Pretty In Pink

Aren't these just gorgeous? Just imagine all the brown of winter and then this is the first thing that blooms in my garden before it's even officially Spring. It is an ornamental magnolia. It gets these beautiful deep pink buds and then lighter pink blooms on all the bare branches. Then in early April the leaves start growing and all thru the summer it will get a sporadic flush of blooms. I wish you could see it in person. I gaze at it from the upstairs window and say to Bobby G...."Isn't that a sight for sore eyes?". And Bobby G says "You say that every year Lynn." and I say "I know but it's true....right?" "Yep...says Bobby G."

Look at this charming painting I had done. Now I wonder why I wanted a nest painting? Donna over at Donna's Art sells her work on Etsy. Pop over there and see what she and her adorable dogs, Otis and Riley, are up to.

Not too long ago I was out and about and stopped in my local antique mall. One of the booths sells nothing but shabby and chic ....new stuff though....not old. She had these bunches of paper leaves with papier mache ducks on them. How cute I thought and picked up a bunch for the kitchen. Couple of days later I thought to myself.....what was I thinking? I really don't like them. LOL....Here they are on the kitchen table for Easter. Don't laugh!

Thrift Shop Romantic tagged me for a different type of challenge. I am supposed to tell you about a recent book I have read. But first let's talk about Jen. Her blog is fabulous with hints and all kinds of stuff on thrifting. You know how I like junkin' and thriftin'. But she has a new blog called Of Cabbages and Kings. That girl is hilarious...go on .... I dare you...read her stuff. You'll be rolling in the floor laughing. I am a ferocious reader but I have been so busy lately haven't had time to read a book But .....if I may, I would love to tell you about an article. I know lots of you ladies out there read that wonderful magazine Victoria. Well the latest issue, much to my surprize, had a fantastic article about a place just down the road from me. To me it seems like most of the articles on the wonderful stores I would love to visit are either in Texas or California, far, far from where I live. So I was tickled pink to see it and thrilled for Melissa, the owner. I shop this darling place quite often and have gotten some wonderful things from it. So if you are in the neighborhood give me a call. And we'll have lunch and go to Gather.

We worked in the yard today getting up tons of pine tree limbs that the recent March winds have brought down. Bobby G is really lovin' this new wheelbarrow our brother-in-law gave us. He moved into a condo and no longer has a yard to keep up...woohoo! My new planters came and I planted one with spinach. Did you know that just one of those planters took 130 quarts of dirt? The dirt cost nearly as much as the planter and that's going to be some expensive spinach. :) Well....there's a pizza in the oven ready to come out. BRB....xo Lynn


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Unfortunately, we lose our petunias come about June. It is over 100 degrees by then and no matter how much you water, they fry.

Donna said...

Hi Lynn,
Your magnolia tree is beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to see the first colors of spring?!
So glad you like the painting, and thanks for showing it and mentioning me.
Happy planting, Ummmmm, spinach!

Sugar Bear said...

Gorgeous Magnolia! We have one too but no buds just yet.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

The tulip trees are just popping out here. I think they show the promise of spring. beautiful!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh how beautiful your Magnolia looks. Love the painting
Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful tree. I guess I never saw one pink. Right now all thr Tulips trees are blooming. Is that the same as yours? I want one, but in shopping this week they all say full sun and I don't have sun here in the Woods.

Michelle said...

Your magnolia tree is beautiful! My backyard neighbor has one that I can see out my office window. Did I read correctly that you painted that bird nest painting? Wow, that is beautiful!


Becky said...

I just emailed my mom picks of the same ornamental magnolia. I din;t know what it was and wanted to know. But my little bush is maybe only up to my knees. I run into it coming back from the mailbox almost every day. Its a wonder it is still alive. I wish mine was and big and beautiful as yours.

Christine said...

Lynn, thank you so much for sharing the photos of your magnolia. They are a sight for these poor Chicago eyes. We still have huge piles of snow in the parking lots, but at least the Robins are back!


Mary said...

Your ornamental magnolia is awesome. I wish I had room to plant blooming trees. I love this one and also tulip trees, though they make a big mess on the lawn but I wouldn't care.

I really like your nest painting. Of course I love birds and birdnests, so this one is right up my alley.

Enjoyed my first visit here.


Tara said...

Love catching up with you to see what you are doing...I have a magnolia like yours which blooms here in NY the last week of April...I can't wait to work outside like you have been able t do! I'll pop over to the blog you found, I love anyone with a sense of humor in this crazy world! Enjoy the rest of weekend!

Connie from Beverly Hills California said...

Wow! Your tree is beautiful. Unfortunatly we just received 8 inches of snow!! I want Spring to come so bad!!! Connie

Back Through Time said...

I love pink and your tree looks wonderful!!! Can't wait for spring.I wish we lived closer and I would love to do lunch!!
Happy Spring!

Little Blue Violet said...

How stunning the magnolia is ! Such a promise of more beauty to come. It snowed here today. Ill be excited to see the daffoldils bloom. Your nest painting is adorable. Nicely done!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I SAW that photo of the lil shop in Victoria...it looks so dreamy...a lil shop in the country...

LOVE your blossoms!

Kissing of the Frogs said...

You are right, that magnolia tree is just stunning! What a site for sore eyes indeed. Haaaa...those dried leaves are pretty Lynn, I was laughing at your comment about them. And yes that shop does look like a neat place to visit! I'm waiting for some signs of Spring overhere...so send some this way. I sent you a package.

Unknown said...

Lovely blossoms of Spring are such a welcomed sight. I can't wait to see Spring. I love that painting of the eggs and nest. I stopped by her blog and her Etsy shop too. Thank you for her link. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Blessings, Karen

Jenn Thorson said...

Hi, Lynn- You're so sweet!-- thanks so much for the link and announcement about my humor blog. You're awfully thoughtful-- that just totally made my day.

The nest painting is amazing. I would LOVE to be able to paint like that. Talk about talent! Take care, -Jenn

PAT said...

I love the painting and those ducks and leaves are so neat!

Still no planting here. Patiently waiting with ideas dancing in my head!


Linda said...

Spring is popping out here too. I love your gorgeous Magnolia tree...what a pretty sight to see each morning.
Wonderful nest painting. Where are you displaying it?
Lynn,have a Happy Saint Paddy's Day...Hugs,Linda

Sandy said...

Beautiful blossoms!!

Elle Jay Bee said...

That painting of the nest and eggs is utterly beautiful!! A girl after my own heart...!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
You are so right. Blogland is very hard to leave especially with great blogs like yours. Thanks for stopping by & Happy Easter. Hope we can all get together for the Sept MMP event.

Unknown said...

A big THANK YOUR for the flower post, I love it as we dont have it here,cheers :)

Elzie said...

I'm so happy that the Magnolias haven't come that far here cause since yesterday we have snow!!! Something we haven't had all long winter before so it's very boring.
I peaked in to wish you and your family a nice Easter.
Love Elzie

Carletta said...

Lovely blossoms - aren't we all struggling with Spring Fever!
I was just over at Penny's http://lavenderhillstudio and she posted some items that made me immediately think of you - I think you would love them!
Have a wonderful pre-spring day.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

We had a saucer magnolia in our yard in SC...when it first bloomed I thought there was something wrong with it because there were no leaves LOL.

Shabbee Chick said...

I saw that article too! How fun that it is just down the road.

Rue said...

Hi there :)
I was just over at Carletta's and clicked on your name. I was reading along and came across this post about the Victoria article and read that you're from Virginia. I used to live in Mechanicsville 2 years ago :)
How lucky you are to be able to shop there. I had never heard of it before the article.
Anyway, take care,
Rue :)

Unknown said...

Oh Lynn, that tree is beautiful! i cant wait to see things like that here! So cute about the duck branches. I have done that before myself!

love ya,

bj said...

Oh, gosh..I would LOVE to go to GATHER....lucky you!
hugs, bj

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