Honey Lamb Rosettes ~ The PARTY

Yay!!...It's finally here!!... I get to reveal who my Rosette Party swapette partner was and what she sent and what I sent to my partner.  This was such a fun party and I was tickled pink to be involved in it.  And a big huge thanks to Jill over at Gypsy Brocante for hosting this amazing event.  You can boot scoot right on over there to see all the gorgeous rosette projects.  The purse she received is a three second WOW! I tell ya'!!  And speaking of three second wows........let me tell you what came in the post for me.....not once but twice.

Shelley,  that really cute girl  of that really cute blog, " Honey Lamb and I"  got my name.  How in the world she knew I was so sweet I will never know but she must have,  because look at the box my rosette came in!! .......... It even has a little bird on it.

The dreamy rosette brooch that was inside was just over the top bee-u-ti-ful!!   This gorgeous rosette was made with every fabric I just love, tiny faded roses and denim and ticking and vintage old pearls in the center.  See it pinned on my old vintage denim duster stand by coat..........the one I always throw when I am in a hurry and running out the door.  This over the top adorable brooch just made this ol' coat good for another 10 years!  Woohoo!!  Can you say?

Anthropologie eat your heart out!!

I was so thrilled with my rosette swap gift and thinking how I must be the luckiest blogger in the world to get such great swap partners when a few days later another package arrived in the mail.  Grabbing it out of the our big country mailbox as we were heading down the road for dinner.  What the!......  I thought....because I knew I hadn't ordered anything lately.  Opening it up while dining al fresco with Bobby G. at our favorite restaurant, I was in shock.   I pulled out not one, but two more luscious rosettes.  A loop de loop vanilla flower rosette brooch made from a type of soft burlap.  Don't get jealous now ladies.  Isn't it fabulous?  I think this may get pinned to my cute little petite black leather purse I just bought.

And then I pulled this out of that package................can you hardly stand it??   Isn't that the most amazing cuff bracelet you have ever seen? A beautiful combination of homey shabby denim and elegant luscious soft pink velvet and pleated faded roses and an old rhinestone button with hand stitched french knots and flowers.  Wait!  there's more ....... a teeny tiny little laundry pin and pretty muted lace.  You can't have it!  It's mine, mine, mine.  :)  I will be the envy of every single lady out here in this country county I tell you!  Thank you Shelley for your kindness and infectious bubbly personality and all the work you put into this gorgeous swap. I will treasures these TREASURES always.

And I thought I'd show you just a glimpse of what I sent to my partner,  Sylvia of My Trinkets  blog.  I'll let her show you what was inside. 

Now don't forget....there is still a few more days to sign up for my give-away right here.  I will announce the winner on Saturday's Pink Day along with the most fabulous vintage fairy doll you have ever seen so come on back....you hear?  xoxo


Beach House Living said...

Wow, makes getting the mail something to look forward to. Enjoy all your treasures.

NanaDiana said...

How very special! What fun it always is to get a package in the mail...and then to find something you love? Well, you said it-You were doubly blessed...or is it a triple now? Diana

trash talk said...

Holy cow...I mean lamb! How darling are those! You are now the belle of the county sporting those bad boys!
P.S. I went to school with a girl named...are you ready for this...Honey Lamb! I thought you might get a giggle out that one!

Melissa said...

Love the first flower broach on your denim duster and the cuff bracelet!!

Honey Lamb and I said...

Oh you are so sweet! If I ever become famous, I want you to write my press!!! lol! So glad you liked all of them. I came and looked at your blog to try to get a sense of what you would like. Glad if worked out:)

Linda K. said...

Can't get enough of all these rosettes! They just get prettier and prettier! And yours is so sweet!


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I know you will love showing those off. And what great packages to get in the mail!

Hope you are having a beautiful week!

Sew Hungryhippie said...

That looks like it was a super fun swap! I love what Shelley makes...and your blog is so --- SWEET! heehee Thanks for your kind comments on mine, it made my night. :o)
...now off to have a biscut! hahaha Just kidding.
natalie (hungry hippie)

All Things Pretty... said...

I know you must feel spoiled! Enjoy all your beautiful goodies!
:) mercedes

Linda said...

Lynn, you are sweet! Love your treasures...they are beyond beautiful....I tried to choose a favorite but couldn't, I love them all...hugs, Linda


Swaps are wonderful! You get real mail and a gift or 2 :)
Very pretty!
Your paper shoe is so unique and looks like it was a lot of work. It's sweet.

The Chateau of Remnants said...

I love it when we get such wonderful packages it makes swapping so fun! Very pretty rosettes! This was such a fun swap!

Renee ♥

Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

Your rosette is a PERFECT addition to your denim duster!!! So fun! And that loopy rosette...how cool is that?!

This swap was so much fun!

Happy Rosette Day!

stephanies cottage said...

What beautiful rosettes you received. And that cuff is fantastic! ! Hugggsss Stephanie

Pamela Kellogg said...

Always so beautiful! Your blog is so soothing on the soul! Lovely.

Lynne said...

All of the rosettes are just gorgeous!! Esp love the burlap one!!

Ivy said...

Oh my goodness, it's all so beautiful! xoxo

JoAnne said...

I'm in rosette heaven!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

WOW ! That ShelleyBelle is sure sumpin' !!! but you deserve all that shugah.


Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Wanted to tell you that those gifts you got knocked my socks off. This gal is a true artisan. How many times can I say WOW!!!!? Double WOW????? That would be WOW WOW! I've gotta set aside a day just to search the internet for DIY rosette instructions.

BTW, you looked pretty darn cute there at dinner with your to die for wristlet on.

Have a good one...........

Gypsy Fish said...

With that fabulous rosette pinned to your jacket, one on your purse and sporting that gorgeous cuff your're right...anthropoloies got nothing on you!

Margaret Cloud said...

I like all the things you received in the mail. My favorite was the Cuff bracelet, it is so adorable, it is made so elegant, I love everything that went into making it, the rhinestone button and laundry pin was such a nice touch. Always enjoy stopping by, have a nice week.

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