How Hot Is It???

It's so hot even our chicken,  Belle, is panting.   The thermometer in the pool reads 90 degrees....like bath water.....certainly not cooling off water.  The outside temperature Sunday read 105 degrees.  Thanks goodness the humidity was down or it would have been unbearable.   Nothing you can do about it but talk about it.

Nothing special to blog about today so I just thought I would just complain about the weather and skip around here and there with a bit of what's happening here on the farmette.  We had some friends over for what we thought would be a little pool party but, as I mentioned, it was just to darn hot to even go outside.  We stayed indoors, played cards and chatted.  My tomatoes aren't doing worth a toot this summer but my friend brought me tons from her garden and they were gorgeous.  What to do with a bounty of tomatoes?  I know you are asking yourself this question this summer.  For starters I made a wonderful homemade guacamole that is just out of this world.  My daughter-in-love taught me this recipe and it includes tomatoes.   The dip gets kind of pricey for us because avocados aren't cheap but maybe you are lucky enough to have your own tree.  I don't like the avocados to be too soft or too hard....but just yield slightly to pressure.  I chop them up and mash with a fork, leaving some chunky bits.  Add lemon or lime juice, fresh chopped garlic, pepper and lots of salt to taste.  We like it with a kick so I had some hot pepper sauce or hot salsa to it.  Mix thoroughly.  To that, fold in some finely chopped red onion and seeded tomatoes and serve with a good tortilla chip......  yummo! and some cold, refreshing margaritas, made with fresh limes.  A cute  addition to the drink is a straw with one of those lime green jelly leaves on it.  Makes a great little mixer and you get to eat it too.  ( I know ....don't tell me....I used martini glasses for the Margaritas.....why?  because I like the shape better :)

Before squeezing your limes, here is a quick tip that makes it a million times easier.  Pop them in the microwave for about 15 seconds, wait a few minutes for them to cool and then squeeze.  You get so much more juice that way.  I found this charming vintage glass juicer on my "treasure hunts" not too long ago and wanted to try it out.  It's hand painted and so cute for a retro kitchen with the little cherries on it.  Worked like a charm too.  It's available here in my shop.

For our dinner I served another "think cool" recipe and it's another great use for all your 'maters.   Simply cut your tomatoes up into small chunks, seeded.  For two people, you need about 1/2 pound of fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined.  I had extra large shrimp so I cut them up.  After prepping the shrimp, season them lightly with salt and a generous amount of pepper and set aside in the fridge.  Heat some olive oil in a saute pan over med. high heat.  Add the shrimp and let brown on one side 2-3 minutes, turn over and brown the other side.  Add the tomatoes and season again with a light sprinkling of salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.  Cook until they break down and thicken, 2-3 minutes.  Remove the pan from heat and stir in some (I like a lot) feta cheese and fresh thinly sliced basil leaves.  I like to serve over brown rice.  Add some biscuits and you have a great meal.  Remember the fresh blackberries I said I was looking for in a previous post?  Well..... I found them at the flea market.  This  guy was selling them, freshly picked from his property.  They were huge and so sweet.  I made a cobbler out of them for our dessert.  Talk about a good summertime meal!

I love crepe myrtles.  Do you have them in your part of the country?  Around here the new type start blooming in late Spring.  Mine are the old fashioned variety that don't bloom until the first of July, adding a pop of color in your yard.  Mine are called "watermelon reds".   A couple of years ago, we redid the pool and the surrounding garden.  There were three small myrtles that ran across the retaining walls.  The pool diggers dug them up with the little Bobcat and we put the root balls in the lake, hoping to keep them alive for replanting.  And they stayed there for two months.  Replanting them in early summer they lost all their leaves and I really thought we had done a crepe murder.  But the following year they put out some leaves and had a few scraggly blooms.  But this year they have returned with a vengeance and are just beautiful.  And for that I am grateful.  I love the hot pink against the cool aqua water. 

This year, for fun, I planted some candy stripe zinnias.  I love zinnias because they can take the heat and don't wilt and make everlasting cut flowers.  Aren't the stripes fun?  See the bee?   I also caught a photo of a little butterfly enjoying the butterfly bush.  That bush was a volunteer this year and has grown 3 feet tall with beautiful purple blossoms.  I love freebies.

When Boo was here we went blue berry picking.  The blueberries were spectacular this year and it didn't take long for us to pick a big bucket full.  We made blue berry pancakes, blueberry yogurt parfaits and blueberry cupcakes.  Have you tried making cupcakes in flat bottomed ice cream ones?  It works great and you just eat the whole thing.  The kids love them.  Boo frosted the cupcakes all by herself after Grandmama' taught her the fine art of "swirling". 

Out of the mouths of babes.......   On their return trip home, while sitting in the airport and after having said our goodbyes (sniff sniff),  Boo turned to her Dad and said "there sure is a lot of love in this place".  She had been observing all the happy hello's and tearful goodbyes at the departure gate.   That's it for today.  I will see you Friday for the French Cupboard's Blog Altered Art Party.  xoxo


trash talk said...

I just love posts like this. I feel like I just left your kitchen table after an evening of catching up...while drinking margaritas out of martini glasses...the only way to fly.
I'm with Boo...yours is a happy place!
BTW...She's precious even with an "oops".

PeggyR said...

Great post! Do you find it hard keeping your pool cool in the heat? I wonder if it's like bath water...

Debbi said...

I want a margartia now! Loved your post Lynn. We have to make a point to have salsa, chips and guacaomle at the next SLS shindig:) Oh and the margarita's--this time we wont run out of booze.....

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That Boo is mighty cute, Lynn! And she is obviously quite observant and bright, too!

I have a big crepe myrtle that stretches to the second floor window of our St. Augustine place. I love it. My painters whacked it down several years ago when I wasn't looking, and it finally grew back.

I love all of your food there, girl. It looks cool and refreshing. I just made a late run to Publix and ended up eating chicken tenders with Boar's Head mustard. Mr. Magpie is out of town, and I decided I wanted something aside from the Yogurt I had planned to eat. ;-) Pass me some of that cobbler, please!


Sheila :-)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Lynn, it was so much fun to visit your blog and catch up on your summer fun. That shrimp and tomato dish sounds wonderful! I love "mater" season - eat at least 1 a day when I can get them. I've never seen a striped zinia. that is gorgeous. Love the "oops" photo. It made me smile, and the comment about "a lot of love" is just too cute! laurie

The Polka Dot Closet said...

That was fun Lynn, the pool water here is not refreshing either. My air conditioner can barely keep the house at 80 during the heat of the day! It is the hottest summer in 20 years...poor chickens! Nothing like fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and olive oil YUMMM! My son leaves Orlando for DC in 3 days sniff, sniff! I know how you feel. If he ever has a baby I will just make him leave it!


Unknown said...

Ah..the food -- I want to eat them not look only at the computer. Zinnias do well here in our hot temp BUT we never had striped ones..first for me :) Poor chicken...I can imagine the heat there. Hugs..M

Jennifer said...

Lynn, I just loved visiting with you this morning. Your post reminded me of an old fashioned scene of two neighbors talking over a fence. While it has certainly been hot, it seems you have found plenty to keep cool. Your recipes sounds scrumptious and just perfect at the end of a summers day. How wonderful that your Boo was able to spend some time with you. I know that you enjoyed it so much.

Continue to enjoy your summer. It was so fun catching up with you.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello Lynn ~ I have had the pleasure of tasting that guacamole dip! My camping neighbor treats us often with it! Mmmmm... Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely wish of miles of smiles!!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

100% the last two days and today, 99, 98, 99 etc for the next week.
there is a Southern saying "Horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow"
well darlin' I can light up a city :))
Your post cooled me off a bit and now I want a Margarita...we like to get the buckets that you freeze so you really end up with a Margarita slushy but ummm ummmmm yum.
Stay in the shade !

dana said...

Good morning, Lynn. It's HOT in KC, too!! Right now, it's 83, but will be a scorcher before long....and we have an OZONE alert, too. :( Guess it's a great day to stay inside and clean the bathroom. :)

Love your post...your pool and cute fish chair look wonderful..who's floating in the pool? The crepe myrtle is lovely..and I LOVE zinnias!! My pal Bonnie almost always gives me a big bouquet for my birthday...right out of her garden. That little Boo looks like a future pastry queen....and she's so "tuned in" to her surroundings..what a delightful statement she made!!

Hope little Belle stays cool..my kitties are asleep for a while. They were just chasing each other around....they're so fun!

L, dana

annieg said...

8:40 am CA time as I'm reading this post. Too early for a margarita?????

I have a few pots of herbs and veggies on my front porch. One is a jalapeno pepper plant and it is ready for pickin'. Now, if we could just get those tomatoes to do their thing........

Lynn, starting out a day with your blog makes my heart smile!! You are a dear lady with the gift of words that are soooooooo lyrical. Thanks.

Gabriela said...

Hello Lynn,

Well...I have two questions for you...one is:
Who is that person suffering so much...and floating in the pool?

And the other one:
Who is the name of this sweet girl?

Thanks for visiting me!

~ Gabriela ~

Beach House Living said...

I would be sleeping on a pool raft with my feet in the water if I could. Hope Bella handles the heat a little better soon.

Sara Louise said...

That margarita looks good!

It was so unbearably hot here as well, that since we don't have AC in the south of France, I made the mistake of saying a little prayer for the mistral to come so at least we would have wind... well the mistral came for five days!!! It blew in windows, I have one broken wine glass, and one broken plate to show for it.

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Lynn,

Beautiful images, thanks for sharing them. Your food images looks so tasty and I was wondering what time dinner is??? LOL Have a great day.


Kat said...

Great post Lynn. It is hot here in Atlanta but in the summer it is always in the high nineties. I am one of the few people who really enjoys the heat.

Scrapping With Sherry said...

How much fun is all of that... I havent had people over for a very long time. I do believe I need to do so! Maybe a BBQ.

I came here today to introduce myself. My name is Sherry, and I am one of the new Bloggerette Sorority Sisters. I have only been blogging for a few weeks so I missed the rush, but am excited to take part in all the fun! I would be honored if you would come for a visit at my blog http://scrappingwithsherry1.blogspot.com/

Take Care~ Sherry

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello Dear Lynn,
I was so happy to see you stopped by.I was on a trip. I've enjoyed my walk though your beautiful home and yard also.I really could use one of those cool drinks.It was 110 here with humidity the other day.It was so hot we had to bring in our very big Rott...Rip. You could not breathe.Our birds are panting also.They are sitting in a small runoff ditch,thats how hot it is here.I hope this winter evrything slows down.Don't you?
You have a wonderful rest of the summer Hon and keep cool ,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Sarah said...

What a nice visit! I love those candy stripe zinnias. I'm going to look for some of those next summer.
Have a great Sunday! ~ Sarah

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