen her in years either. Probably not since Winds of War. Remember that series during the 80's?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog!
I've added you to my blog candy list too.

Have a great day!!


Anonymous said...


You are invited to a World-Wide Giveaway. How nice...just in time for Valentine’s Day. Stop by my post today and leave a comment to enter mine, and follow the road to the links to bloggers from around the world who are participating.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, congratulations to Ruth, she is lovely lady and now a lovely cowgirl as well! Great to learn more about you, hope Jimmy Connors apologised! We liked Coyote Ugly too but for the music and dancing aspects only! Jenn and Jacqui

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Lynn, I just wanted to let you know, the beautiful tote arrived on the weekend. It is just perfect, you did such a beautiful job on it. Thank you so much, I will treasure it.

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