Heaven's Grocery Store

I was walking down life's highway a long time ago,
One day I saw a sign that read "Heaven's Grocery Store." As I got a little closer, the door came open wide.
And when I came to myself, I was standing there inside.

I saw a host of angels, they were standing everywhere, One handed me a basket and said, "My child shop with care.
Everything I needed was in that grocery store
And all you couldn't carry, you could come back for more.
First, I got some patience, love was in the same row, Further down was understanding, you need that wherever you go.
I got a box or two of wisdom and a bag or two of faith,
I just couldn't miss the Holy Ghost, for it was all over the place.

I stopped to get some strength and courage, to help me run the race.
By then my basket was getting full, but I remembered I needed some grace.
I didn't forget salvation, for salvation, that was free,
So I tried to get enough of that to save both you and me. Then I started up to the counter to pay my grocery bill, For I thought I had everything to do my Master's will.

As I went up the aisle, I saw prayer and I just had to put that in.
For I knew when I stepped outside, I would run right into sin.
Peace and joy were all plentiful, they were on the last shelf.
Song and praises were hanging near, so I just helped myself.

Then I said to the angel, "Now how much do I owe
He just smiled and said, "Just take them everywhere you go."
Again, I smiled at him and said, "How much do I owe?" He smiled again and said, "My child, Jesus paid your bill a long time ago."

I found this poem in an old cookbook when I was cleaning a couple of weeks ago and thought you would enjoy it. Author unknown. Have a wonderful week and
Happy Easter Everyone.~ xo Lynn


Sugar Bear said...

Thank you for sharing Lynn. This is very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lynn thanks for sharing that lovely poem - Amen !
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Sweet Remembrance said...

What a sweet poem Lynn...
Thanks for sharing!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I've always loved that, Lynn! It's so beautiful. So much so that I chose that as one of the items that I framed in a collage and wholesaled to stores for years. Thanks for that wonderful reminder! Cora

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Ohy Lynn, this was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


Brittany said...

Love that poem!! I've seen it before, and I love it every time!!

Happy Easter,

cherry said...

Hi Lynn! Happy Easter to you too. The poem is beautiful. I love your egg/nest picture. Cherry

Thriftin and Craftin said...

Touching poem, and something we all should remember. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from another central Va. resident. I enjoyed the poem. I'd never seen it before.

Sandi McBride said...

I think the things we come across totally unexpectedly are the most endearing things, Lynn...thank you for sharing

Alison Gibbs said...

What a lovely poem

Kissing of the Frogs said...

What a very sweet poem, great way to start my day.

Michelle said...

That is a wonderful poem. I hope you have a wonderful Easter (love your bunny!)


Janet said...

Thanks for sharing the poem. A reminer is always welcome! Have a Happy Easter!

PAT said...

This is beautiful, Lynn. Thank you so much for sharing it.


Debbie Kay said...

Hi Lynn:

Love that poem. My mother gave that poem to me when I was a young girl and I still have it on my message board. Thank you for reminding me of God's grace.....

Debbie Kay

Devonia said...

Lynn, loved the poem and I loved that you found it in an old cookbook. I can't resist old cookbooks and yet - the main person in the kitchen with an apron on is my hubby! Happy Easter!

Donna said...

What a wonderful poem Lynn. I find things like that in my old cookbooks too!
Happy Easter!

Cathy said...

Lynn, I absolutely love this poem. May I use it on my Blog and link it back to you?

I really love it!


Linda said...

Hi Lynn, what a lovely poem. I love old cookbooks and you found a treasure in a treasure.
Have a Happy Easter, Hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem... looks like the bunny is happy Jesus paid it all... I know I am

Unknown said...

Beautiful Poem....thank you for the nice compliments on my painting. I will link your blog from mine!


Sharon said...

Love the poem Lynn, the bunny is pretty cute also. I was looking through one of Mother's old cookbooks from the 40's and out dropped a thank you note I sent to Santa over 55 years ago. You just never know what you will find in a good cookbook.

Anonymous said...

I came here to comment on your tiara. You looked like a sweet naughty child who ate a jelly bean before the okay was given, or the birthday girl who just stuck her finger in the icing and licked off the evidence, lol.
But after reading the poem, I am leaving here remembering the price our Saviour paid, and am so thankful for that sacrifice.
xoxox Theresa (cottageviolets)
P.S. Thank you for your continual encouragement.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Lynn,
What a treasure you found in the poem! And I love the rabbit :-)

Thriftin and Craftin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to tell you about the blue plate my cupcakes are on in the photo you commented on. I got that plate at the thrift store on one of my thrifting runs. It worked out perfectly for a baby shower I gave my friend, and now it's one of my favorite ways to display a pretty dessert. I knew you'd understand! LOL!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh so true...loved it Lynn!
Happy Easter!

Naturegirl said...

Lynn this is wonderful grocery store that we should all shop at!
A blessed Easter to you! hugs NG

Ruth Welter said...

That was a lovely poem Lynn... I also stopped by to wish you a very happy Easter holiday.

Lisa said...

Lynn, what a lovely poem, thanks for sharing it. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

CIELO said...

Ahhhh, thank you Jesus! and thank you, Lynn, for sharing such lovely poem!

Happy Easter


Tara said...


Super poem, thanks for sharing. Enjoy the holiday with you and yours!



GMG said...

Beautiful poem, lovely post!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I finished my Greek Islands 2006 adventure with a post on Cretan Towns! Since it's Easter time, also made a post with some lousy pictures on Easter in Prague (1997) at Revival 90s.
Enjoy your Easter Eggs and have a great long weekend Lynn!

kari and kijsa said...

Loved this poem- beautiful! Have a blessed Good Friday and a wonderful Easter!

kari & kijsa

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Me again :-),
Yes, I saw Monica on Dancing. I always admired her as a tennis player! Loved the two handed back and fore hand! I hope she get a little more comfortable dancing..

Have a wonderful Easter, my friend!

Susie Q said...

Such a lovely poem dear Lynn. I hopped in to wish a blessed Easter weekend to a truly lovely lady.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Beautiful poem, Lynn. Thanks for sharing it here.

Easter blessings to you!


Back Through Time said...

Happy Easter my dear friend!!!

Sherry said...

Beautiful Lynn!
Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family.

Amber Cargile said...

Happy Easter to you, Lynn!

the mother of this lot said...

What a beautiful poem! Happy Easter to you and yours!

kari and kijsa said...

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

kari & kijsa

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Lynn, this is such a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing it! Happy Easter sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lovely and touching poem. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Its a keeper.

Sandi McBride said...

Hi Lynn. Just stopped by to say hello and hope your Easter was a grand one...I'll check in again later...

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the poem - happy belated Easter to you! Your blog is beautiful and inspiring - thanks! Nan

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Thank You Nan. I hope you'll visit often. ~

Sandy said...

Hi Lynn - Beautiful!!
Thanks for sharing.
Happy late Easter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Lynn. I needed this yesterday for sure. What a Savior we serve, woohoo

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