G.R.I.T.S. ....... Girls raised in the South ....... and it was all the Southern girls who correctly identified these little creatures from last Tuesday's post. Dianne from Georgia and Mama's Pocketbook was the first to guess correctly so she will be getting that wonderful cookbook on fixing great quick meals and getting out of a hot kitchen fast. These little pods drop off the magnolia tree in the summer time (drives Bobby G. nuts) but if they don't fall they continue to get bigger and by Christmas they have beautiful red seeds on them.....great for decorating with.

I am always humbled and honored when I receive blogging awards. It always amazes me that people read my blog and actually come back for more and give me an award too. Thank you Patty at Attic Clutter for this Brilliant Weblog award and Ms. Daisy at The Daisy Chain too. These are two mighty fine ladies. I am passing this on to everybody I know 'cause you are all brilliant in my book. :)

I also received an award from Louise at the Potted Frog. (Don't you love that name?) If you want a good dose of laughter in your day, read Louise's blog. She makes talking about her dish washer funny. Thank you Louise because YOU make my day. Hope you are having fun on your travels this week.

When I was a little girl there was a family that lived next door, Mr. and Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Mason's mother. Everybody called Mrs. Mason's mother Grandma Wills. Grandma Wills, as long as the weather was good, would stand in the back yard to brush her long, long white hair. Then she would take the loose hair from her brush, wind it in a ball and leave it for the birds. I have never forgotten that memory and do the same thing with my own hair. We have a golden retriever and if you know retrievers you know how badly they shed. (I still love you sweet Ben). One morning I caught this female red finch tugging at the fur from Ben that was caught in the front step mat. (Sorry about the quality of the photo....it was taken thru a screen). Then about a month later I found this bird nest that had fallen on the driveway. The nest is made of pine needles, twigs and moss and right in the center is woven a soft inner nest of Ben's fur. Isn't that something?

Edit: I had to come back today and edit this post. Karla & Kristi over at
Polka Dot Rose left a comment about how the birdie's using human hair and Ben's fur is God's recycling. I love that!!

I was delighted to find this charming old pillowcase with the word "MINE" embroidered on it recently. I make dresses for little girls out of these pillowcases for the boutique. You know that stage that some toddlers go through when everything they say is Mine, mine, mine. Some little two year old Princess is going to look adorable in this dress.

Hidey cucumbers!! My garden is up high on my deck this year. I got tired of fighting the deer and just decided to buy some huge planters and put everything on the deck. What I planted has grown beautifully and I am as pleased as punch. I only planted one squash plant and I declare that plant produces squash overnight. Any of you that have a garden can probably relate to the following scenario. The two cucumbers plants are outdoing themselves also. Their vines are running all over the deck. Everyday I go out and look for cukes.....and pick all that I see. An hour later I will go out to water, look down, and there is the biggest ol' cuke hanging there hiding behind a leaf. Sometimes they have gotten too big to eat. Anyone have a good cucumber recipe that doesn't involve pickles or salads?

It's been so hot and humid here today that my glasses (yeah....I wear glasses...except when someone is taking a picture of me... :) fog up when I go outside. Miserable high humidity. I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance so I am sure we are in for a real boomer. Going to shut this computer down now. Be good y'all and see you in a couple of days. xoxo Lynn


Dianne Long said...

WOW! YAY Lynn, thank you for the fun contest! I can't believe I won... well, yeah I can, because I knew right away what thos pods were! I grew up here in the South and I was quite a tomboy, I loved climbing the big old Magnolia trees that lined the center circle of our town, they were the best climbing trees ever with huge limbs you could practically lay on. Good memories! I am thrilled to win the cookbook and can't wait to see what kind of meals we can make this summer. It stays hot here until October so I will have plenty of time to enjoy those recipes! Thank you again Lynn!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Lynn, love reading your post. The birds can make such soft beds for their young. Cute, cute.

Your pillowcase dress will be gone in no time. I've always wanted to do some for my little one's. Gotta make time.

We had a magnoilia tree in our yard growing up. Dad planted it in the can it came in. Took forever for it to grow and when it did, he said, "Must of broke through the can finally."


Darlene said...

I should have known what those were because growing up we had one of those trees in the front yard...duh I couldn't even figure it out :( Anyway, isn't the little birdie nest cute...I always drop my cat's fur outside after I have brushed her in hopes that it will make a soft nest for some babies. Cute little dress and wow look at those cukes!!

Anonymous said...

What a great memory of Grandma Wills. I never thought about birds using human hair in their nests but it makes sense. Oh and I must check out the Potted Frog. I'm there when someone can make writing about a dishwasher funny. I love humor! D~~~~

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hi Lynn.Love the little dress. It reminds me of when I lived with my grandmother. She would always buy plain white pillow cases. Then, she would to an iron-on transfer pattern and then do the pattern in embroidery(spelling?). She would give them to all the girls in the family for Christmas and such. I don't know what ever happened to mine. They were never used. I was afraid I would mess them up. As far as the hair for nesting, you can also take a mesh bag from onions or potatoes, fill it with dryer lint and hang it in a tree. The birds will pluck pieces out for nesting material.

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Lynn, The pillowcase dress is just adorable - you are talented girl!


Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog always! That thing about the nest is so sweet--- God's recycling! We aren't "southern belles", but we did grow up in Southern California, and had a magnolia tree in our front yard--- mom always clipped sprays from it at Christmas and painted them gold...our mantle was always so sparkly! Magnolias to this day remind me of Christmas... thanks, Lynn, for the memories...again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, great post!! That little dress is just too too sweet! Some little two year is going to love it I agree!!
I love the little birds nest, they blow done outside of Lilly Cottage and Laura and I will pick them up and treasure them because often they have bits of silver tinsel that we decorated the shrubs with one Christmas and it is still lurking around some of the plants. we will put them out the back of the shop and one of our Mothers ( who help us enormously) will find it and wonder who put a mess of hair and straw on the table. They just don't get us!!
Have a wonderful day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Unknown said...

I haven't had my fix in awhile and was missing you something terrible. But now I have read your last couple of blogs and all is right with the world. Congratulations on your win over at MMP. You deserve it!!!
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Broken China Treasures said...

Hi Lynn, I love the pillowcase dress! Very soon I'll be the proud grandmother of a little girl and will keep this in mind when she gets to the right age! I have really enjoyed scrolling through your blog and plan to stop in often.

~~ Tanya

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh my goodness, your veggies are doing great on your deck! We have been fortunate that the critters aren't coming around ours. The birds nest is so sweet...even birdies know how to feather their nests! The pillowcase dress you made is so cute! Congratulations on your deserving awards!
Have a great day!

CIELO said...

Interesting tree! Never seen it before... your Princess is certainly going to look adorable in that dress!

Enjoy the day!


Unknown said...

Hi Lynne! We dont have a Cheesecake Factory in Michigan, and I have always wanted to try it! I am so glad you said it is good :) I LOVE cheesecake, lolol!!! I think I will have it at lunch and dinner, lol! It told Chad I dont care if they have to roll me out of Chicago, I am eating whatever I want that day, lol!

I LOVE that little dress!! And cucumbers, yummy, my favorite! I love them in vineger with onions and lots of salt and pepper. Can you believe, when I was pregnant, I LOVED that on top of mashed potatoes, lol! My only wierd craving!

CONGRATULATIONS on your awards! You deserve them!! The Potted Frog, I love that name!! How cute!

Love ya,

{oc cottage} said...

WOW! Newsy Suzie, that was q great post!

M ^..^

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Hi Lynn!
Well first of all I always learn something when I visit you. Hmmm never knew about birds using hair for their nests, such smart little birdies!

I LOVE the cute dress. And I never outgrew the "mine" stage...oh well.

I was hearing loud thunder yesterday, and then nothing. It was a teaser. We can certainly use some rain round here.


The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Hello MH~
I love this post...I am not a southern gal...at heart but not for real so I would have never guessed correctly.
The pillowcase dress is perfect....mine, mine, mine LOL
I wish I had a a vegie garden...I may try next year.
You and Bobbie G were married in 69 0r 70? I am 39 and was born in 69....you 2 have been married as long as I have been alive..WOW, good for you!
I finally posted my daughters apt pics and they are not tiny like yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I so love those little dresses you make. I wish I knew a little girl to give one.

Congratulations on your awards. We do all think you are fun to read. And, you show us such pretty things.

That is such a wonderful story about the bird's nest. It does look very cozy.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Cute pillowcase dress! And now I know the true definition of G.R.I.T.S! Guess I'm a yankee because I didn't know before!


Anonymous said...

love the hair for the birds, the cute pillowcase, and as for the cucumber recipe...slice them thin, put them on those small party breads over a smear of mayo, some (fresh, if possible) dill on top of the cucumber and a sprinkle of salt on top of it all, and you have a delicious appetizer.
Angela from NJ

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Those pods look like an animal's feet!

That is the coolest thing I've ever heard, the bird making the nest outta Sam's fur. Nature sure is smart to each birds to recycle!

Marina Capano said...

Hi! nice post! me encanta!
visit me anytime....

Lisa said...

Oh my, cuke recipes, hummmm. I know I have some for a couple of dip variations I may be able to find. Love the bird stories.

Louise said...

Love the dress! I'm disappointed in myself about those magnolia pods! My neighbor has a magnolia tree (which I've taken tons of blossom pictures of this summer), but I've never noticed the pods in the winter. I will have to pay close attention this year. (But magnolia trees in New Mexico are not quite like those in the South!)

Just a little break from my Convention! 4 days without internet and trying to catch up a tiny bit this evening!

Dena said...

Hi Lynn,

I loved reading about the bird and I just think it's amazing that she lined her little nest with the hair. I'll be brushing mine in the backyard from here on out when the weather is good ;)


Robin said...

the nest is even more of a treasure now! I throw my German Shepherds hair to the wind also and one day spotted a little bird hopping along with a tuft of it in her mouth! Made me smile! And I had no idea that potted veggies could do so well! I've never tried it but next year will give it a whirl!

Jenni B said...

Lynn, what a cute blog! I just found you and love your taste. Thanks for sharing fun things!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

My grandmother always used to say that if the birds made a nest with your hair it would make you get a bad headache . I love some of the old sayings.
Come sign up for my free giveaway for my 100th post which I totally forgot about !

Lallee said...

I have found our dog's hair in nests before but never that much. Your birdie added so much hair it looks like angel hair lining the nest. That's how my tile floor looks a good bit of the time too :P

The MINE dress is adorable, and the reasoning behind it gave me a chuckle. So true!

Congratulations on the awards. Each well deserved.


Dana and Daisy said...

What a sweet little pillow case dress! It's so nice to see what's going on in your world!

Love, Dana

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Lynn,
Congrats on the awards! I always enjoy visiting you!

That sweet Mine dress is just toooo adorable!

Patina said...

What a fun idea for a giveaway, love it! You did such a nice job on the little girls dress. That will be one lucky little girl.

cherry said...

Hi Lynn! I love that "mine" pillowcase. That is such a sweet story about little ole lady and the birds making a nest from it. Waste not want not right? Always enjoy my visits here. cherry

Anonymous said...

The pillowcase transformation is such a cute idea. Great project.

Sandi McBride said...

I love to go to Mama's and collect the Magnolia pods to decorate for Christmas...reminds me, I have to get over there soon! Loved this post, just loved it. Congrats on all the awards, well done!

Unknown said...

You really take stunning photos... And I love your way of writing.

Donna said...

Hi Lynn,
I love the story about old Grandma Wills and the birdnest. It's so cute how the birds fluff their nests!

The "mine" dress is adorable!

Congrats on your awards.


Unknown said...

Hi Lynn!

Oh what fun it was to stop by and visit your blog! Love all the pictures. So happy Dianne won the giveaway. You are so sweet. That birdie is so cute! I see them in Florida often and love it. And that pillow case is beautiful.
Janet's Creative Pillows

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