Calming my Soul

While our home is a topsy turvy mess (see first photo and don't ask),  :)  let's stroll the grounds and see how Spring, in all her glory, has unfolded. I added a few new things I want you to see.  Walking the gardens calms my soul thru all this ruckus.

 A tangle of honey suckle and sweet tiny wild roses grow profusely on the lake bank.   The smell of the honey suckle in the evenings is intoxicating.

 Meet Phoebe.  She has a nest over top of my studio door.  All the comings and goings of the workers don't seem to bother her.  She found a perch today on a project I am working on. (blurry photo taken thru glass and screen)

 Clematis vine on the old wire bench.

The girls waiting for their mid-day snack. :)

Pink petunias planted in an old tin bucket.  Nearly everything I plant is pink.  :)

 I love watching Momma and Daddy Goose taking care of their babies.  It's fascinating to see how they keep a "hawk eye" on them as the little ones learn.

An old crumbling bird bath statue.  She's definitely seen better days but I wouldn't have her any other way.  (kind of like me)

Time never stands still in the garden.

The great heron.  He cast quite a shadow as he flies over....legs stuck straight out behind him.  Ever heard a heron squawk?  Oh my!.....

It always tickles me to see the turtles all lined up on a log sun bathing.  This fellow is just getting his place in line. 

The old bicycle.  The harsh winter totally disintegrated the basket liners, so this Spring I lined them with moss. Don't know why I didn't do it years ago.  Love the effect!

Textiles on the front porch.  Who says you can't put your new ruffly pillow on the front porch?  Looooove it!  Hand made by the sweetest young Mother I met at the farmer's market. I went to buy basil plants and bought pillows instead :)

A new addition to the bird sanctuary.  The "tree" house, made from dead fall trees, was crafted by a true renaissance lady that lives out here.  She lives in a tree house too. :)

Peach tree nubbins.  I have yet to get a full blown peach off this tree, thanks to the deer. 

My "new" old pink watering can.

White clematis.  I swear those things were as big as plates this year.  How I wish they would bloom all summer.  Next week the deep purple ones will open.

Office manager, snoozing on the job.  Can you blame him basking in the warm sunshine?

New hanging baskets line the stone path this year.

The only traffic we get out here :)

 Fallen nests......free decorations which are such a delight, one of which is yours if you are the winner of my Cottage Give-Away.  Last Call!   You have until Saturday night, the 28th, to sign up. Hope you will...just click here.

And finally, not all the work being done on the house is on the inside.  Meet Jeff.  He is our carpenter on this journey.  Today he is replacing the crummy fake lattice work we had with the real stuff, nice thick wood.  I absolutely love it.  It conceals the open area underneath the screened porch (which I still haven't even opened yet).   It will be painted a soft French gray when all is said and done.   Can't wait! 

I would like to thank all the gracious ladies who host the fun parties that I am attending this week.  You can click each one for more inspiration and I hope I have personally given you a little inspiration from the farmette.   xoxo to all and I will see you later this week at Pink Saturday's birthday party AND Anita's Simply Irresistible party.  I have searched for days for the perfect shoes to wear to these very special soirees.   I am positively giddy with excitement.  And I have a present for you too! 

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Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

enjoyed th tour of the wildlife and botanicals!

Unknown said...

Lynn, your photos are gorgeous ... such beauty, serenity & fun. Love the pooch & turtles ... the gardens & water scene are beautiful.

Have a beautiful week ~

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Lynn, I am glad you have something pretty to look at outside while your house is turned upside down. I do hope the construction is going well. Your flowers and stone path are really lovely. Thanks in advance for linking up to my party.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh SWEET LYNNN!!!! I saw your comment today from my SCHOOL computer and I tried to respond but Blogger did not allow me to comment! I am home now and YES, I WILL PUT YOU ON MY LIST WITH YOUR LINK! SO get a Paris post ready for this SATURDAY MAY 28. People will come to you via my blog where they will find your link!!! THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING DEAREST and I love your FOWL and FUZZY FRIENDS!!!! Simply gorgeous chez toi! Anita

Donna said...

What gorgeous views of your birds and blossoms! I also love your pretty pink watering can, and the aqua bistro chair. Oh, I adore your bicycle, too:)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Well, how wonderful, when all craziness is happening in your house you have beautiful grounds to walk on. I know acreage is a lot to keep up with, but I am so envious!


Unknown said...

Lynn, if you asked me it looks like paradise there. I would moved out with all the precious creatures and all that green land. Lucky you for having such view. Blessings, Marta.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh Lynn...thank you so much for taking us on this lovely garden tour!!!
You are lucky to have such beauty to distract you from what's going on inside ~ and to enjoy when the dust settles!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh everything is so beautiful .. specially sweet Ben. You do have the most picture perfect setting. (())

Beverly said...

Lynn, it is all wonderful. I loved wandering outside with you as my tour guide.

See you this Saturday. I can hardly wait to see your shoes.

Barbara Jean said...

WOW! Beautiful post.
Thanks for giving me another outlook on picture taking.

barbara jean

Tiff said...

Your garden looks amazing! So much gorgeousness! X

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Thanks for the tour, Lynn. Your garden is beautiful. Thanks for visiting me, and for the compliment.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Lynn, I think you live in a wee bit of paradise! Thanks for sharing such lovely images.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Robin Johnson said...

Your photos are all so beautiful. I can see why taking a walk would calm you.

Fay said...

completly delightful
see you at the party fay

LizlovesVintage said...

I love all your pics of your grounds. Cool bike! My Hubby just found a Vintage bike for me. Now, riding it is another thing;)
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
xxx Liz

Unknown said...

Lynn, I thoroughly enjoyed our stroll around your beautiful grounds. My son brought me a precious bird nest that I used in my table scape this week. They really are treasures! Have a super weekend!

Ido said...

I really enjoyed reading through your blog, and those pictures and all the nature and wildlife, breathtaking, you live in such a beautiful place.
Have a great weekend!

dana said...

Oh Lynn, this is just the BEST tour!! I love your place. . . and know I would never get anything done with all there is to see!! Your flowers and critters and decoratives. . . they're all amazing!!!!! Love Miss Phoebe and your sweet poochie and those hens!! OMG! How fun.

Looking forward to your great home redo....and your Pink Saturday post!!

L, Dana

Dee Dee said...

What a FANTASTIC post :) I didn't know you had chickens!!! I am getting fresh local free-range eggs through a CSA this year (along with meet and veggies) and I love it. Eggs never tasted so good! Love you!

lvroftiques said...

Lynn that is one beautiful place! Thank you for sharing it. Vanna

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi Lynn~ What a beautiful place you call home! So much wonder all around you! Love your old statuary and the bike and of course, that darling bistro chair ;)
I bet that new lattice is going to be wonderful when it's all finished! Thanks for sharing your inspiring yard at FNF this week! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

At The Picket Fence said...

Hi Lynn! I felt like I was just getting to walk along with you on that tour of your gorgeous outdoor spaces. :-) I think my favorite pic of all was of the chickens lined up in a row...too funny! Thanks so much for coming by this week and joining our Inspiration Friday party!

Andrea said...

It all looks so beautiful! I especially love the turtles. Very cute!

Margaret Cloud said...

Your home maybe topsy turvy but your outside is so beautiful. My favorite is the old bicycle. You have such a nice decorating touch, everything is perfectly in its place.

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