Whine A Little.....Laugh A Lot

Whineeeeeeee....wahhhhhhhh! Remember I told you it took a while but Bobby G. finally got around to plowing up my little plot for a zinnia patch next to the Christmas shed. It didn't get done until the first of July but I figured as long as the weather played right I would have zinnias to pick all Fall until the first frost. Couple of days ago I was all excited (doesn't take much) because the buds were starting to show color and I would be picking my first bunch of zinnias soon. Welllll....last evening I went out to pick and this is what I see. The darn deer that I had been enjoying seeing in the back yard lately ate every single one of them that had buds on them. Didn't touch the leaves, just the flowers. I was so bummed! They've never bothered them before and the fields are so full of golden rod right now I figured they had enough to eat elsewhere. Well nevermind...I just googled and it seems deer aren't interest in golden rod. Huh!

In my post before last I told you about the auction that Kim over at Today's Creative Blog was running to benefit the Nie Fund. Many wonderful bloggers donated such fabulous items....so many custom creations. I donated one of my little pillowcase dresses and I want to thank all the bloggers that bid on it. Well over $3000.00 was raised for the entire auction. Thank you all and thank you Kim for your time and energy to run the auction.

I would love to show you some of my gift tags I made just yesterday for the boutique. These are very tres chic and incorporate pages from a vintage French school book, vintage French perfume labels, gold German Dresden, and vintage crystal prisms. They are an elegant gold and black but I used twine as the streamers for tying on to a gift as I like the juxtaposition of the grunge with the glitter. :)

My find of the week is a fun one. I was in one of the antique shops I frequent a lot.....this time to pick up some old post cards. I was rummaging around in a bunch of old papers when I spotted this box under a chair. It was a gorgeous double set of vintage playing cards designed by Andre Francois for Simpson of Piccadilly circa early 1950's. Aren't the graphics just amazing and they were in perfect condition. Pick up these cards along with the vintage bridge score pads I have listed in the boutique and you definitely have a conversation starter at your next card game night.

This past weekend the weather was just simply gorgeous. We did a lot of work in the yard. One of the things we did was clean out the bluebird houses. We are so lucky to have so many bluebirds join us. One house had this in it. Aren't the eggs beautiful? Look at that shade of blue. I am curious though as to what happened to them. They all had a little hole in them but none were actually cracked open.

And speaking of the glorious autumn weather we have been experiencing the last few days I thought I would play along with the others and list the 20 little things to treasure about Fall so if I still have your attention here goes.

  1. Wearing my Jack-o-Lantern blouse.
  2. The fall tree colors mirrored on the lake.
  3. Reddish brown nail polish.
  4. The carrot cake I made last week (and now can't finish eating 'cause I am on a diet)
  5. The empty beaches.
  6. Dancing With the Stars starts up again.
  7. Cinnamon and orange slices simmering on the stove.
  8. The first cold weather pot roast.
  9. Lynn's brunswick stew and homemade cheese crackers,
  10. Stayman apples
  11. Using my ghost dishes.
  12. Fresh roasted in the shell peanuts.
  13. Mist on the lake.
  14. Cool mornings and snuggling.
  15. Pumpkins in the fields.
  16. The fresh mown hay.
  17. Ornamental cabbages.
  18. My Mom's big red dahlias.
  19. Crickets chirping
  20. The field mice in the kitchen....NOT!!
Dancing with the Stars......do you watch it? I am addicted to that show. Of course I love all shows with dancing in it. How about that Cloris Leachman? There's a lot of gumption there and I sure applaud her for it but didn't quite know what to make of her shenanigans. Susan Lucci was beautiful but I think a different costume would have been much better. I am hoping she's not quite so stiff tonight as in let's see Erica Kane out there tonight. I would love to see her keep going. I knew she was getting up there in age (not unlike me) but I had no idea she was 63. Go Erica! Okay....now don't call me tonight between 8 pm and 10 pm because I won't answer the phone. :)


Connie said...

Well, my sweet vintage nest chickadee, you must have "gourmet deer"!! They won't eat just anything, ya know....gotta be pretty and good tasting....LOL
Smooches to my sweet deer lady, ;-)

Nola said...

OK, if I am ever reincarnated as a doe, I'll remember zinnias taste better than goldenrod!
I love those old playing cards, such vivid. I can almost see Lucy and Ethel playing bridge with them!

blessings said...

You have to admit that the zinnia picture is funny though =) You have so much pretty over here, I don't know where to look first. Have a great night. Blessings... Polly (p.s. you asked about the holiday thing... go to porch-magazine.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

Oh those pesky deer!

We watch Dancing With the Stars. It's actually the only reality show we watch. I'm not sure it's considered a reality show, hmmm. We became interested in it, because it sort of reminds us of the dance numbers on the old variety shows.

Jenny said...

Love your list! You will have to take pictures of your ghost dishes. They sound interesting! Happy Fall ya'll! I too have a list on my blog. Check it out!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Well I hope those darn deer are full now LOL.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I wasn't answering my phone either! I so would love for Erica/Susan to win...I don't think she will, but she is absolutely gorgeous! I don't know how Cloris got her leg up there, but I think she is probably the next to go. And....as far as field mice...I tell them they have the whole outdoors, they don't need to be in MY space!

Margie said...

Oh, I feel for you and your disappointment with your zinnias! We were going to paint the porch this summer so hubby dear wouldn't let me plant my zinnias in my normal spot, so I planted them elsewhere, and was so excited because they were not in the front of the house, and I would be able to cut bunches of them, I planted alot of them! I only got a few cut flowers all summer, because of the Japanese beetles! Urrrrrrrr! I've never had problems with them before, but they just LOVED my zinnias this year. Horrible, horrible creatures!

Well, at least they pretty much let my green beans alone!

I love your gift tag, it's so beautiful!

Margie :)

Dawn Marie said...

I love gods creatures so I would be so torn. I guess I would give in and plant them just for them to eat and I would go buy my flowers at the market! would drive hubby nuts though.

Unknown said...

Hi Lynne!

OH NO! I am so sorry about your Zinnias!! I would be so mad too! Deer and bunnies are so cute but then they ruin the gardens and flowers!

I LOVED your 20 things about fall! So cozy :)

Love ya,

Christie said...

Hey Lynn! Oh I just loved this post. I love the list of fall things that you shared....and your tags and the little birds nest. It's so wonderful that you were able to help raise money for those in need too. I don't love that your zinnias were eaten by the deer though. I know that's disappointing :( Oh goodness, I didn't know dancing with the stars was back on....I have got to catch that. I love it too!
By the Way....I have tagged you, come over for some tagging fun. Have a great day!

pammiejo said...

I know the feeling about the darn deer - I went out yesterday and found that they had knocked over my brand new cobalt blue birdbath and broke it - I was furious! Yes, and they eat everything - I have watched my impatiens try over and over to recover from them eating their tops off. It also seems they move closer and closer to the house - vey brave!! I too am a Dancing With the Stars addict - Cloris was too "over the top" with her behaviour - not very charming at all! I'm really surprised at Susan Lucci not being able to loosen up. You kinda' already get an idea who will stay and who will eventually go! PAM

Anonymous said...

Oh I hate that the deer ate your zinnias. They have gotten bold around here...going right up to my parents front porch to munch on flowers!
Love your "20 things" list.
We are big "Dancing" fans as well. I have a house full of girls (my poor son) and they are all about Cody Lindley from the Disney channel. I've always been a big Maks fan, so I really like him and Misty May.
Enjoy the rest of your week,

Anonymous said...

Oh I hate that the deer ate your zinnias. They have gotten bold around here...going right up to my parents front porch to munch on flowers!
Love your "20 things" list.
We are big "Dancing" fans as well. I have a house full of girls (my poor son) and they are all about Cody Lindley from the Disney channel. I've always been a big Maks fan, so I really like him and Misty May.
Enjoy the rest of your week,

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

OH NO! I am so sorry about your Zinneas!! Deer are beautiful, but they do eat alot of our pretty flowers!

I love Dancing with The Stars too. I also watch So You Think You Can Dance, so it was fun to see "Lacey" from So You Think...become a pro on DWTS....

Kim's Treasures said...

Loving Dancing with the Stars!

Your poor zinnias! I had a Morning Glory that tried and tried to grow but every time it started vining the bunny ate it. :(

Your tags are very pretty!

Have a great day!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your flowers! I would be bummed too. My zinnia seeds simply didn't come up at all. But I would have been very upset had they come up and been eaten!

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Hi MH~
I love to watch deer but I guess they can be quite damaging to flowers and such.
I love your Autumn...likes.

I was on the darn computer most of the day...taking pics,editing pics and listing items on my site. I do not know how you do it and keep it so well stocked too.

I will make sure I do not call you tonight LOL

Unknown said...

Hi Again Lynn!

I just had to stop by and tell you, I LOVE what you said you did for decor last fall! That sounds so beautiful! I hope you post pictures this year too! I know what you mean about white pumpkins! They are so hard to find here too!

Love ya,

Judy said...

Shame on those deer. It is too bad you couldn't enjoy the blooms. I love Dancing too. I don't think Cloris will last long. I didn't realize she was such a cut up. I hope I'm half as spry as she is when I'm 82. Bless her heart.

Lisa said...

Oh no, the zinnias! I guess no one told them they were off limits. Love the new tags.
Dancing with the Stars! I am right there with you girl, the world must stop during or someone gets hurt. HA! Gotta say this bunch is a bit odd for sure, maybe they will kick it in gear soon.

Kaye said...

I sympathize with your deer problem. I think it is quite amusing that they only ate the flowers! I planted some "deer resistant" perennials at our cabin and they ate those poor plants right down to the ground!

Tamara Jansen said...

Deer are a big problem in our area as well and we have constant requests for "deer proof" plants.....I'll try find out for you what those are so you can have more success next time.

It looks like your weather is better than ours! It started raining on the day of our little Angel's wedding and it hasn't stopped since. Winter is here :(

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Lynn, I go away for awhile and you have a whole new look. I like it and I love this post. I had heard if you put human hair around the area you don't want the deer to eat they will leave it alone. I don't know if works or not. Poor zinnias. Your fall list is great and makes me want the cooler weather.
Thank you for your comments and prayers,

Sandi McBride said...

So sorry about your flowers, but look at it this way, the deer are lovely, too...maybe the flower buds had just the vitamins they needed!
And Mac planted me some ornamental cabbage...one of them turned out to be a collard...

Dee Light said...

So many lovelies to look at!! Your poor zinias!! Oh, well at least you got to look at the deer.

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hi Lynn. You always have pictures of the neatest things on your posts.
Sorry, no, I don't watch Dancing With The Stars. The only "reality" show I watch is America's Got Talent. I prefer comedies and shows like CSI.

Louise said...

That tag is to DIE FOR goregeous! Love how elegant it is.

I wonder if something slithery climbed into the bluebird nest and ate the eggs through the holes? I don't know much about egg predators, but it's a thought.

And I love your autumn list!

Broken China Treasures said...

I love visiting your blog! Sorry about the deer and your zinnias ~ I guess you'll just have to go buy the flowers! Great playing cards and tags and your Fall list is great!

~~ Tanya

Nana Net said...

Your blog is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.....
Will definelty have to do some "Check-N-Out" on it! ;0)

That I too love "Dancing With The Stars!" Do you have a favorite pair of dancers picked out yet? I am still thinking that this years show is going to be something else. That it has already had me laughing so hard. Esp. Cloris Leachman and her funny antics. Or is it all for show? Hmm.

Anyway, I would like to add you to my list of blogs that I "Check-Out" so to speak, if that is Ok with you. Thanks. Have a lovely day. And I look forward to reading more of your posts.


Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Lynn,I am so LOL,I know your poor little flowers were eatin but the story you told was sooo funny.I can just picture your face when you went out.I guess the deer enjoyed your flowers also.LOL Anywho,Your tag is so pretty.I love the colors.Hugs Marie Antionette

Donna said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sorry about your zinneas, that is such a funny photo!

I love Dancing with the Stars but missed the beginning. I didn't realize it was back on again. I gotta start tuning in!


Ballerina Girl said...

Your gift tags are so pretty...
I also love the blue eggshells...I hope the babies that were in them survived!
We went to the Galapagos and saw the Bue Fotted Boobies...talk about wild! Their beaks and feet are like a deep powder blue...amazing!
Not a Dancing with Stars fan, sorry! I do admire the hard work that they put into though. It takes so much more than one may realize!
Can we see your pumpkin blouse? :)

CatHerder said...

Deer look so innocent, dont they???
MMMMM carrot cake...dont leave that outside, they'll eat that too :-)!

Unknown said...

Lynn, that's a shame that the deers picked the zinnias just before you could! I like your list of reasons you like Fall... it is indeed a pleasant season.

By the way, I noticed you said that you were on a diet... have you heard of Stacker 2's new Diet and Energy shot before? It's a wonderful little drink since it provides a nice boost of energy while also helping you lose some pounds. It's zero calories and comes in a tasty Tropical Blast flavor. Check it out at www.stacker2.com

By the way, I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog, Lynn. I work with Stacker 2 so feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the drink. I'd love to hear what you think of the drink. Have a great day and enjoy the rest of Fall!

Andy Gerrard
Brand Ambassador

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