Achoo! I have blessed myself about a million times lately because that's .....achoo!.... about how many times I have sneezed. Achoo! I love Spring's beautiful flowers and the fresh new green growth on the trees

but oh my....achoo....not the itchy, watery eyes and congested head. At the root (or should I say branch) of this problem is all the pine trees on our property. Look at that pollen on the patio table. You can hardly see through the glass it's coated so much and you don't even want to see my car. Thankfully it rained hard yesterday and continues today, hopefully washing most of that awful yellow....achoo....pollen away.

Got to go on a mini buying trip this past weekend and found some wonderful treasures along with some old motto prints for the boutique. This one, titled "Give Me One Friend" , is by Esther M. Clark and is dated 1919.

A collection of these on a cottage wall is so charming. And a collection of beautiful blog friends is what I have found since I have been blogging. It's amazing how we connect to some wonderful ladies that we've never met.....but maybe someday. Among those friends is a special lady named KarenHarveyCox of A Scrapbook of Inspiration. Karen is an artist, delightful blogger and person and very creative. I was honored to receive this award from her. Thank you Karen and I hope you all will visit her special blog.

Another absolutely delightful blogger is Sheri of the Pawsh Poodle Boutique. Sheri is as cute as a button and her enthusiasm has no boundaries. She is a new blogger and has just opened the most adorable boutique. You have to pop in and visit her. And she has a fun game going on right now at her blog. I bought a little something from her boutique during her grand opening and when I got my package I was so surprised and delighted. (Just ask Bobby G....he heard the squeals of delight:) Besides the beautiful bow for my sweet Boo she included a pink poodle for her. For me she had sent a vintage glass bird and a delightful nest. Now Sheri did not just send a nest but she found a vintage baby shoe and built a nest in that and then added bits and baubles such as old buttons, an old key, old pearls, vintage sheet music, lace, a little mushroom bird and a little worn TheVintageNest banner. Be still my heart......Sherie had sent the essence of me and my boutique. She had no idea that I collect vintage pottery baby shoes so that little shoe was extra special. Sherie ..... they are proudly displayed in my family room and I'll cherish the sweetness behind your gesture. I just love them! Oh and did I mentioned how pretty everything was wrapped? All in black and white polka dots and pink tissue. And I can't forget the beautiful A. Klein floral note card.

Check out this gorgeous picnic basket. Would you like to WIN IT? Everything included to insure you a very happy picnic. Even comes with a matching tote and cushions. Have you ever noticed that round pink seal over there >>>>>>> on my sidebar? Well I belong to the most wonderful group of ladies known as Make Mine Pink. MMP is a premier shopping site of beautiful items and a networking site for women giving support and encouragement. Starting today and going through Mother's Day we are having a Mother's Day Shop Hop. Just follow the link to find out how to participate and win this incredible basket. You'll love it.

Dear sweet and funny Esther we'll miss you terribly. Please stop by when you can and say hi. Achoo! xo Lynn

P.S. Saw this tiny little car (on the freeway) yesterday going home. Anyone know what it is? Sorry about the quality of the photo. Picture was shot through rain drop covered car window. :))


The Vintage Vagablonde said...

You are the sweetest blogging friend! I am just so pleased you liked your things. You and I both love vintage goods, I was afraid you would have something similar.
I went with my heart and I am glad it made you happy.
Now, are you selling that bird,friend photo? I just switched my living room around AGAIN LOL. I brought out alot of my birdies and added bird cages so I am looking for vintage bird prints.
I can't wait to see your hair dressers art too. Now I am going to run browse your boutique. I have a lot of new things that I will be adding to mine today:)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh...my son would know what that car is...I'll have to ask him! Love all the goodies...I will have to shop hop! The baby shoe is adorable...how creative...

Donna said...

Hi Lynn,
Oh I know what you mean about the pollen, ours is just about over and washed away with all the rain we've been having.
Congrats on your award!
I love all of your wonderful treasures! I'm on my way to check out the link.
Have a good day!

Lisa said...

Bless you! What a terrible way to feel when surrounded by all the wonderful flowers we have yet to see!
Your treasures are terrific, always nice to have a surprise waiting to be explored!

PAT said...

Hi Lynn...I'm afraid I resorted to benadryl over the weekend. We were at the lake and the temptation to open the doors onto the deck was too much. I'm afraid I cried like a baby!!

I don't know what the car is, but I've seen cars like this, in movies.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Lynn what a wonderful post. So many gorgeous things to look at

Anonymous said...

We're sniffling, coughing, sneezing and rubbing our eye here, too. And, we're sure hoping this rain has washed it away.

Dana and Daisy said...

I love those little baby bootie planters. I always wanted to have a collection of little lambs and ducks and other baby planters. Wouldn't they look so sweet in all their pastel colors?

Unknown said...

Hi Lynne! Such a sweet post! I know just what you mean about allergies! I have them too.

I love the Pawsh Poodle Boutique too! I have my eye on a few things there too :) Sheri is so sweet. And the game is such a neat idea! Your goodies from her are fabulous! Congratulations on the award from Karen! You derserve it!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn-
Thanks for stopping by my blog-I DO REMEMBER our meeting last year. I'm so happy to see you!

Love that little bootie and what a fine addition to your collection.She must be a psychic!

Thanks for the pretty pictures, they're fabulous and dinner looked yummy.

I'll be back to visit again now that I know where to find you.

Dana and Daisy said...

Lynn, I have a great story about an antique weaving loom, that you might enjoy reading today at my calicocatpress blog. Since you and I love old things! Have a good day! Dana

CIELO said...

It looks spring is finally here! :) and we are just on time to celebrate... come to the House in the Roses for some spring fun, we are sponsoring a "Dessert Carnival"... come and participate; it promises to be fun.


bj said...

What a fabulous posting, Lynn...I LOVE that baby shoe nest...sooo cute. I may have to try my hand at that....And did you know that Deena at Can I Be Pretty in Pink loves and has a fabulous collection of baby shoes, too? I hope you saw her past post about them...
Take care, bj

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I just love that baby shoe. I have never seen anything like it before. How talented!
My husband is an antique car buff...I had him look at the car and he said it looks like a Citron (spelling??) - a french car company. Possibly a 50's or 60's.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Lynn, Your blog is just beautiful! Loved the tour of the gardens and the bicycle with the purple plants was so sweet and pretty! You are one creative lady! :)

I'm in NC, so I am a fellow southeastener! :)

Take Care! ~Rhonda

Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

Feel better..allergies are no fun! Thanks for all the pretty things to look at.


Anonymous said...

God bless you... bless you... bless you.. Love spring time but oh that pollen... Love that little shoe

SweetAnnee said...

Hi my sweet friend..so sad that the wonderful pollen makes you sneeze and worse I bet..Tis miserable!!
but alas..this too shall pass.
love and hugs, Deena

who's been MIA

Donna Lynn said...

Hi, Came over for a visit! Lovely post, even with the pollen and rain! Wanted you to know about a product we found 5 yrs. ago, Ultra Primal Defence (vitacost.com carries it), my son Justin suffered horrible allergies and asthma, he has been free of both ever since! Loved the yellow car, looks like a Citroen to me!
Hugs, Donna Lynn

Michele said...

Hi Lynn,
Just stopped by your blog to see all the great pictures and your lovely posts. So sorry your suffering with all the allergies.
Feel better!

Christine said...

Hi Lynne:

I am also sneezing my head off. Spring is just the worst for me. I'm so sorry you are suffering too.
Your little yellow car is a 1962 Citroen 2CV, I believe. I'm kind of a car nerd. :)

I love all the pics of your new pretties. Your photos are always so great!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Lynn,
So sorry to hear about your allergies! I know how you feel. I get allergy shots every week. Only 3 more weeks to go and I graduate to once every two weeks! I don't have allergies to pollen though. For me it is mold, dust mites and cats...

Hugs to you!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

fabulous pics!! love the beautiful flowers! :-) xo Britt

Unknown said...

Dear Lynn,
Thanks for saying such nice things. I love Spring, but I have been sneezing like crazy too. We have a late Spring and now everything is popping at the same time. Thanks for all the links and this little yellow car is amazing. Karen

Sandi McBride said...

Wonderful post Lynn...you poor baby, hope the sneezing is done with soon! Oak pollen is knocking me around...can't wait to go and try to win that picanic basket as Yogi would say, lol...that is one neat little car, where on earth did you see it?

Christine said...

Thanks so much for visiting me!
Now, how can you manage all of your treasure hunting without a garage? Where do you put it all? The good flea market begins on Sunday, the one I told you about in Sandwich, IL. I was wrong when I told you it was May-Oct, it is April-Oct.
Here I go again!


Ms Dragonfly said...

i hope to have at least flowers in the front in big pots since i can't have my garden in the back.

blessings said...

OH my that baby shoe with the nest is wonderful! We all have allergies here too so I know from whence you speak =) God Bless You... Polly

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn - Hope your sniffles have all gone away! Your wall treasure is lovely!
hoganfe handbags

Elzie said...

More and more people gets problems with this time of year it seems. I'm all blocked in the nose and the head doesn't go along as I want too LOL.
Lots of lovely pictures as always on this blog. The French car is rather usual in this country, but I wouldn't like one!!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Love Elzie

Rui Caetano said...


Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

hiya Lynn

I hope you have stopped sneezing,,you poor thing.
How sweet are your items from Sheri?? She really is gorgeous and so bubbly isnt she!
As for that car...its pretty cute...i could just see Mr Bean driving it actually.LOL.

Hope you have a gorgeous ACHOO- free weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers and cute car. Yes, the pollen has been atrocious. Hope you are having a good week. :)
Hugs ~

Susie Q said...

Bill and I have both been miserable with allergies this year...more than any other in the past! We work outside on small stages because we have to!! Poor Bill was outside at work yesterday and his eyes itched. He rubbed them and must have had something on them. Within an hour, both were so swollen he cold not see at all. Off to the base ER we went for drops and a check. I was really worried. Thank fully it is much better today. : )

LOVE that car but have no idea what it is.

That friendship picture is so precious...


Anonymous said...

My friend looks like you have been busy. Love your treasures.
I need that basket to take to see Rian,but I will arrive on mothers day so I better get shopping for me one hehe. Have a great weekend.

Gabriela said...


I love these shoes!


Alexa Lett said...

Checking in to see how you are doing? Love reading your posts and thoroughly enjoy all the photos. My opinion on the car...looks a little British to me! Talk soon!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh this is truly embarrassing! How have I missed you for this long? Did I visit and forget to save you to my favorites and then not find you again? Have I gotten too busy to search out new worlds? Oh well, I've got you now and you are already on my daily list!

:-) Rosie

p.s. There's a little something extra in your package as well!

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