Friday Flea Market

Friday Flea Market @ TheVintageNest

I am excited to be a part of Friday Flea Market. To see a list of all participating bloggers just look over at my sidebar and click on the polka dot Friday Flea Market badge. If you would like to purchase any of my totally fabulous vintage finds just be the first to shout out "I want that" in the comments section or email. >>>>>>> Look over there for my email address. You'll need to email me your address too. Shipping is included in price. Have fun browsing. There's cold drinks in the cooler and cookies on the counter. Help yourself. :)


Vintage Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners

Vintage chenille stems or pipe cleaners in the best shabby worn colors. According to the label (don't you just love the graphics on the label) these are for making novelties, favors, animals, figures and craft work. Love, love, love the colors of these skinny stems. Have you ever seen a rose colored chenille stem before? I haven't. Originally there were 36 stems but I only counted 19 left. The colors are grass green, lilac, pink, rose, yellow and white. Approx. 9" long.


Charming Vintage Kitchen Pillow

Custom made by yours truly, this is a charming kitchen pillow......how cute would this be sitting in a kitchen chair as an accent piece. This cute petite treasure measures just 13" x 6". It is fashioned from a vintage embroidered dish towel. Love the glasses embroidered in blue and the sweet flowers. On the back there is vintage chintz type floral fabric and another piece taken from a different dish towel that had a pretty blanket stitch on it.


Vintage Sewing Trim D

Recently I acquired a lot of vintage sewing trims. These are so much fun to use in your sewing projects, altered art and crafting. This is a very colorful machine embroidered spider web shaped symbols trim in bright primary colors of royal blue, red, yellow and green. There is one long piece of 29" and three small pieces that measure 10", 9" and 7". It is approx. 1" wide.


Vintage Pastel Duckies Trim I

This vintage trim is so sweet. Machine embroidered ducks in pretty pastel colors of soft pink, green and blue. Measures approx. 1-1/4" wide and the background is a ecru colored fine cotton. There is 91" of this.


Vintage Pink & Blue Floral Trim E

Pretty vintage machine embroidered pink and blue floral trim. It measures 3/4" wide and there is 26" of this trim.


Vintage Sewing Bird Trim F

Vintage machine embroidered sewing trim featuring satin stitched birds in bright primary colors of royal blue, green and red. Trim is approx. 3/4" wide and there is 58" of it.

$6.00 ~ Sold ~ Thank You


Vintage Floral Seam Binding A

I don't believe I have run across floral seam binding before. And this one is yummy.....pretty pink flowers with a green center and green butterflies with a pink center. It is 1/2" wide and has a sheen to the rayon type ribbon. There is 31" of it. Perfect for tag making, sewing and crafting.

$3.00 ~ Sold ~ Thank You


Have a super great weekend!


Gone said...

What lovely "goodies" Lynn!

Gone said...

Oh Lynn...you absolutely can still buy Rub & Buff. Not much of it can be found in the stores in Toledo...Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby only carry about 3-4 colors each out of the 20 colors available!

I ordered mine through a web site and had it in a couple of days. And, with the postage, it was still cheaper per tube than buying it at 1 of the 3 stores listed above.

Here's the link...look at all the pretty colors available:


Back Through Time said...

You have wonderful items! I have a large jar of those pipe cleaners, not sure what I will ever use them for but I love the colors.
I am finally back on for FFM too! It is fun isn't it?

fridayfleamarket said...

Happy Friday! Just popping in for a quick visit for FFM. Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings... FFM Staff

Nola said...

What a fantastic idea, I love the thought of a blogging flea market. I hope this is going to be a weekly event; I didn't bring any money today, but I'll plan on shopping next week!

jenscloset said...

Fantastic vintage blog! I love vintage too!

Unknown said...

you know Lynn, I cant sew..really lousy at that, but I LOVE those trimmings, esp the duck one, just unique :D

Mimi Sue said...

Thanks for coming by to visit today. Your blog is adorable as is your boutique. I'll be back when I have a little more time. Mimi

Anonymous said...

That trim is amazing.... so vintage cute.... but I adore the bird card it is wrapped on.... I am having a bird nest thing lately.... lol
PS I saw the sweet thing you said about me on BJ blog.... and to put me in the same company as Penny.... well... I just was sooooo honored

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Ohh - what neat finds! Is the pink and green ($3.00) sold already? If not I would love to buy it! Let me know and I will send my address, etc.!

Thanks - hugs from Michigan - Diane

Ashlee said...

Those trims are just gorgeous.

Thank you for your sweet comment.

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