Ghost in the Garden

In my last post, which seems days ago, I said I wanted to do a Spring tour. This is historic Garden Week in Virginia, an annual April event of Open Houses and gardens of historical interest. Two years ago I was asked to be part of a decorating team to get a beautiful 200 year old country home ready for the tour. I was given the garden room to spruce up. What a treat! Of course, since I buy and sell old stuff I did the room in old bird cages and several large church bird houses I had made and put gorgeous old shawls on the porch furniture. The floor of the garden room was old brick and so pretty. I had old pitchers filled with Spring flowers everywhere and the table set for tea. Anyway....lol...I digress. It seems I am not going to be able to take a tour this week and snap photos for you so I snapped away this past weekend my little part of the world. I have a terrific hair dresser who is a very talented artist also. Soon I will be showcasing some of her work in my boutique but for now I wanted to show you parts of her yard. It's always so much fun going to Susie's to get my hair done. This is an archway she made from grapevines at the entrance to the walkway to her salon. Just inside of it is a little pond she and her husband built. When I was there Friday there was the biggest ol' frog sunning himself on the patio and right next to that is Susie's purple bench. Ya gotta love a purple bench.

Friday evening we once again ventured to the County Seat for supper and dined al fresco. The table was laid with a beautiful old floral tablecloth and a tiny vase of sweet pansies and the weather was absolutely glorious. The country Courthouse is right across the street so I pulled out my camera and took a little walk. The Courthouse was first built in 1783 but burned down and was rebuilt in 1849. It is a masterpiece of Greek revival architecture. Part of the Confederate army retreating from Richmond, passed here on April 4, 1865. There is a small four seasons gardens the local garden club put in just behind it. It's a sweet little garden and filled with herbs, seasonal flowers and veggies. In one corner there was a nice little patch of asparagus growing. I was tempted to pick a few but I didn't. :) By the time I got back to my table dinner was served. YUM! Tilapia, tuna and swordfish chunks baked in a rich four cheese sauce, topped with a savory bread crumb mixture and garnished with grilled shrimp. Served with a tall glass of sweet tea. Good grief, now I'm hungry!

I have a tiny little lilac I planted three years ago and it has yet to bloom but my friend Cindy called Saturday morning to say her lilac bushes were loaded and in full bloom and come on by and pick a bunch and I did. :)

A little stroll through the gardens at CedarHill does indeed say "Spring Marvelous Spring".

On Sunday I went to visit Mom. She is 84 years old and still maintains her sweet little cottage including cutting her grass even though she has had both hips replaced. She has a little vegetable garden out back and grows so many flowers. I wish I had just a little piece of her green thumb. A lot of the plants in my gardens have come from cuttings from her. One of these photos was taken peeking out of a bedroom window at her pink camellia. Golly....it was so beautiful it took your breath away.

After leaving Mom's I stopped in on one of my favorite haunts and found this fabulous antique oil painting for the boutique. Love the lilacs and the pansies. Does that say Spring or what? The old oil shows its battle scars but I love this piece. The artist was quite good.

I saw my first humming bird yesterday. It was a male ruby throated hummer and he drank for quite a long time at a new feeder I put up this year. The weather man is calling for a freeze tonite so I covered up my hydrangeas and azaleas with sheets. They look so funny. Ben was growling at them. Maybe he thinks it's a ghost. Hope you enjoyed my little Virginia garden week tour. Until next time.......xo Lynn

P.S. My computer is acting up and has to go for a check up later this week so if you visit me and leave a comment I may not be able to reciprocate for a while. Wishing you lots of warm sunshine and good things.


Dana and Daisy said...

What a nice garden tour. Your dogwood is indeed gorgeous.

Attic Clutter said...

WOW lovely garden pics(:) your hairderessers twig arch is so fab and your bunnies ,birdhouses and that wonderful oil painting 'find' are winners too(:) thanks for making a delightful place to come visit
(from a distance) (:)
hugs Patty

Cathy said...

Hi Lynn you silly! I didn't get Oprah tickets (I wish). Terry at Terry's Enchanted Cottage got them for redecorating a battered women's shelter. I sent in her letter to Oprah and they invited her to the show last week. Wasn't that exciting?

Your garden is looking a lot better than mine already!


Alison Gibbs said...

What a wonderful time you have been having. Love your Mom's garden too.

Dana and Daisy said...

Also, is that shrimp and grits I see?

Devonia said...

Hi Lynn, I was reading along, totally enchanted and then you said "I digress" and dropped me right there in the middle of "our" decorating! And I'm mad!!! I was sooooo into it and you changed the subject. Oh well, I'll have to come back for the rest of that story. I want a sliver of your mom's green thumb too. The only time my thumb is green is when I'm painting with green paint. Sigh.. Love your stuff. Devonia

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
What beautiful photography you have for us today.

LeAnn :)

Rue said...

Hi Lynn :)

Virginia is way ahead of us in Spring flowers. Your pictures are gorgeous! I cover our plants with sheets too ;)

I hope your computer gets better.

Have a beautiful day,
rue :)

Anonymous said...

You have a gift for drawing us into your world. In California we are starved for the history that Virginia is loaded with. Revolutions and Civil Wars seem so distant to us, yet you bring it right up close enough to taste and feel. Thank you for taking me there yet again. I hope I can visit the east coast sometime.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Alexa Lett said...

Haven't chatted in a while, just wanted to pop in and say "Hi" and enjoy the lovely pictures!! Hope all is well!

Dana and Daisy said...

Lynn, do you share recipes? I'd love the shrimp au gratin one pictured above. Also your online shop is so nice and well-designed.

Rose Petals & Blooms said...

I so enjoyed your post Lynn!

Hi my friend..it's been so long! I can't tell you how mesmerized I was, reading your post!
I looked forward to each photo, and each piece of the story. Your hairdresser is a woman of many hats, her archway is amazing!
Your mother's flowers gave me such hope, I know what's to come~ I can't believe how far ahead you are from us in weather. I live in West Virginia, my lilacs haven't bloomed yet, nor my wisteria, peonies, money plant, etc. Although our forsythia's are over, usually my purple& white money plant bloom along with the forsythia, but not this year! I can't wait to see photo's of the garden room you had the pleasure of designing, you have me sitting on the edge of my seat! lol..
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and your gracious, sweet comments. I just redesigned my blog, I get bored too easily with things, it needed an uplift in my opinion.
I hope you're planning to attend the retreat in Sept. I would looove to finally meet you~
I'll be back to see your pics for the garden room, until then, take great care and enjoy your spring!
Michelle (())xoxo

Sugar Bear said...

Thank you for this fabulous tour! I'm so happy that spring is finally here! The room you decorated sounds divine.

Lisa said...

How lucky to have spring somewhere in the country! I unfortunately had snow yesterday, which by the way followed a high of 80 last weekend. Oh well, at least I can hope when I see photos like these. I would so love to know how to make an arch like that one, it is just so unique. Say hello to the hummers for me, I'm afraid it will be months before I can enjoy them here.
Best wishes to your computer, sending sunshine and good thoughts your way!

Christine said...

Hi Lynn,

Your pictures are wonderful and your season is so far ahead of ours. My lilacs have buds, but no blooms in the near future. We have some crocus popping up and my lilies are coming up.

Your dinner looks amazing and it's a good thing that it's late here or I would be packing up to go out to dinner.....again! Tonight was casserole night, so your wonderful seafood dinner was a site for sore eyes.

I just can't believe all the green already in your part of the world.
Thanks so much for sharing these pics, it gives me hope!

Have a wonderful week!

CatHerder said...

Beautiful pictures..you have fueled my Spring Fever!

Sandi McBride said...

Simply put, it's a beautiful garden! You have every right to take pride in it

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful post Lynne! I love these pictures of the gardens! And now I am hungry too, lol!


Donna said...

What wonderful spring photos. I enjoyed them all! Your mother's flowers are beautiful.
Your dinner looks SO YUMMY! I'm now hungry!
Thanks for sharing.

Bristol said...

I love the picture of the bike in the garden, so very pretty. That dinner looks oh so good, I am very hungry now. Don't you just love spring.

Anonymous said...

I just loove those photos! The bleeding heart plant is one of my favorite plants!! You know... one of the things I miss the most livin' waaay up here in the WI..
The Dogwoods!!
I actually lived for a good while there in your fair state! I have fond memories of Charlottesville...Staunton..
Happy Spring! Hope your computer gets a good 'fix' at the doctors.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Lynn!

Oh this was such a beautiful post, Life at Cedar Hill is certainly blooming in abundance! Loving your Mom's garden too, she sounds like a wonderful lady. The lilacs are making us soo envious! Lilacs have such a special scent. Thank you for taking such gorgeous photos of your part of the world :) You got to decorating part of a 200 year old country home, how fantsstic! Virginia surely is beautiful. Well it's Fall here now in Melbourne, the leaves are turning all red and yellow and falling in massive heaps, we love to kick them along the sidewalk, I know, how juvenile!! But fun!

See you in a month's time Lynn!
Huge hugs,
Jenn and Jacqui

Unknown said...

Wow, Lynn, so many beautiful images of such a beautiful place. I love how you have been posting those yummy images too. I have an award for you today, so please stop by when you get a chance and take it home.

Have a lovely weekend.


LBP said...

Waving hello to a "neighbor"! I live in SW Virginia, near Roanoke.

Your garden photos are beautiful! I love gardening as well.



GMG said...

Hi Lynn. Sorry for this short visit, but I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my blog. This weekend, I’m going to take a musical break, and next week I’ll make a very short trip, crossing South Atlantic. I’ll try to take some more time with your posts as soon as possible. Meanwhile, leave you with some chocolate champagne truffles at Blogtrotter.
Have a lovely weekend and an excellent week!

Anonymous said...

I totally enjoyed your garden tour. Thanks for sharing with us.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

It all looks so pretty. I just love this time of year when things start to appear!

Betty said...

You have a beautiful blog. I loved the garden tour!

Donna Lynn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Donna Lynn said...

What lovely pictures on your post, really enjoyed looking at each one!
Donna Lynn

kari and kijsa said...

What a fabulous garden!! Your tour was wonderful...such a beautiful landscape! HAve a wonderful weekend!

kari & kijsa

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Wow thank you for that lovely garden tour, I really enjoyed it. Your dinner looks wonderful too!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Lynn your photos are gorgeous! I wish I had a friend with a lilac bush! What a blessing....everything is beautiful..

Sharon said...

Thank you for the garden tour, everything is so pretty. I especially love your Mother's Camilia bush. That color is glorious.

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