It's Waking Up

We'd love to have you join us for a walk. March is roaring in like a lion around here. The wind is howling today but the temperatures are very warm so my faithful companion and I are heading out. And we discovered the garden is waking up from it's long winter nap. We found all kinds of new green growth peeking thru winter's fallen and brown leaves. Pretty soon the gardens will be a riot of Spring color. All is good.

xo Lynn and Ben


Unknown said...

Lynn, you are so lucky to be seeing fresh flowers! It is raining today but they say snow tonight. I am hoping spring arrived here soon! Yours is looking quite beautiful!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oooh..Lynn..you are too sweet...if it's not outta your way and you can take a lookie loo at the phone for me that would be great!! Only if you're going in that direction though.....maybe he'll let you snap a photo? hee hee

I love all your signs of Spring...

Connie from Beverly Hills California said...

Oh I am so ready for Spring. Luv the birdhouse! I finished the boot purse, hope you can stop by and take a look. Hugs! Connie

SweetAnnee said...

Oh what glorious signs of Spring..thanks for sharing them
I can't WAIT for them to show up here also!!
fondly, Deena

Dena said...

Oh that is bringing me hope today! Hurry Spring, hurry!!!!


Anonymous said...

Whew thanks for sharing those hopeful signs of spring I really needed that!
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Donna said...

Wonderful signs of spring! I was out walking Otis and Riley today and saw lots of flowers. Tomorrow the weatherman is calling for 73 degrees!

Anonymous said...

Oh I enjoyed the walk. i have been watching the new things put out around here. Im just so ready for some green grass. It all looks so dead.i guess some is better than none.

Scrappy Moments said...

It has been nicer here too, except the snow on Sat. I can't wait for Spring to be here. Love all The Pretty Inspiring Pictures :)


carolr said...

Lynn, I loved looking at your pictures. It was very nice here today, and everyone was in such a happy mood. I have a faithful walking companion too. She's an old girl, but loyal and she adores this weather.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I loove all the new growth..
It's always so much fun to walk around and spy new life budding..I can't wait for things to thaw out here in the WI. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Happy Spring!

Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like Spring is just around the corner for you.

CatHerder said...

We had 55 degree temps yesterday, and supposed to be 60 today and rainy in Jersey...I cant wait till spring, although our winter hasnt been half as bad as it usually is i shouldnt complain. Love your pics, and your doggie is just precious (this compliment from a catherder lol!) Have a great day!

Faith said...

oh thankyou both for sharing these images I enjoyed seeing these.
Lets hope it starts to warm up too giving us more inspiration and ideas for our projects.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Lynn, your walking companion is adorable. Isn't it exciting, the weather is warmer by me too and I also see my garden peeking up through the ground. Thanks goodness spring is springing.

Bebe said...

Hi Lynn,

What a nice walk you had ~ enjoyed seeing your first signs of spring (especially the eternally cheerful daffodil!). Thanks for sharing them with us!

Your walking companion looks so fluffy, soft and friendly ~ he let you take a wonderful picture of him. Has he considered a career in the movies? :)

Hugs, Bebe :)

Sandi McBride said...

We've been like you, busily preparing for spring...cleaning out and dusting with 7 the bird houses...pruning the fruit trees, tilling the garden. So much work, so very worth every calorie burned!

Susie Q said...

Oh Lynn! How lovely and it looks warm and fresh. We had the first inkling of Spring this weekend but Winter roared back in today.

Your precious walking buddy is oh so gorgeous!

Have a sweet Tuesday!


Jenn Thorson said...

Thanks for this great dose of spring! A little reminder to those of us who know snow is supposed to be creeping in again tonight! I love the sweet face of your "walking companion." Who could resist some exercise with a fine friend like that? :)

Nora Lee said...

What a wonderful walk! I love all of the spring growth, fresh and new. I enjoyed my time here today. Thanks!


Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

Hi Lynn, Its funny to see you guys heading into spring with all the flowers and trees starting to bloom, when we are in Autumn now (you guys call it Fall dont you??) and everything will turn icky brown here soon...Oh well.

Id love to take a walk with you and Ben! he is so adorable!


p.s Im having a GIVEAWAY on my blog in honour of my store opening so please pop by and enter!

Tara said...


Thanks for taking me along on this walk--I needed it after another gray dreary day here!


Unknown said...

Ahhhhhh Spring. We don't have any yet, but today it is raining and that is always a good sign that the flowers will be here, even if it is New England. Thanks for the walk. Blessings, Karen

bj said...

I loved going on this fabulous walk with you and seeing the first signs of spring. Out here in West Texas, the wind is howling, day and night...and will, all thru spring, into hot summer. Spring isn't a favorite of ours out here because when the winds blow, so does the dust and sand. One sand storm after the other. Nope, I don't look forward to spring but I love our hot summers.
hugs, bj

Susan said...

We are in a winter storm warning right now. I am glad someone posted pictures of spring because I have forgotten what it looks like. Thanks for the walk and I love your walking companion--he sure is cute.
~Susan in Michigan

Brittany said...

Oh it peeped a bit warmer today and made me SO long for spring!! Thanks for sharing these photos.


Devonia said...

oh my, Lynn, your "signs of spring" provided so much promise for me that I'm going outside to search! :)

Michelle said...

What a special walking companion :) Great photographs!


Alexa Lett said...

Great photos! Kudos!!!

Elzie said...

You sure are much further from us when it comes to spring flowers. Here we only have snow drops yet, but we love them anyway LOL.
Hope you have a great Thursday.
Love Elzie

kari and kijsa said...


What a blessing this post is...we love spring and all of the new life!

Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Lisa McDonald said...

Hi Lynn ~ Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I presented you with the "You Make My Day Award". Your blog is beautiful and always has something to make me smile. Thank you. If you get a chance stop by my blog. www.palepinkandrose.typepad.com

PAT said...

Looks like you have a great walking companion, Lynn!

I haven't seen any sign of green here. Can't wait!!


Linda said...

Hi Lynne, I loved seeing all your signs of Spring and you have the best walking companion.
I've been catching up on your earlier posts...you have been busy and I love the recipe for the mashed potatoe cake, I'm putting it on my list of recipes to try. Have a nice evening, Linda

Brittany said...

It's me again!! I left you something at my place!!


Carolyn said...

Just surfin' Blogger and found you.

Great pics!

We are expecting a FOOT of snow today!


Roxie Morrow said...

Hi Lynn, hi Ben!! Love all the pretty Spring pictures, they've all taken my breath away. Hope you will share pictures of your garden at the "riot" stage. LOL
Talk to you soon.

Debbie Kay said...


Thanks for the walk, it sure was nice to see SPRINGTIME around your home....

Love your blog.

Debbie Kay

Tutti Chic said...

These are just the BEST pictures!:) chris

Sherry said...

I'm loving looking at these photographs -- you are much further into spring down there than we are up here -- we're still feet deep in snow, which once it warms sufficiently will start to melt. But I also heard that we are in for more snow this week. So thank you for sharing your walk. My soul needed to see this!

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