Dump Breakfast

We had so much fun this past weekend. My good neighbor, (when I say neighbor I mean 40 acres over), invited us for dinner Saturday nite. They had company from Washington state and had also invited another couple. We started out at about 5 pm having appetizers and fresh peach margaritas. They had made guacamole dip from asparagus and I mean to tell you it was soooo good. It looked just like guacamole but I guess it should be called asparamole dip. :) They served all kinds of cheeses and salamis, salmon wrapped appetizers, crackers and fresh breads...... the hors d'oeuvres just kept coming out. We got a break from all the humidity and hotness the day before so we sat outside for the evening enjoying the cool breeze. For dinner the guys grilled lamb and chicken which was served with rice and grilled asparagus and watermelon salad. (are you getting hungry yet?) And our hostess had made a cheesecake which was served with cherries. It was a delightful evening of laughter, good food and drink, good conversation and fun (until the conversation turned to the presidential election ....oops). Just before leaving I jokingly asked what time was brunch the next day. The chef asked what time I wanted it and I said around 10 ish. The next morning the phone rang at 10 and the conversation pretty much went like this. "Brunch is served at 10:30. Come on over." So off Bobby G. and I went back over to the horse farmette. When we walked in the chef was working away at the stove. He said he was making a dump breakfast.....in other words he was utilizing everything left over from the night before. That's our chef behind the zinnias. And a photo of the brunch. He made a mouthwatering frittata and served it with a bruschetta type toast topped with goat cheese and jam, bacon, fruit bowl and piping hot coffee. Then we all piled into the car and went to see the million dollar lottery house that is being built on the lower lake. (that's a post for another day). It was a great weekend and we met some wonderful new friends. Thank you C and M for having us.

"Find of the Week"......This is my favorite find of the week for the boutique. Isn't she gorgeous? She is so shabby elegant with a bit of rustique thrown in. Behind her is wire and it's so Frenchy chic with the worn gold and worn white. Soon as I finish here I will get her listed.

My basil is still growing like crazy and I have made a lot of pesto and frozen it for the winter months. If you make it and freeze it, don't forget to leave the parmesan cheese out of it until you are ready to use it.

My tomatoes are ripening fast and furious now. I thought I would share my fresh salsa recipe with you. Everyone who tries it loves it and always ask for the recipe. On paper it doesn't sound that great but it is delish! Did I tell you I grew my tomatoes in one of those upside down contraptions this summer? They probably grew to about 5 feet tall down. LOL...Does that make sense?

Tomato Salsa

4 tomatoes diced fairly fine
1/2 cup celery, diced fine
1/2 chopped onion, diced fine
1/4 cup chopped green pepper, diced fine (I used a yellow bell pepper in the above photo)
1/4 cup oil
2 T. red wine vinegar
1 t. mustard seed
1 t. coriander seed
2-3 T. green chilis diced (I use the little can you get in the Mexican section at the g. store)
salt and pepper (be sure to salt for taste)

Refrigerate for several hours for a good marriage.

And lastly today, being born and raised in the suburbs kind of girl, I never thought I would be so happy to see a tractor store open out here but I was thrilled. The little hardware store where I would buy all my gadgets and paints for my various and sundry boutique projects closed up. That meant I had to trek 25 miles into town to a Lowe's or Home Depot. Bobby G. and I happily meandered the aisles of this wonderful place. When we were there the other day I bought some blue bird food, a new hose for the deck, that I needed desperately, and a new bird feeder. I actually can't wait to go back to see what fun new things have been stocked. They also had a paddle boat that I was dying to buy for the lake but Bobby G. said "maybe next time." :) phftt!

Happy Tuesday Chickadees. Come back for Pink Saturdays to see who ,what or where I have been stalking....I mean lurking for it's pink goodness. xoxo Lynn


Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how fun! I could go for a nice party!
Have a great day!

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hi Lynn. Great post. The dinner sounds yummy! Another great way for fresh asparagus to be prepared is. Lay fresh asparagus out on a cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil, then sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Broil for 5 minutes. Or to improve it one step, have a charcoal grill going, (gas grills just don't do it for us). After removing asparagus from broiler, toss on charcoal grill for another 5 minutes to get that smokey flavor. YUM!!! People who don't even like asparagus like it fixed this way! It never makes it to our dinner table. It becomes an appetizer while the rest of the food is cooking!

Kim's Treasures said...

Hi Lynn! I'm back!!! Isn't Tractor Supply the bestest!?! We are on the edge of suburb meets country...so we have one near us! I'm so glad you shared your salsa recipe...I lost my favorite one that had lime juice in the ingredients. I will have to try yours and I am sure it will become my new fave! We are soon to have tomatoes coming out our ears...we have Mexican peppers already coming out our ears! Your vintage find is so pretty! I wish I had a spot for her!
Thanks so much for asking me to come back!
Have a great day!

Connie said...

40 acres over?!?!?! I'd be 2 subdivisions away by then, sweet chick!!! Hah......

Myrna said...

Hi Lynn! Found you by way of Polkadot Rose who asked me to sign up on 'Twitter' which I blindly obeyed--not even KNOWING what a Twitter was!! ;-)
Anyhoo, just perused thru your blog a bit and put it on my favorites!! Can't wait to come back and visit somemore!!
What a fun party!--that carried on till the next day!
And thanks for the tip on pesto (hold the cheese if you're freezing it) I gotta whole lot of basil, too! Didn't know you can freeze it!! (pesto, I mean)
Allright, enough rambling....

Anonymous said...

Okay Lynn, now you've gone and made me really hungry.

Louise said...

What a post!

First the "close" neighbors that live so far away. You. are. so. lucky! Second ALL that food Saturday night AND Sunday morning. The fritata thing with goat cheese putu me over the edge.

Yes, your latest find is adorable. And you know that your salsa receipe is the next one I'm trying! I think I'll have enough (and more) tomatoes by the end of the week!

Anonymous said...

Here I dwell in Texas, and never heard of peach margaritas. Not saying much. I just never drink alcohol, due to reflux problems. Recipes sound delightful. Food looks good. Sounds to me like you live in a little slice of heaven!
To hell with Lowes!

Lisa said...

Yum! Please share the dip recipe too. So jealous you have Tractor Supply, yeah I'm a redneck I guess. I find the neatest things in our local feed stores.

Attic Clutter said...

Yum the tomato salsa sounds good and the fun dinner.. wowow..
I can't remember Kimora's show station I haven't seen it in awhile..may have been O-Oprahs.. ..If I figure it out I'll let ya know and If I still have the TV guide that comes with the paper I'll check ok...Big hugs,Patty

My Arts Desire said...

I'm going to copy that salsa recipe, it sounds wonderful! Thank you! My kids go through gallons of salsa, it seems. AND if you're not totally tied up FULL TIME at the tractor supply store or chasing down pink items, that asparagus dip sounds yummy...any chance some day you could post the recipe???

Your comment on your babies being in their young 30's gave me pause...I know it won't be long and that will be us too. The years go by so quickly.

Your time with neighbors sounded delightful, not to mention delicious!

Happy hunting and stalking,

Unknown said...

Oh Lynn,
Such fun! Your blog is reminiscent of the magazine serials. We don't know what is going to happen next, and we can't wait to find out. WE always tune in for the next chapter. Kind of Saturday Evening Post meets Good Housekeeping (Norman Rockwell era!). Please keep it coming, I'm addicted and couldn't even comprehend going off it cold turkey, okay?
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Anonymous said...

What a fun time with friends.... You new Tractor Supply is so country cute.... our is very plain.... I love Tractor Supply.... that Frenchie girl is amazing.... just perfect.... Thank you for your good wishes on my news...

Devonia said...

I must not have had enuf supper, Lynn, this post has me salivating. I'm ready for that burnch I laughed out loud at your "OOPS" when the talk turned to politics. It's so hard to avoid during a presidential election year and e'body is sooo passionate that we forget. I doubt if we will even "socialize" with any mixed party groups until this election is over just too risky. Well, it appears I must appease this growling tummy & raid the frig.- _My bests, Devonia

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Lynn, My tomatoes are coming on fast also so I can't wait to try your salsa recipe!
Wow! That dinner and brunch you enjoyed sounded like it was a blast!

Ms. Daisy

Sandi McBride said...

Lynn, thanks so much hon...you've really lifted my spirits...the food all looks so good...and I've never had guacamole with asparagus...something new! And we're getting a Tractor Supply in Cheraw I hear...I'm excited too, lol!

Heidi said...

Hi Lynn, So good to hear from you!...I just finished reading this lovely post of yours!!...What an amazing dinner & then breakfast too!...it sounded absolutely delicious!!!....And your fresh salsa looks devine!!! I LOVE fresh salsa, especially now with garden-fresh tomatoes & basil growing knee-high!....And I have to ask you...I have always made tons of pesto & frozen it, & HAVE always included the parmesan cheese?...I'm not supposed to?...I'm glad you told me!!!...Why is that?....I am listening to you my friend, because after reading your blog it sounds like you know your way around a kitchen & also looks like you know some excellent cooks!!! I may learn some new tricks!!!....And thank you for your encouraging words about my "new lifestyle"...I have a ways to go...& every pound comes off so slowly!!???...but I am determined to stick with it this time!...So I appreciate all the support!...I am making some of you salsa tomorrow!!...Healthy & yummy!!!...Any good "light" recipes would be so welcomed!!!!....Love your posts!!...Have a great evening!...Heidi XO

Unknown said...

Hello Lynn..
whoa..what a foodie post! I love it to the max!! I have recently found the joy of eating basil (yeah..its not so much eaten over here)..and wondering how to plant them. Is it via seeds? what weather is suitable..ours is very hot and humid here, or can it be planted in cool weather only. If i was living nearby, I'll pop over and steal or beg for your basils.That tomato salsa sure looks YUMMY to me. Hugs always :D

Unknown said...

LYNNE!!!! It is 12:30 AM here and you have me starving for everything in the post, lolol!!! I want to move in by you! What sweet neighbors you have! I LOVE Tractor Supply too, lol!! I always thought it would be boring but I love it, lol!


Donna said...

All of the food sounds so delish, and your tomato salsa I must try!


Naturegirl said...

Oh all this wine and food and antipasto and fun...I can't wait to get over to Italy!
How nice are those neighbors of yours!!

A Hint of Home said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend of food, friends and fellowship.
I love those TSC Stores. I go to one in upper MI.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm new to your blog...I love it! Meme from Screaming Meme...www.thescreamingmeme.blogspot.com

Broken China Treasures said...

I love visiting your blog and checking out your latest "kuntry" events ~~ oh how lucky you are!

Looking forward to more happenings from your neck of the beautiful country!

~~ Tanya

Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,
What a fun time..the food looks delicious and the company sounds like fun too.

Have fun at the TSC!


Linda said...

Hi Lynn, you had a great weekend. Dinner sounded so yummy...my mouth is watering and then dump breakfat...now I for sure want something to eat and then comes the tomatoes salas....I'm starving....I've got to get a snack. Hugs, Linda

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Lynn, I just ate and now I'm hungry again, I have to copy the salsa recipe. If you get to many tomatoes, don't forget you can quick freeze them. Put them on a cookie sheet and freeze fast and then just put them in freezer bags. When you take them out you just rinse hot water on them and the skin just peels off. Your lady you found is gorgeous, I know that want stay long.

Anonymous said...

What a great evening that was! The food--the peach margaritas, oh yummmmmmeeee. I didn't realize you were a "country gal"--how fun that must be! The salsa recipe looks really good---I will for certain give that a try! I think we have a Tractor Supply (right in the middle of our fairly large town!) not far from here---I am now going to check em out! I'm looking forward to the end result of your "pink stalk" come Saturday!!!

Nola said...

Oh, yes, PLEASE post the asparamole dip recipe. I am allergic to avocados, but I love asparagus. I'd love to try that as a dip.

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

MH~ Are you stuffed? That food is making me hungry.
Have you made your profile at lollipop shops yet? I have been having some fun over there.
The pic. you found....I have the set. the young man is holding a ring box. The pair are in my step daughters room..I love them and wanted them for my self.
Send some basil over so my hubby can make pesto.
Hugs Sheri

Judy said...

What a lovely weekend you had!! The food sounds fantastic. I love the lady she is beautiful.

Tara said...

Hi Lynn

What super neighbors you have! Sounds like so much fun! Nice tractor store (I am not sure I'll ever see one open here in NY so I'll share your joy!)

One last thing: can you share the aspagusamole recipe? I'm intrigued!


The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lynn,

I so need neighbors like that. The food sounded and looked so yummy!
I can't believe your crop of basil. I can never get it to grow like that. There is always next year to try again!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

That does sound like a fun weekend~ I love get togethers like that. Thanks for the salsa recipe. I never thought to use the canned chiles! Great idea!
p.s. would love to visit you and organize your work space - only I think we would end up playing tennis :-)

Hill upon Hill said...

What great hospitality. Sounds so nice.

Unknown said...


Sounds like you had a delicious time and brunch the next day too! Friends like that are worth keeping for a very long time. Can't wait to hear about the Lottery house.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Hi love your salsa recipe, will try it soon. Yummy. You know that salsa would be good on cheesy scrambled eggs wrapped in a tortilla. We have lots of chickens so I am always thinking of egg recipes. Yummy, I will have to make your salsa very soon. I also love Tractor supply stores. How fun!
Blessings, Debbie

Amber Cargile said...

I absolutely LOVED the dump breakfast photos! That looks and sounds like such great fun!

I just blogged about dinner parties myself. I just love small, intimate dinner parties with good friends! One of the best joys of life!

The pink ferris wheel photo is a classic!

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Wow Lynn what a great dinner, and brunch the next morning, you lucky girl. Haaaa...I was laughing about the pink ferris wheel seat, you are so funny.

Deb said...

Our family is hosting our 3rd annual salsa competition in two weeks. It is so much fun. Last year I made a delicious fruit salsa - and came in last! Judges were too traditional in their thinking ;0 I might try this one out - wish me luck! I enjoyed my first visit to your blog - lots to look at. Take care.

Lallee said...

What a grand dinner and brunch! Oh my! Thank you for the salsa recipe. Here is an idea. A friend brought us the most delicious asparagus salsa for Christmas one year. I keep planning to make some. Now I will add asparagus guacamole on my to try list!

cotedetexas said...

ok, I'm hungry now! thanks a lot!!! It's 1:00 in the morning - what am I supposed to do about that???? haha! love your old and new picture - that's really cute.

great blog and thanks for the comment!

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