GIVE THANKS Party ~ Please Join Me

I'm having a PARTY and YOU are invited
A 'Give Thanks' Party

Friday ~ November 19th, 2010

I have been a participant in so many blog parties and it's always a thrill and a joy to join in.  I will be oh so grateful if you will join me in my first ever blog party.  With Thanksgiving on the horizon, which is my very favorite holiday, I thought a GIVE THANKS virtual party would be fun. 

A thanks giving for all we are blessed with....... our friends and family and this delightful blog community.   Everyday I continue to be delighted by your sweet, funny, insightful, informative and thought provoking posts and comments.  I cherish each and every one of you.  So please join me this day in telling us all what you are grateful for.  You can give us a favorite recipe, tell a funny holiday story, talk about your family, show a table setting....just anything your heart desires.  I will make a side bar notation of all the joiners so that on the party day you can come here and start your blog hopping. 

To join in please leave a comment on this post with your blog url/address and your blog name and I will note it on my sidebar.  Please mark your calendar for this fun day, November 19th, 2010,  as it is ever so disappointing to click and find no post.  I will post mine the evening before for our friends across the ocean.  I would be so grateful if you would grab the button on my sidebar and post on your blog side bar too....that way the word will be spread and the more the merrier.   :)  On the day of the party don't forget to link back to my blog so others can find their way. (you know how to do that right? :)

in appreciation I am having a give-away too, the winner to be announced the day of the party.  And what will that give-away be you ask???  Oh my!  Have you seen it yet?  That fabulous new French (ooh la la! ) e-magazine from our charming Mimi of Bonjour Romance?   BELLE INSPIRATION......... It's a celebration of Le Joie de Vivre and oh so fabulous!  You can click here for a little preview.    And the holiday issue promises to be spectacular.  My give-away......a subscription for this oh so fabulous  magazine.  It will be a give-away that will keep giving and giving.   Belle Inspiration, is a rendez-vous with good taste and style.  Published bi-monthly and will be delivered to you in a flip-page format.  Each issue showcases practical and versatile ideas, with beautiful images, unique boutiques, lovely interiors, food,  and fashion.   A small respite for a busy day.  The  "Give Thanks" winner's name will be drawn from all the commenters and joiners in this party so I hope to see your name here.

I am so excited to be having this gratitude party and give-away and will just be thrilled to pieces if you will join in on the fun and this day of thanks.   xoxo

Images provided by the Graphics Fairy....Many thanks. :)



La said...

Hi Lynn!

I will be joining your blog party. My blog is A Musing Potpourri and may be found at http://amusingpotpourri.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

I would love to participate. My blog url: TesoroFino.blogspot.com I will go look for the linky button and place on my side bar. xoxo

Unknown said...

Count me in! http://www.tesorofino.blogspot.com
Will add your button to my sidebar.oxox

Karen said...

Hi Lynn - I have 2 blogs -
Karen's Avon Blog -http://karensavonblog.blogspot.com/

40 Something and Loving It -

This sounds like fun ! Thanks!!!

NanaDiana said...

Popping in from Vacation. this is a great idea. I will drop back by with a "I'm Thankful post" when I am off the road. I am using a terrible computer here and posting is misery. Hugs- Diana

Annesphamily said...

I would love to join you. I am http://annesphamily.blogpsot.com/ I will not the date. Thank you Anne

Unknown said...

I have managed to add your " Give Thanks" button to my blog.
My blog url is http://sharonswannabecottage.blogspot.com/.
Now I hope I can come up with something interesting to post.
Looking forward to the party !

Debbi said...

Awesome and fun idea Lynn!
I will put this on both my blogs



Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Sounds Wonderful ~ Count Me It....

I will add your Blog party button to my side bar... Look forward to the party

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Oh Lynn I would not miss a party thrown by you! Please add me to your list ~ http://www.rmebathproducts.blogspot.com.


Claudia Mora said...

Lovely idea! Please add me to the guest list www.anticatreasures.blogspot.com
Placing your party banner on my blog too

dana said...

Dear Lynn, this is a great party!!! Count me in!!! L, Dana

Unknown said...

Yes, I'd love to join.

Sarah @ BloggingWhileWaiting

Char said...

Sounds like lots of fun Lynn, I think I will also join the party, Char

Jennifer said...

What a perfectly lovely idea. I definitely want to join your gratitude party!

Fiddle Dee Dee


I hope you had a wonderful get-away.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Lynn,
Such a great idea count me in. I think we are thinking alike!
My blog is Bonjour Romance / http://bonjourromance.blogspot.com.
I will post your button now!
Have a wonderful week,

Unknown said...

Hey Lynn, I am in. I put your badge on my blog which is www.gracefulrose.blogspot.com. See you there!

SueAnn said...

What a fabulous idea!! It is great to hear that Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday, sometimes I think it gets left behind Halloween and Christmas. We would love to join! Our blog is A lil bird told me:

We will put your button in our link love section! Thanks! Karen and SueAnn

Margaret Cloud said...

I would not miss your party. My blog is,http://olddigger.blogspot.com/ .

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Of course you can count me in!!! thepolkadotcloset.blogspot.com Won't you want the url for the post in case people want to read it later. What do I know, I am so untechy! (Is that a word?) Thanks for taking this on! I am going to mark it on the calendar, I would feel terrible if I forgot!


trash talk said...

What a fabulous idea. Why didn't I think of this?!?! I'll try and attend, but I will for sure add the button to my sidebar!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I won't enter this one as we were lucky enough to be in Belle Inspiration, but I just know everyone is gonna love it!

Barb said...

Hi Lynn,

I would love to participate. A gratitude party sounds just wonderful.


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Lynn, I would love to be included in the party. Sounds like fun!
xo, Sherry

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Add me !!! http://www.TheScentedCottage.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

This is so exciting Lynn and I will be at the party..


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Lynn, I'd love to join in if you don't mind that it would be part of my Vintage Inspiration Friday Party! A wonderful idea! Thank you for the invitation.

bj said...

Please do add my name to the guest list...I will be there with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes.:)
xo bj

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

we've already had thxgiving last wknd, but i'll join the party !
see you there :)
or stop by FHC for tea ...

Sara said...

I will definitely be joining in on this. Hugs Sara

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

oh my goodness! this sounds like such a fun party, I'd like to participate.

I'll take your button for now and post it on my sidebar.

Thanks so much for hosting, it's going to be so much fun.

Unknown said...

I'll be at the party. Thanks for the invite.

Donnie said...

Hi Lynn, I think i did everything right about linking up on my blog. It worked when I hit the button. Sounds like fun. My blog is a bit confusing because my blessing has no "s" at the end. So I will be hopefully joining you that day.

Thanks, Donnie


All Things Pretty... said...

Please sign me up for your Giving Thanks blog party! What a great idea! :) mercedes

Unknown said...

What a fun party this will be ... BUT ... you must 'remind' me or I'll surely forget.

TY for asking us to be with you ...


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Great idea for a party Lynn, and what a wonderful giveaway! I plan to post for your party, and pleeeeease enter my name in the drawing for the give-away. laurie @ http://bargainhuntingwithlaurie.blogspot.com/

bj said...

oops, Lynn, my name isn't on your sidebar list..I will be coming to your party...:))

Unknown said...

Oh! This sounds so fun! Please count me in http://coffeeonthetable.blogspot.com. I can't wait to see what everyone posts. It's a really great idea - THANKS for hosting!


Jorgelina said...

This is a great party!!! Count me in!!!

Linda M. said...

Hi Lynn,

Sounds like a wonderful party idea. Add me to the list please. I have your button posted on my side bar at lmarandomcreativity.blogspot.com.
Thanks for the invitation to your party!

gpc said...

I'm going to try to do this -- I'm am not the most organized or brilliant blogger out there, alas! My bog is Shedding the Wolf, at http://grandmagogreen.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn I would love to join your party, Happy Pink Saturday to you today! My blog is Lulu's Lovlies http://luluslovlies.blogspot.com/ Hugs Marilou

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn, I now have your button on my sidebar so I'm all set, thanks for hosting this special party! Hugs! Marilou

the old white house said...

Hi Lynn! I'm grabbing your button and joining the party, what a great idea! Theresa xoxo

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Lynn, count me in for your Give Thanks blog party!


I'll go ahead and put your button on my blog!

Unknown said...

Please count me in
I will add your button!!

Slice of Pie said...

Thanks for the invitation ... I'm in!


I'm grabbing your button and linking accordingly.

Sue McPeak said...

Yep! Count Me In!

Sue...CollectInTexas Gal


Sharon said...

Sounds like a great party .. I'll be there.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~I would love to join the party!! :) Rachel www.shabbyfrenchforme.blogspot.com

Tete said...

This sounds like fun and I would like to join your party!

The Charm of Home said...

I will come to your party! My blog is:


Thanks for hosting!

Maison Mutt said...

Count me in! My blog name is: Maison Mutt & it can be found at:
This sounds like FUN. I'll be posting your button on my sidebar.
Licks & Wags, Niki

Dana and Daisy said...

Oh Lynn, I don't know how I almost missed this! Yes! Count me in! Perfect, just what I need to turn this ship around... a little blessing accounting!

Dana and Daisy
I think you know our adddy, but to make it easier on you...

grabbing you button next!

amanda said...

Yes, please count me in and thank you for putting together such a wonderful party! I look forward to joining in on the fun!


Count me in as well! I'd love to join! Sounds like fun! Thanks for hosting and the invite!

:D Lynda

Dianne Long said...

Took me a while to get my "party" posted but it is up and there are lots of photos and some yummy recipes, hope everyone will come back by if you didn't see my post earlier! ENJOY!

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