My Pets Make My Breakfast

My Pets Make My Breakfast......that's what my latest acquired t-shirt says and it's true. :)

Early last summer I decided I wanted chickens. I had visions of going out to the chicken house in my pretty floral mud boots while wearing my cute vintage apron and collecting just laid fresh eggs in my charming old egg basket. For months I searched for the perfect "chicken house" because you see, I didn't want just any old coop for my girls. It had to be romantic, sweet and charming. Finally I saw the perfect house advertised on Craig's list and I called immediately. I got to it first and later found out she had people waiting in line for this adorable playhouse. It had been built by her father for his grand-children who were now grown and they no longer had a use for it. I thought it was just perfect for a romantic roost. It even had a covered front porch with decorative trim, a front Dutch door and three screened in windows. We built a bump out on one side for the laying boxes and a safe run on the other side. I added a flower box to the front window and it even has a mailbox where I store chicken essentials. Just for fun I put a kitty cat birdhouse on the top of it, which birds have already built in this Spring. We are still in the process of "landscaping" our little house. We put in our chicken order with an acquaintance from our church who raises all kinds of feathered friends. In late September we got the call the young chicks were ready to come live with us. Our little grand-daughter, Boo, heavily into the Disney Princesses, named them. Snow, Ella and Belle.

Our chickens are known as Easter Eggers and lay a beautiful blue/green egg, not unlike a Robin's egg. I never knew chickens were so interesting and so much fun, each having their own distinct personalities. Ella is the smallest but is the most inquisitive and fears nothing. She comes running (ever seen a chicken run?....too funny) the minute she hears the back door open. Belle follows Ella and they are as thick as thieves. And Snow is the first to bed and first to breakfast every day. Her favorite spot is on a perch by the window so she can watch the world go by. And I have learned that green grapes, corn kernels and my first failed attempt at making French Macaron cookies. are their favorite treats.

We get wholesome nutritious eggs every morning. Some call the egg the perfect food. It's contained in it's own little protective packaging and is full of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Backyard raised chickens have firmer whites and bright orange yolks and have a more robust taste than store bought eggs. Chickens also provide natural insect control. Scratching for bugs aerates the soil and breaks down larger pieces of vegetation, accelerating the decomposition process. As they 'hunt and peck' around the yard, they gobble up garden pest bugs as nutritious treats. And did I mention, they make the most fabulous fertilizer?

Watching their chicken-y behaviors every day, I have truly learned where such terms as "she rules the roost", "pecking order", "chicken scratch", "mother hen" and "broody" originated. They truly are delightful creatures. I never imagined I would watch mesmerized by the antics of my chickens. And it seems the interest and delight of having chickens is a growing phenomenon. In this growing world of mass produced living, it seems it's the special touches that sometimes make the day. It's the details or fine points of life that keep bringing us back for more, like getting to collect my fresh eggs everyday. As a new backyard chicken enthusiast I urge you to try it and have your own little "hen party".

Bringing the hen house home

Ready for Occupancy

The girls have their own mailbox and outside sitting chair and table for afternoon tea and grapes. You are welcome to drop them a note.

The run also known as the bird sanctuary. :)

A kitty cat bird house on top of the "bird house". :)

No comment!

We had to teach Ben that the girls were his new sisters.....not to chase them.

Meet Snow.

Searching for tasty tidbits.

There's more than one to give "the bird".......just turn your tail feathers up! :)

And here's my pitiful attempt at using the video feature on my newest camera. It's bad....really bad, but I hope you get a kick out of it. It's only 20 seconds long. My oh my does my voice really sound Southern here. Oh wait...I am Southern. I sound like Paula Deen y'all. Cluck cluck! LOL... Enjoy!


Nola said...

How cute, love the video! That little coop is the cutest, especially the cat on top!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Lynn! What fun! I loved this post.

That's the cutest little chicken house ever, with its mailbox, chair, and little cat birdhouse on its run! And the sign that we shall not mention. LOL! I loved your directives for buying it, " It had to be romantic, sweet and charming." Of course it did!

And chickens are smart. I had a friend who had a jogging chicken. She had her own wrought iron cage and would sit in a high chair to eat her breakfast with the family. Her name was Mary! She lived in Charleston. Just a hoot! No pun intended.

Yep, this is definitely fun, and I think your video is great. And blue eggs??? NEAT!


Sheila :-)

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...your chickens are adorable and the little coop is even more so (if I may say so!). I think you lived out your little fantasy!! I never knew chickens could be so cute!! I liked the video, too...darling!


I see the bridge! said...

Oh what a gorgeous post. I love love love your Hen House and chicken coop. We have chickens also and they are the best pets ever I find. We have Silky Pekin Bantams and they only lay eggs at a few times each year and they are the tiniest things. The children adore them and have named them all ( we also have some Chinese Silkies but they are a bit silly) and I can watch them all day. They also love grapes plus cooked rice and Watermelon that is nearly fermented is their greatest joy....I think they get drunk on it!
Love your post, must show my husband his Taj Mahal chook ( as we call them Downunder) has well and truly been outdone!
Kiss Noises Linda

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Hi Lynn, Love their love coop. It is so different. I have chickens too and can get so side tracked watching them. They are so interesting. I have 8 more girls, polish and chinese coming in June as little chicks. I am teaching our pup not to chase them too. They always tell on him when he does anyway. Have fun!!!
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens
P.S. Cute video:)

Amy Kinser said...

We love our chickens also. I have twelve hens who give us lots of eggs. I also have one that lays a beautiful blue green egg.

Love your coop. So fun...

Beach House Living said...

This was a very interesting post. The hen house is lovely...the entire set up is. Your dog seems to understand they are not for dinner.

My aunt had chickens and I used to like to watch them..I did get a pet rooster that was our daily alarm clock. He was quite a funny fellow.

I would love to be able to have chickens!

Unknown said...

The girls are living in first class quarters! Darling ... & I love that bird house ...

Have a lovely week.
TTFN ~Marydon

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Lynn:
My father raised Araucana chickens when I was in high school. I love the blues and greens of their eggs, and if I were to raise chickens, I'd certainly have Araucanas.

Your chicken coop is a true beauty, too! I love all the little touches you added. Perfect!


Connie said...

You are so fortunate to have the space to have a hen house, sweets, and to get fresh eggs. Jack would slurp you up and down if we lived near you! Hah.

Unknown said...

Wow! Nothing like having it fresh. Husband did thought about having a chicken coop once but it's been shelved for now :)

Jennifer said...

Lynn, I love your little hens! Your little coop is so adorable and sweet. You truly made it a part of your landscape and showcased your personality. How awesome that is!? I love the bit of romance that accompanies a few hens (MR. Jones has gone above and beyond!) but they are so much fun to watch.

I am so glad you are still enjoying them!


Bunny said...

Lynn, You have such a way with words!! I adore this post! Your new girls are wonderful & the coop is just charming!! Luv the pic of the dog nose to nose with one of the chickens, wish you could know what he was thinking......
Beautiful, enjoy!!
XOXO ~ Bunny
B. Catherine Designs

trash talk said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. In fact, the girls and their "chicken house" are darling. I would love to have chickens, but Cat Daddy is afraid of them. Sshh, don't tell him I told you that....have to protect the rep!
I am so glad you beat everyone to that little casa. It is precious.

Kelee Katillac said...

What a fantastic experience and post!

I adore your chickens and their home. We have always wanted chickens--my husband especially. But, we are such animal nuts and being vegetarians we do eat only the egg and milk.

Truly charming--to match your blog! I am so happy to find you and Thank-you so much for your visit and kind comments!

love, kelee

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What fun, there was nothing wrong with that video! As I was reading I was wondering if the eggs were any better than store bought...then you said they were! the house is darling. I Live in a small downtown cottage, bummer no room!

Sue said...

Lynn, If this isn't the cutest little house for your chickens, I don't know what is!!! Adorably sweet is all I can say.I'm glad they are bringing you and yours such pleasure. Enjoy your eggs!
hugs, Sue

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Lynn, What a charming coop you have! I have been tossing around the idea of chicken for quite a while. I saw you let the girls run around your garden are they rough on the plants?
I have enjoye my visit and am your newest follower:-)
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Ms. Scarlett! Your hens have a nicer house than I do.
That was a really cute post. Y'all be sure to keep the foxes away, you hear??

Mr. Bobo

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