The WeekEnd

Life at CedarHill .....it was a good weekend. When you are in the mood to eat out, there aren't that many choices out here in the country. However, we do have one very special place called the County Seat. The food is so tasty....just like Momma's home cooking and on the week end their specials are a cross between excellent home cooking and gourmet. People come from miles away to eat at this restaurant. We always eat on the front porch if the weather's nice and it was. Friday night I was just in the mood for a good ol' hamburger. Their hamburgers are named the Flossie burger and the Bossie burger. Their burgers have been written about in all the newspapers around here. They are just soooo good. I think it's the combo. of mustard and onions that does it.

There are some things that are better told after the fact. My youngest DS went on a cold weather get-away vacation to the Florida Keys this past week. We learned Saturday that he had been sky diving. Yikes! I have no photos of that. :)

In the mail there was a surprise package. Couldn't remember ordering anything so I anxiously opened it. Before it was completely opened the most divine smell hit me. It was the gorgeous soaps, in a beautiful presentation, I had won from Your Bath Boutique. These are her Savon Marie soaps.....Pink Sugar Kisses, French Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Rose. She has a whole line of scrumptious body soaps and lotions. You must check it out for yourself and for yummy gifts.

Took a long stroll this weekend around the farmette and I just had to show you some more Spring has Sprung photos. The white flowering tree is at the end of our front walk. It's white with just a slight tinge of pink and for about four days it looks like a great big fluffy cloud it's so beautiful. It's already starting to loose it's petals and it looks like it's snowing. The tree "buzzes" with hundreds of honeybees and bumblebees and the swallowtail butterflies love it too. Can you spot the butterfly in the third photo?

And all through the woods you can see the deep pink of the redbuds and just a hint of green in new growth on the trees. By next week the dogwoods will start to open.

Bobby G. is in the market for a new car. We tried this one out this weekend. One of our cars has got to be a four wheel drive so we can get out of our long drive in the snow. This SUV was so ugly it was cute. It was like a big silver box. It drove really heavy. I hear Brad Pitt drives one. We won't be getting this one. :)

While we were on our stroll Dr. Ron, our neighbor, came riding over to give us the news. Together we are planning a barn party for late Spring and there's a certain band we wanted to get. This band is very popular but his good news was we got them only not for the weekend we wanted. So it's back to the drawing board on that one. Since I always try to have my camera with me I was busy snapping away at pictures of our neighbor. I am sure he wandered why but he didn't say anything. Dr. Ron, I am sure, has no idea what a blog is. That's 'Bama', one of his horses.

Sunday was cold and rainy and I unintentionally slept in. It was nice though and the rest of the day I did some major cleaning upstairs, made some cheese crackers and brunswick stew and finished up a "Princess" crown for theVintageNest boutique. I also heard from a very special friend in another country. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. xo Lynn


Beth Leintz said...

There's something about a burger cooked on the grill, with a toasted bun that is just a treat- and with a side of fries, well- now you've got me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Oh my... that tree is amazing it is so big and so full of flowers... don't ya just LOVE spring time

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Hi Lynn,
Love the crown....it looks like it will fit me LOl
The pics of the blossoming trees are so pretty. I love this time of year. The great thing about blogging is you get to see the changes in other parts of the world too. I need to add my blogging buddies on my blog too. You will be the first one I add. I may have to do that after April 5 though. Chat soon.

Adla said...

Hi Lynn...I love trees of white, such gorgeous scenery at your farm.

Janet said...

That burger looks soooo good. A good burger is something to cherish, don't you think?? Now I am craving one, but even though I grill in the cold, it is supposed to rain by dinner time. Oh well, c'est la vie :>)


kari and kijsa said...

The burger sounds (and looks) fabulous!! And the tree is just bloomin' beautiful!!! Love your goodies too!

kari & kijsa

Sugar Bear said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend. Your crown is stunning.

Attic Clutter said...

Oh yes the burger(:) so yummy looking and the birdhouses are just adoreable.. so is the Princess crown you made is So-soooo Cute~~!!! Hugs Patty

Anonymous said...

Wow Lynn thanks for sharing your lovely weekend with us! Guess I will be having a hamburger tonite ;)

Your trees are soooo lovely & your crown is just precious!

hoganfe handbags

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
That does it. I am going to have to move to the coast (2 hrs) or one of the lakes (1 hr). Every picture you take of your property makes me long to get out in the country. You definitely have a way with words. Hamburgers for dinner tonight, lol.
Sweet spring days to you,
Theresa (CottageViolets)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
Oh that burger! I want one. And the trees. Truly beautiful.
Thanks for your kind words about my soaps. I really appreciate it. The photos are great.

Joy Jones said...

Hi Lynn! Such beautiful photos! You have made me homesick for Virginia! Enjoyed all the beauty. Have a great week. xoxo ~ Joy

Lisa said...

The photos were such a treat, and please add a taste feature to your blog. Thanks for the well wishes and have a great week.

Bristol said...

Lynn- Sounds like a great weekend, love the suv. I think the same about them~

Linda said...

Hi Lynn, You did have a wonderful weekend.
Oh my, I'd love one of those yummy burgers right now.....yours looks so delish.
I did spot the butterfly in your beautiful flowering tree...pretty, pretty signs of Spring surround you. Hugs, Linda

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

I had to share with you because you told me the story of having your first sale after two weeks. Guess what....I got a sale and I am not even really open yet! It is just so much more exciting then an ebay sale,HIP HIP HOORAY! I am so glad I took the leap. Thanks for all your kind words. Talk soon

Sandi McBride said...

That burger looked so much better than a burgerking or big mac or wendy's...and the fried...I wasn't hungry till I got here...I love Redbud trees and cherry trees...I have to go out and take a picture of my weeping cherry tomorrow...I love your feathered tiara, too...pretty

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn! I have been so hungry fora good hamburger lately!!! That looks so good, my mouth is watering~

The soaps are so pretty! Congratulations!

I love all the beautiful pictures in this post, such gorgeous trees! And that party sounds like so much fun!!!


P.S. Thank you for always being so supportive :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and a neat place. After three slim fast The burger looks really good.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a fabulous weekend.
Love those blossom photos.
Have a great week

Unknown said...

i love the tree because we dont have such tree here, so beautiful :)

Ruth Welter said...

Ah Lynn, I love a good burger as well.. To me, they are comfort food. As a matter of fact, I just had one yesterday. Enjoyed all your photos as usual.

Mary said...

OK, now I'm craving a burger! Loved the pics of your flowering trees -- so pretty!

Susie Q said...

It sounds like the most perfect weekend to me!
I enjoyed every single one of your photos!

Oh that Princess crown is amazing! YOU are amazing!


Preity Angel... said...

all pix are cool I enjoyed seeing it... we are still with cold waiting for summers.. :(

se eyou later


the mother of this lot said...

That burger looks good!

Esther Sunday said...

Gosh, you have been busy, Lynn! I love your description of the burger place. Artie and I have a little place here called the Captn's Table. The owners knows us on a first name basis, and know we love to escape there for dinner... hmmm, speaking of...no dinner plans for this evening... Artie?

Tara said...

I just could not stop staring at the tree--still waiting for a bloom here, I'll admire yours!

Unknown said...

That restaurant looks really great. I think as I reread your lovely post that seeing those trees in bloom were my favorite part, and of course this lovely silver crown too. I love tours, and this one was so wonderful. Karen

Sandy said...

Love the "Spring has Sprung" photos!!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I adore your photos of all the flowering trees and plants! That soap looks divine too! (so does the burger but that goes without saying)

On Friday I am having a 200th post giveaway so hop over and visit me then Lynn!

Michelle said...

That hamburger looks delicious! I love the signs of spring..


Jenn Thorson said...

You always have just the best photos. Those lacy white buds on the trees... magnificent. You've inspired me to make more of an attempt to get shots of my neighbors pink cherry blossoms this year... it's always overwhelming in its beauty. (So much so I forget to take shots of it!!) :)

PS- those french fries look spectacular. :)

Felicia said...

Your flowering trees are beautiful. We've got the some beauties blooming here in Georgia :)

Siobhan said...

Hi Lyn, Looks like a wonderful weekend. Love your blossoming trees! Just beautiful.
p.s. thanks for your well wishes with Rosie. xo

Anonymous said...

wow! That resturant looks like it would be fun to eat at... yum yummy.
hey! those blooms georgus!! I'm so jealous!lol!(just kidding)
and that Princess crown is soo pretty, luv the 'bling' on top.
Happy Wed.dear!!

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Boy that burger looks so good I could almost smell it. You know me and cheeseburgers are best friends. Your pictures are lovely of the white floral tree, amazing. Sounds like you've been busy, but it's all good.

CIELO said...

Ahhhh, ohhhhh--just lovely! thank for sharing spring!

have a great day, Lynn!


PAT said...

It is always great to find a place that makes a hamburger the exact right way. It's an art form;-)! The burger and fries in your photo look perfect!


GMG said...

Hi Lynn, here I am for my weekly visit...
Lovely post! The resto looks great, though I think I wouldn't take a burger... ;) The butterly tree is wonderful and your story of Dr. Ron an amazing one. He must be blogging around... ;))
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m still strolling around Bilbao (not yet the Guggen, though). Look forward to reading you back there!
Have a great weekend!

Back Through Time said...

Those trees are beautiful! You took some really great photos, and that burger makes me hungry for lunch early, LOL
I left you something on my blog, stop over when you have time!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Devonia said...

Skydiving!?!?! EEK. The most frightening thing I've ever watched was "bungie jumping" off a cliff over the Guadalupe when our family was rafting the river. Skydiving seems safer but I know you wanted to "Ground" your son! GReat post.
My bests, Devonia

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