Endless Summer

What happened to those lazy endless days of summer? It just seems like yesterday it was June 1st and the whole summer stretched in front of me and now........it's September 1st. The fish chairs sit ready to be used, the beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds, the pool floats....all just a memory that just seemed like yesterday would last forever.

We did have one last brou ha ha over Labor Day weekend. My youngest baby boy ...ha! he's 30 yrs. old and big and strapping, drove down for a visit with his best girl from NYC. We had a fabulous weekend of just hanging out, staying on the water until almost dark, camping in the yard, having fresh caught Carolina shrimp steamed in Old Bay seasoning, delightful dusk dinners on the deck, going into the village for icecream and just fun clowning around. Have you ever had sugarless butter pecan ice cream? Yum...it's good. It's always fun to have the young people around and I miss them so when they leave. (sniff..sniff) I asked Bobby G. yesterday didn't he feel the spirit missing from the house since they left. He looked at me like I had two heads or something. I guess it's just the motherhood in me.

The kids left around 3 pm to return home but we had our neighbors over for Labor Day dinner. If any of you do not know Penny over at Lavender Hill Studio you must visit her and her delightful blog and mosaic boutique. Anyway, Penny had posted a salmon dinner recipe that I just had to try even though I am not a fish person. Oh man....is it ever good! It got the keeper award. And the presentation is just beautiful. Guys don't usually notice presentation but Mark couldn't get over how pretty the plating was. Cindy brought over a fabulous cheese tray and it was the perfect prelude to the salmon dinner. We dined on the deck by candlelight and sat and talked about the universe until 11 pm. The stars last night were just amazing. It was the perfect ending to a perfect holiday weekend.

Don't you just love sunflowers? They are such happy flowers. Once I was able to grow a huge patch of them but since then the deer have eaten what I plant so I am forced to buy them from our local florist. I love to mix them in with zinnias along with acuba leaves. My zinnias haven't even started to bloom yet because Bobby G. didn't get around to plowing up a spot for me until early July. But they have buds in them now and unless we get an early frost I should be picking zinnias until Halloween or beyond. I always try to have fresh flowers in the house and this was the arrangement I had for the weekend. :)

Find of the Week: A couple of Saturdays ago I was at our dinky little flea market we have. There aren't that many vendors so it's hard for me to find something to share with you but I always feel if I don't go I will miss the find of a life time so off I go every Saturday morning just about. Well...weekend before last there was a new vendor. This lady was into vintage and antiques...yippee.....and not tube socks. I got some wonderful Christmas items from her and these. Oh....be still my heart. Antique French crystal prisms. These are heavy pieces, faceted on the front and flat on the back. A grouping of these in a pretty bowl is so pretty. This lady's sister used to have a shop where she did antique chandelier and lamp repair. These are in the boutique now on the shabby page. Some for you and some for me. :)

Recently I was given two different Friendship awards. Thank both of you from the bottom of my heart. Your friendship means the world to me. Donna at Donna's Art gave me this one. Donna is a gifted artist and sells her things on Etsy. I have one of her miniature paintings of what else????..... but a bird's nest. It sits in my kitchen and is a daily reminder of how much I enjoy what I do. Check out her blog for the daily antics of her pups and her art.

The second one came from Lisa over at Lisa's Spot. Lisa absolutely loves nature and has fantastic photos of her little buddies. Go take a look at her raccoons. She is having computer problems at the moment and may not answer you right away. Thank you both so much!!

And finally one last thing before you fall asleep reading this post. I met a new friend not to long ago....Meme of Screaming Meme. Now if there is anything you want to know about painting furniture and anything else to do with decorating your home run on over to her place right now. She is giving classes/lessons on how to do things. And if you have a question about a certain technique or how to do something just ask Meme. She will answer you right on her blog.
Well that's it for today. Lots of work to do this week. So I'll head on off for now. xoxo Lynn


BittersweetPunkin said...

I know I know!! Now that school starts so does my Fall schedule...I was way too lazy over the summer!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a delightful holiday with family and friends. I spent mine alone, but then, I love being alone! My husband was working an over-nighter at the hospital. And I was here with my computer and my pets and the garden. Happy as a clam!

BittersweetPunkin said...

LOL....well I was early for a change...that's a switch! I've said it before Lynn...you have such a handsome family....great photos!

I have some vintage chandelier crystals acting as "sugar" in my Grandmothers sugar bowl..but then I went ahead and ordered some faux sugar cubes from Beks Shabby Cottage so now I need to find another use for my crystals...yours are much fancier and very lovely.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Lynn!
Thanks for mentioning me and my Salmon recipe...you really need to try the other one I emailed you too! It is REALLY good!

Loved this post about the end of summer and family get togethers. Swimming, fishing, flowers...that sums summer up in a nutshell.
Hugs to you my sweet friend!
p.s. watching the US Open...missed your son, but I bet he had a grand time!

Tara said...


How nice that you had those handsome visitors over the weekend...my son is back in NYC at college and the house is so different without him and just the girls here!


Dawn Marie said...

I hope i did this right! But was your post LONG or did I miss the ending? oh well, anyhow, I love those pictures and that food looked awesome. I know what you mean about summer, although we have had 90;s for days now and I need some relief!

Donna said...

I know, I can't believe summer has come to an end already. Looks like you had a great family get-together!

Love those crystals!


Back Through Time said...

I am SO glad I am not the only one that thinks Summer has flown by. You looked like you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. And I have one of those prisms too! I was dumb enough not to purchase all of them:-(
Congrats on your award!
Stop by my blog when you can, I am having a giveaway

Unknown said...

This was one of the nicest summers, and I am sorry to say goodbye. I love it too when the kids are around. Your son looks like a wonderful young man. Such beautiful photographs and I love that delicious looking meal. Karen

Unknown said...

Hiya Lynn

Love this post. We have summer all year round, with some rain or monsoon thrown in, too bad no other seasons. My kids have never seen snow..imagine that, but summer's the only weather we know here. You have a baby boy aged 30..i almsot didnt believe you, i thought you look no older than me..which is early 40's..very early ok haha...I'd like to sit on that fish chair, and yes, Penny's a dear..fantastic mosaic design, happy week ahead :D

Louise said...

I love your last weekend of summer pictures and commentary! Love it. I'm going to have to go dig up that salmon recipe!

GMG said...

Wow! There are still some gorgeous weekends at the end of summer!!

Anonymous said...

Summer has gone by quickly, but it looks as if you ended it on a most memorable note! Your weekend celebrations looked so lovely and fun. Your accessories are just too fun! I know you enjoyed the time with your family and later friends. The salmon looks divine.
Have a fabulous week,

Screaming Meme said...

Hey sweet girl! Thanks for mentioning my class...I love doing it! I hope it is inspiring people to do it! All it takes is the willingness to learn! Summer seems to have blown by...I don't even feel like it was summer other than the Texas heat!!!!It seemed we didn't do all the things we normally would do! :) Love,Meme

One Shabby Old House said...

I know what you mean about the feeling that the house takes on after the kids leave. They bring life back into the space and it is drained out when they leave. I always experience that feeling.
I am going to have to get that recipe. It looks wonderful. Your presentation was lovely too.
I loved your fish chair!

LBP said...

Summer just flew by for us as well! I dread the day our DS leaves for college. He is 16 now and can't imagine him being gone:(



Sugar Bear said...

I definitely feel like summer is over and it makes me so sad! It looks like you had a wonderful last hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Ah, isn't life sweet? I love spending time with my family.

I'm going to have to try Penny's recipe. Maybe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Lynn.

I'm posting from the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. We've had a lovely slow rain since last night,that has lowered the temperatures. The air has taken on a definite fall feel!

Love the prisms...beautiful!

marmee said...

good for you that you had your family in over the weekend. half of mine still live at home so it's always busy around here. summer was a fleeting one, wasn't it>? time to embrace change once again.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Lynn,
I received my Hot Cottage Collectibles today too! Your bird houses look great!

CatHerder said...

I am sad that summer is ending, but im looking forward to fall (my favorite). It is sad though, my boys are off to classes today..hubby has off so we are actually hitting the beach, its supposed to be 90 today...i dont know i just associate the beginning of school with fall...im done with the hot weather!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday..good food, family and fun!


Connie said...

Love Bunny and I got it backwards: he suffered empty nest syndrome; I was yelling for joy!! LOL Back from camping and trying to catch up as fast as I can!!
Smoochies, gorgeous chick,

Robin said...

oh I just love having lots of family around! We still have one bird in the nest, the other two have flown away...but it always makes me happy when they all come home for food and backyard fun! Love your flea market score! They are BEAUTIFUL!

Amber Cargile said...

Well, although my kids have been back at school for 3 full weeks now, it's still 104 and hot as Hades here in the desert Southwest! Summer? It's just a concept! hee!

What lovely photos of your handsome son and his lady friend, and Bobby! Y'all really do know how to live it up. As the mom of a son who is growing too fast, I feel your verklempt-ness!

GMG said...

Hi Lynn!
Just to say that I’ll finally get some days off this year; not much, just from Friday night (September 5th) through Monday morning (September 15th). But I don’t leave you empty hands: a beautiful beach and lots of champagne wait for you at Blogtrotter. Enjoy! ;)

Rue said...

Good morning Lynn :)

I don't think it's right for me to be craving salmon this early in the morning, but I am! I'll have to try that recipe too. It reaaly was a beautiful presentation and I loved the fish napkin holders :)

Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

That fish chair is just too cute... what a handsome son you have.... how nice that they came home..... I too have used that salmon recipe of Penny's....yummmy.... we odd duck think a like I guess lol

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Now why does your food always look so darn good..I hate fish and I think I would eat that dish!
Hope you have a great weekend MH...I am off to watch my baby boy play football and then rearrange my space on Sat....Sun is cleaning house day:(
I do not see where I have scheduled much fun in there but Cest La Vie~

Unknown said...

Hi Lynne! I feel just the same way as you about summer! I dont want it to end. It went by so FAST!

Your time with your son looked like so much fun! What handsome guys you have there!

It is lunch time here and now you REALLY have me hungry, lol!

Love ya,

Lallee said...

What a nice family holiday you had. The salmon you prepared for neighbors really is a beautiful presentation. It looks like you may be getting some rain from Hanna. I hope you do for the rain sake--bu no damage!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Lynn it looked like you, the family and friends had a perfect weekend. I had made a copy of Penny's salmon recipe, but haven't tried it, gotta get to that soon...
Thank you for sharing with us,

antigoni said...

I just love your house. It must be very relaxing to see water early in the morning. I like collect old things, too. I have some from my grandmother and check to the stores for more. I quess i'm an old fashion woman.

antigoni said...

Wonderful house. Precious, family moments. I collect old things, too. I have some from my grandmother.

Anonymous said...

I came by to visit your pink post, but I bet you are experiencing Hanna just about now. She just left here, and the sun has come out.

I hope and pray everything is good with you.

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hi Lynn. Sorry I haven't commented for a while. My computer is still down, so I am using Lori's laptop at her house. I don't have wireless at my house, so I can't use it there. Already tried! Thanks for mention on your post. It's kinda depressing that summer is almost over, but I prefer cooler weather any way! I'll let you know when I finally get my computer up and running. I brought photo CD's with me so I can post my blog.

savvycityfarmer said...

I sorta feel like I lost the whole summer.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and your love notes to me and my family....I am slowly eking my way back to some of my favorite things like staying connected to all of my wonderful friends here in the blogging world. God bless you for being so faithful.xoxoxoxo

Tara said...

Hi Lynn

Left you an award on my blog as I so enjoy visiting here all the time!


Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

I love Salmon and will have to try her recipe!
and I love vintage crystals there is just something about them that has a quality just like vintage china.

bj said...

It looks as if everyone was having the time of their lives!!
And those prisms are BREATHTAKING!

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