Pink Saturday

The lovely Beverly over at "How Sweet the Sound" is the hostess of Pink Saturday. It's so much fun and has lots of other lovlies participating. Click on over there for a list of all those taking part and be sure to leave a lovely comment too. My first photo is not pink but when I caught sight of that license plate I had to show it to you. We were driving to the airport when I spotted it. By now Bobby G. is used to me having him do all kinds of weird things to get a photo on the spot. I urged him to get as close to that car as he could (not a good thing) since we were on the interstate. Don't ya just love it? (You can click on the photo to make it bigger)

Once again this happened while I was driving down the highway this past week running boring errands. I spotted this little cutie and followed her. Isn't that called stalking? The things we bloggers do to get a good photo for a post!! You know I would have quit following her in a short while if she had not turned into a shopping center. I drove around in the parking lot until she had gotten out of her car and gone into the salon then I drove up next to her car and snapped this photo. LOL.....Isn't that the cutest ever? (Sorry the photo is so bad...I took it with my cell phone)

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone! xoxo Lynn


Les Cotrions said...

Hi Lynn! I still have problems with my LesCotrions e-mail! I've sent you the recipe from another address...let me know if you'll receive it!!! Otherwise I'll post it on your blog!!!
Have a nice day!

Susan - InHerOwnWords said...

Hi Lynn, love your pink Saturday pics and stories. LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Lynn.

Your post today made me laugh aloud. You are truly a pink girl. I love both of your pictures and your stories.

I wonder what our husbands really think about us. My husband found the pink soup can I posted about today.

CatHerder said...

Oh I LOVE the pink bug. I was at the Pfaltzgraff factory the other day, and they had an entire like of pink kitchen utensils including the pink kitchen aid where proceeds went to breast cancer research. Love it!

Marina Capano said...

HI!Happy Pink Saturday. Nice pink post!wow! I love pink new beetle!! so cute!I wanna one for me!
visit me anytime..
have a nice weekend


The pink Bug is amazing and the license plate is fantastic! I think they belong together!

Dawn said...

That license plate is too fun! I just love that pink car. YOu certainly wouldn't misplace your car in a parking lot would you?

Happy Pink Saturday!

Take care,

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

I love that car! So cute!


Unknown said...

Hi Lynn, Wow, I would really love that car, it reminds me of my pink princess telephone that I had when I was a kid. Great paint job, I wonder who owns it. Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

The Other Side of Me said...

What great finds for your pink Saturday! You got to love hubby for doing his part!
Have a great weekend.

PS Love the nature sounds on your blog!

Anonymous said...

funny stories-hope you don't get arrested for stalking!! have a great pink day!

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your efforts to get awesome PINK shots in the name of Pink Saturday! Wow! I am so impressed with BOTH of your finds---the license plate is a jewel and so is the VW!! You are TRULY a person in quest of the pink! Happy Pink Saturday to you!

Anonymous said...

Lynn, you should win the award for searching out pink. This is beyond the call of duty and I love that pink car. I wonder if the girl in the salon will ever know that her car is now famous. Smile!

Love ya,


Connie said...

Aaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!!!, Lynn a "PINK" car!!!!! How absolutely adorable, my sweet vintage chickadee! Ya know, I'm gonna think about getting my license to read "Pink Chic" is hubs/Love Bunny will let me pay the extra for it! How cute would that be???? I love the post and it has given me that great idea.

Yep, Love Bunny is used to me telling where to do when camera is in my hand. But he still shakes his head when I'm photographing his dinner!!!

Smoochies, girlfriend,

CONNIE said...

You made me smile, Lynn! I'm glad that you didn't give up on following that little pink car.


Louise said...

That IS just the cutest thing ever. Of course anyone would follow to get that picture! And I'm impressed with the cellphone quality, actually.

Anne Fannie said...

Cute pink car!
It was nice meeting you on Pink Saturday!
Love, Ann

Joanna said...

Cute car. For years my daughter has said she wanted a pink bug... now that 13 is around the corner, she wants a mustang. Go figure!
:) xoxo, Joanna

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Lynn!

Happy PINK Saturday! I LOVE the PINK BUG! Boy, does that bring back fun memories of the late 1960's for me!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I love the pink bug!!

Vanessa Greenway said...

Thanks for visiting! I always wanted to have a Beetle. Love this pink one! Hugs, Vanessa

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

LOL!!! A pink bug!!!???? There is a young girl in our town who has a pink Barbie car. It is a small SUV Jeep looking sort of car. We crack up each time we see her. She had a custom paint job on it and it really looks like a grown up version of a Barbie car. too cute!

Love your post!!


Mya said...

Love the pink car. I have one on my blog too. Do you want to race. May the best pink win :)

vintage girl at heart said...

Too funny, my daughter & I were snapping license plates in N.C. when I went to visit her a few months ago. They have the best ones up there!!! Luckily we were able to do it discreetly lol.....
love both of these!

Margie said...

What a perfect shade of pink that adorable little VW is! I had a pink car when I was 17, I think it's time for another one! I drive a subaru though, so I don't think I'll be in the market for a new car any time soon! (they last forever and I really do love my car even if it is red instead of pink!)

Sandi McBride said...

OH WOW a PINK Vdub! I would buy one in a heartbeat...l o v e i t

GMG said...

Hi Lynn!
Great shots! But next time I'll be at an Interstate I'll make sure you're not running behind... ;))
Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, now at the Michigan Law School! Left a reply to your last comment there!
Hope you take pleasure in it and wish you a great week!

My Crafty Little Page said...

What a Pink Saturday trooper you are, Lynn the Stalker! You go the extra "mile" just to entertain the rest of us Pink Girls. Loved both cars - thanks a bunch - Nancy LOL

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Now that is a PINK post! I love the pink volkswagon!!

Donna said...

Love your pinks, Lynn, especially that little pink beetle!


Tara said...

Hi Lynn

Great pink photo! And don't you see everything now with a blogger's eye---even on the road when driving?? Hee--hee!

Unknown said...

How have you been! I haven't been here is a little bit! Love the pink bug!

Come by and say hello and see me! I have posted some pics! Did something very new to me...eeekkk! Had some fun but thought I would give it a try!

Diana Lyn said...

Good Morning Lynn, You are to funny! But the photo is GREAT! Be careful out there now! You look like the Paparatzzi! LOL Thank you for sharing the loely pesto recipe! It looks fabulous! I am stealing that one!!!! Have a Wonderful day! XO Diana lyn

Unknown said...

HMMM, I think I found my next car!!! I LOVE this Lynne! I would have followed it to:) I just love how us bloggers go all out to get the best pics!!

Love ya,

BittersweetPunkin said...

Love the pink Beetle Bug!

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Hi M.H.
I hope all is well and I love the pink car~ fun.
I will take pics of my new license plate soon.
The pesto looks divine...I could eat the whole plate of pasta!
Moving my daughter in her apt...next weekend, so much to do.
I will chat soon.

Joanne Kennedy said...

OMG! How cute! I almost bought me a little VW Bug and was going to paint it pink. I've never seen one before. It's just like I pictured it in my mind. I so want to get a new car now and it would be my PINK Bug!


PAT said...

A very clever Pink Saturday post, Lynn!

Have a great week! I'm having a 200th post giveaway. Come on over to the back porch for details.


Michelle said...

What a cute pink post! You always make me smile or laugh :)


Kissing of the Frogs said...

I've missed you!!! Ok, I've been having some serious wireless issues, but I think I'm good now. And I must say I love the new look of your blog, I was like "wow" when I got here. Loving it, and all the pink too!

Shirl said...

Hi Lynn, I'm still making my Pink Saturday rounds. What a cute licence plate. Cute car too!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn

I love that pink beetle!!!

Kasey said...

hey there, long time no visit. I love the pink buggy.
wait till you see the pink car i found:)

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Your blog header and background are soooo sweet. And I noticed a Christmas in July graphic....we are having one too! Must check this one out...


Lallee said...

I am renaming you the Pink Stalker. Too funny!

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