Bobby G.'s Birthday Pie

I am really, really late or I am really, really early but I wanted to share my Christmas Coconut Cake with you. This is so good and easy to make. I always sugar some holly leaves to decorate the top of the cake and wrap a red ribbon around the bottom.

Coconut Sour Cream Cake

Filling: Mix together the night before and refrigerate one large pack frozen shredded coconut, one 16 oz. carton sour cream and two cups of sugar. Bake a deluxe yellow cake mix according to package directions. When cool slice each layer making 4 layers. Set aside 1/2 to 3/4 cup filling and spread the rest between layers. This is easier if you put the layers in the freezer for a while. Frosting: Mix one 9 oz. carton cool whip with remaining filling and frost top and side of cake. You don't have to but I top the icing with more coconut. This is a pretty cake.

LOL...Now this is not a pretty pie, in fact as I look at the photo it looks like one big mess, but it's a delicious mess and it's Bobby G's all time favorite. I make it every year for his birthday which was day before yesterday. It's rich so we only have a tiny slice and it only takes like two minutes to make.

Cherry Supreme Pie

1 graham cracker crust ( I use Keebler), 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 can cherry pie filling, 1/3 cup lemon juice, 1 - 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened. Combine milk, cream cheese and lemon juice in blender or mixer. Pour over crust and top with cherries. Chill until set.

I am happy to be a part of Cielo's Dessert Carnival. She is posting all kinds of wonderful blogger's goodies on her blog today. Click the link and pop on over to The House in Roses to satisfy your sweet tooth today.


The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Of course I am going to be the first to visit! LOL I was checking a link to you that I posted on my dessert carnival. Its Tuesday night....I just finished my dessert post :)
I love coconut cake!!!!
Send me a piece next Christmas.
XOXO~ Sheri

Donna Lynn said...

YUMMY! This cake looks wonderful and the cherry pie is amazing, I want to take a fork or a huge spoon and dive in!!! Thank the Lord I can't because my diet would go down the tubes real fast...
Happy Birthday to your son too!
Don't you just love your boy? I love mine too!
Bless you this week!
Donna Lynn

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What a beautiful cake! I use sugared cranberries & rosemary as a garnish sometimes...now I need to plant a holly bush.

Nihal said...

Just wanted to extend my thanks for your interesting and fresh idea besides your lovely comment. B'cus I loved your comment 'Everyone should be working for a food magazine. :) Happy Wednesday. ~ Lynn'

Why not;) I'm pretty ready to be representative of Istanbul:) You could be the Chief Editor;)

You too have a Happy Wendesday. And so lovely and colorful journal you've here.

~ Nihal at CrossRoads

Linda said...

Lynne....I love your Christmas Cake not only is it beautiful...I love coconut this would be so delish. I like your idea of sugaring holly leaves and with the ribbon too pretty.
I'm with Bobby G...this pie looks delish....may I just have a tiny slice? You have made me sooo hungry, must find a bite to eat. Hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Delicious! I love Coconut Cake.

Sugar Bear said...

Oh yum! And so pretty.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Hey Lynn, Just wanted you to know how much I love your blog. The cake looks delicous, Lord knows how I love to eat. IT seems your a lot like me, you love collecting and thrifting. Have a wonderful day, RoseMarie

Michelle said...

Your Christmas cake is beautiful! I always make a cake for Christmas so I may just have to try this because I love coconut.

Your cherry pie looks decadent..I see why Bobby G. wants it every year!


Anonymous said...

luscious pics that are KILLING my diet - yummers!

Stop by my blog and wish me luck on our first MS walkathon this Saturday!
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Kasey said...

these look fantastic!! yum.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. Yummy that cherry looks sooo gooie and good....

Marina Capano said...

wow! I love your dessert! so tasty and so nice its presentation! I hope you visit!

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh my gosh, these look delicious! That's it, the diet is out the window now! lol
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Carole Burant said...

Oh that coconut cake looks and sounds divine! I will have to give it a try for next time I have company coming over:-) The pie also looks yummy!! Thank you so much for sharing your desserts with us today!! xo

Christine said...

Well, I am making that cherry pie this weekend. I've got my sweet tooth on this week. Check out my blog for what I had for lunch today.
It was shameful.

We don't have any birthdays around here now until August. Darn!

Oh well, I don't need a reason to make a pie. Thanks for the recipe!

Terri said...

Dear Lynn,
That coconut cake sounds divine! I will try that at the earliest possible moment. It sounds like a wonderful garden party cake, don't you think?

Unknown said...

Oh Lynne, these look so good!!!!

Anonymous said...


The Sour Cream Coconut Cake looks delicious! I have got to try it!

I know the Cherry Cream Cheese Pie is! It is one of my favorites!

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...


Your Sour Cream Coconut Cake sounds delicious! I will have to try it.

I know the Cherry Cream Chees Pie is good! It is one of my favorites!

Thanks for sharing!


Marina Capano said...

thank so much for your comments, I invited you see more fun pictures in my post!!! and I hope you in my party!! yes!!! xoxoxooxoxo I love your blog.

Sandi McBride said...

I have gained about ten pounds just looking at these pictures...do you happen to have a recipe for black forest gateau? Please?

Unknown said...

I sure hope those calories can't jump on me through the monitor. Whew, how do you keep your girlish figure? They look absolutely yummy.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

kari and kijsa said...

That looks absolutely delicious!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Oh My Goodness! And I doooo mean goodness. Both of these desserts look so good! I am going for the one with the cherries. Thanks for sharing the recipes....Cielo did a great job with this event!

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Hi Lynn!
Oh I just love Cherry Supreme pie, and yours looks so good, I'm coming right over. I'm hoping to find some time to catch up with everyone, I've been so busy at work.

Deb said...

Hi Lynn....we just had that Cherry Supreme pie at my mom's last weekend...it is one of my favorites too! Bobby's baby picture is just adorable....bet it was hard to ever say "no" to that sweet little face.

Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor

Dana and Daisy said...

These desserts look so wonderful. I was tempted to try one for Steve's birthday, but knew I was pressed against the deadline already. Thank you for leaving him a birthday wish yesterday, he was quite touched that people in the blogosphere are so nice. We had a very nice time, and you can see it all on my blog! Have a great day Lynn!

Merci-Notes said...

I love coconut! Now that cherry pie! I am going to show my daghter this one! She loves cherry pie! I will let you know if I get the go ahead to make it ! : )
Say, this looks so beautiful along side your cocnut cake! Have you ever served them together at CHristmas time?

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Do you know that I adore cherry pies?! I must try yours. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Please stop by to see me...I'm having a giveaway.

Pearl Maple said...

Yummo those tasty treats are too tempting!

Your framed piece on friends is lovely, thank you for sharing it with eveyone in blog land.

Followed your link today from Beachy's and really excited about the theme, you will be sure to come up with something wonderful.

Back Through Time said...

Hope the birthday boy enjoyed all your treats! They all look so yummy! You must have been a very busy girl! I think I would have had a piece of both and skipped dinner!
Have a wonderful weekend:-)

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Hello Dear Lynn,
Thank you for the invite to enjoy a piece of cherry pie while in Virginia. We are in Roanoke - it's such a lovely and very busy little town!

Thank you for entering my giveaway~!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Lynn,,,I'm on a diet...LOL! Even messy that pie looks divine...and that cake...oh my!
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn,

I saw your comment on Beachy's Cape Cod Cupboard and just had to stop by. Our names are the same and our blog names are almost the same...A Romantic Nest. What are the odds of that and to top it off, we like the same types of things! I will definately return many times.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

GMG said...

Hi Lynn! You're ruining my diet, but with the coconut cake I simply don't mind! Are you shipping a sample? ;)))
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, where I’m exploring a new country now. Surprise! ;)
Hope you have a great weekend!

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Hi, Lynn - Greetings from a fellow MMPer! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Your blog is wonderful! Your gorgeous garden photos were a beautiful way to start the day. Of course, I'm starving after seeing all those photos of delicious food....

I'm off to check out your boutique. But first I'm going to add you to my favorites and will definitely be back!

Pinkest regards :-)))

Unknown said...

Now this isn't fair, everybody knows that it is summer after all, and we can't be tempted by these delicious goodies. But I will be tempted to see all the delicious goodies.

Lynn, I stopped by to invite you to a bit of pirate fun. Stop by when you get a chance and sail through Blogland finding artistic treasures.


Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING is delicious over here!


Devonia said...

Merry Christmas, Lynn. :) Your cake looks yummy and you have me caroling... To Lynn's house I gooooo...

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