The Last Rose ~ Pink Saturday

A rose is a rose is a rose or a rose by any other name could be called a rose hip or the fruit of the rose.  That's pretty much what is left on my rose bushes right now, except for this one sweet pink rose still blooming in our November autumnal sunshine.  A beautiful pink rose which in a few days will be welcome feed for the birds.  But even though my pink rose bushes are getting ready for a long winter's rest, we are preparing for their glorious blooms again in the Spring.  I had seen these rose bushes blooming prolifically all around town this past summer, mostly around commercial property.  Inquiring, I was told they were called Knock Out roses.   On a trip to the nursery I purchased two of the last four bushes they had.   Armed with shovels, some new soil and some of my neighbor's black gold, Bobby G. got my bushes planted. (digging holes for me is not his favorite past time! )  I can't wait to see them next season and hope they bloom as well as all the ones I saw around town. 

And speaking of our beloved roses, look what I found on my hunts!  I love the old metal tole ware painted pieces, especially with their time worn patina.  They have so much sweet cottage charm. This one is a plaque of roses in a once white and now very worn gold basket. The roses are dimensional and the basket looks like the old florist baskets that are so much fun to collect and use.  It is chippy, a bit rusty, faded and crusty, in other words,  perfect with it's shabby imperfections.  :)  It can be found at The Vintage Nest here.

A very Happy Pink Saturday to you and thanks for dropping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with a peek at my silver collection for Silver Sunday and a cottage collection I put together for you. I'll leave the door open for you and please click on over to Beverly's blog, our very very gracious hostess.  You will find ever so much more pink.   xoxo


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Good Morning, Lynn!

You are going to love those Knock Out roses. We have them in a spot in the front yard, and they bloom like mad.

What a neat tole piece you found there! I don't think I've ever seen one like it. I've seen tole roses, but not in a vase, cool!

Looking forward to your linky party next week!


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

You'll love the Knockout roses. Sapphire had me plant 7; 4 pink and 3 red. They bloom like crazy all summer, and somewhat even up to December down here in deep Dixie.

D. Jean Quarles said...

Happy P.S. Lovely roses.

Tete said...

Knockout roses are the best! I have 2 pink ones and hope to add more next year. They bloom and bloom!

Kristen White said...

We have several Knockout roses too and they are so beautiful and always blooming! Have a great weekend!

NanaDiana said...

Knockout roses are wonderful! I need to get some planted this next year. Hugs- Diana

Margaret Cloud said...

What a nice guy you have. I have never heard of knock-out-roses, but I am not flower savoy. That shell picture with roses is so pretty.

The Muse said...

sadly i have to love roses from afar...for they do not seem to do well here at all..so i am overly happy to know that you will get to enjoy them !

ooo and i see you have some good hearty help :) LOL
have a great weekend my friend :)

Sarah said...

My knockout roses are still blooming. They rarely take a break. Enjoy!
~ Sarah

Pam said...

I saw these when I was in Kentucky. They were beautiful. So glad you were able to find a couple of bushes for your garden.
Happy Pink Saturday.

Love the vintage metal flowers.

Linda said...

This is a new rose to me...it is so pretty, love the color! My roses are just about done blooming too and patiently waiting for their trimming....nest month and not a minute sooner...hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn,
Wow, roses still. Our leaves are almost completely off the trees here, and it's definitely getting colder. Your roses are lovely, and I like the ones that you create too. You are my Pink Saturday mention this week.

Your like that little girl who first shared her lunch with you in school. You never forget her for being so thoughtful. Just like you Lynn...five years ago you were one of the first people to visit me and leave a comment.

Happy Pink Saturday,


Maison Mutt said...

AH HA! I was wondering what the name of those rose bushes was. I've admired them (as we have them in our area too). Thanks for letting me know, I will be sure to pick some up next spring. Happy PS!
Licks & Wags, Niki

Sue McPeak said...

Every Pinkie needs more Rose Bushes and I bet the New KnockOut Bush will be a source for Pink Rose Posts come Spring...or even next Fall! I'm showing the last of my Pink Roses today on Pink Saturday...can't believe it is November and they are still blooming and so beautiful. Sure do like the great Rose finds you shared today, too. Happy Pink Saturday...Sue

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Lynn Sweetie...
What a gorgeous share today. I love your lone pink rose. Isn't she beautiful? The color is just gorgeous.

I can't wait to see what your new one will give to you next year. They are always such a blessing to walk out and see aren't they? They are the gift that just keeps on giving.

Your metal rose find is just beautiful. You must have the best time, going out, and hunting for wonderful finds to share. She is a beauty and I know she will find just the right home.

I am still enjoying my blanket. We are starting to cool down in the evenings, but still warm in the daytime. It is definitely beautiful here in the desert this time of year. This is what keeps me here.

Have a gorgeous weekend sweetie. Happy Pink Saturday. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Lynn I love your roses! Do they grow at the beach, ha, ha!!!!! You always seem to find the most interesting treasures. Some day I will go treasure hunting with you.

Happy PS,

That shabby Pink Girl said...

Hmmm, I'll have to look for those knockout roses, I hadn't heard of them. What a delightful post.
have a wonderfulDay!

marian elizabeth

Donnie said...

Love all your photo's today and have a Happy Pink Saturday.

Sherrie said...

I love toleware and roses, so I am happy to see both in your post. Thank you for sharing today. I am checking on a few things that are left in my garden, but pretty much everything has now been put to bed.

Deanna said...

Loved your rose and I am drooling over that rose placque!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Deanna :D

Leo said...

Happy Pink Saturday!!! Love these roses.

Pam said...

Just read about your American Girl clothing at a garage sale. You lucked out there. I'm sure your GD will love the clothes. I found a Felicity at the thrift store for 2.98. She was in perfect condition. She stays at mema's house for the girls to play with when they visit.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hello Gorgeous Lynn!

What a beautiful rose and be still my heart! What a gorgeous plaque...you lucky girl to find such a treasure!

Thanks for the visit and yes...I was completely overwhelmed by all the beauty at Gilding the Lily! Truly an extraordinary shop with treasures from years gone past. I'm glad that all that vintage beauty gets to be discovered all these years later.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Margie said...

Happy Pink Saturday Lynn, beautiful inspiring rose, the perfect symbol of hope and strenght. Hugs, Margie.

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

LOVED the pink roses! I am in a rental but I think I am just going to HAVE to put at least one bush in next spring. I miss them so (used to have 30+!!!). They will make a nice addition to my senior mom's and my gardening efforts! Have a lovely Pink Saturday. :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I had knock out roses in my front garden, what I love is they require little care. they eventually died after 6 years (You think it was because I didn't care for them) I am geting ready to replant them.


Gypsea Nurse said...

Love your roses!! I have a bunch of Knock outs and it is no joke.. they will bloom and grow like crazy!
Have a great weekend!

dana said...

I am a knock out rose fan, too. Sadly, when I bought two bushes, on sale, a few years ago....I THOUGHT they were "knock outs", but I think they are really Knock Off Knock Out roses. They are not very pretty.....BUT they have survived my less than skillful gardening attempts. They don't care when I cut 'em down for the winter..they just come back stronger the next year! :)

LOVE you silver shares for Sunday..and the ornies!! I tried to sell three great boxes of Shiny Brite Ornies at a little flea mkt yesterday.....NO ONE WANTED THEM!! That's OK...I'll keep 'em and love 'em! :)

Hope you had a wonderful PSat!! L, Dana

fiberdoodles said...

Happy belated Pink Saturday!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

OMG, how wonderful to have roses...All my roses have to stay CLOSE to the house(too many animals LOVE them too), and last year my chipmunks cleaned out my large ones near the house...LOVE your knockouts... You'll be SURE to share them BLOOMING with us in the spring! and "I'm your newest follower so I don't miss anything"!!! I hope you will FOLLOW me too, I LOVE Company!
Hugs to you, Donna

Cheryl said...

I've been told that if you bury banana peels in the soil next to rose bushes it helps them bloom even more. I'm going to try it! I've got over 40 rose bushes in my yard :-)

Kathleen said...

Hi Lynn,
Good luck with your new roses. I have one and it is still going stron here in NY! Another good one is New Dawn. I haven't found one yet, but I have seen how fast they grow and bloom prolifically!
Thanks for putting up my button!

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