Enter at Your Own Risk or Real Men Use Pink Ladders

note:  amendment:  the guy on the ladder is NOT my husband..LOL

Not for the faint of heart

My work space, my "where I am 24/7", my "everything is here" room, where I create space, 
is now
my "oh my" room!  Have you ever seen such a mess?

Happy Pink Saturday she says with a grin on her face.  Never let it be said that I don't make the best of a bad situation and take advantage of a PINK SATURDAY photo shoot.  Only a real plumber uses a PINK LADDER.

This is my office/studio.  Last week we had,  not one, but two pipes burst two days apart. One flooded my beloved room, bath and storage room and the other sent copious amounts of water into the family room.  This old house has copper pipes in it and the well water, unfortunately we found out, ruins the pipes over time.  The decision was made before any more disasters happen,to replace all the pipes in the walls with pvc.  Yippee...what fun!  NOT.  I didn't shed a tear but am seeing it as a great time to redo my work space.  As of right now there are 16 holes cut out in my room alone.  Thought you would like to see who kept me company most all of Wednesday.  :)

However, when they started tearing up the walls in the rest of the house and in particular the family room, I did shed a few tears.  That's Amy, one of the plumbers.  She's assessing the situation in this photo and had no idea I was taking her picture.  She was so cool.  She and her husband are a team and do terrific work.   Looking at the bright side, at least I will be getting the inside of the house painted a lot sooner than I thought this summer!  :)

 Anyone have any inspiration for me on how to give the holes in the walls and ceiling a French chic look?  :)
Jumping from a bad situation to a wonderful one, I was thrilled to win two fabulous blogger events recently.  Rita over at that really pretty blog, French Laundry, had a contest.  She was asking for bloggers to send her photos from around our home, of what we thought exemplified Fifi's new book "Romantic Prairie Style". (this was before disaster)  I was a finalist and then I won....Wow!   I won, I really won and I received a copy of that gorgeous book.  Can't wait to sit down and savor every page and thank you Judy for a fun time.  If you get a chance,  click on over to her blog and check out some of the entries.  Just beautiful and you'll get some new ideas too.  And speaking of new ideas and inspiration, how charming is this presentation of my win.  Look how Judy wrapped the book.  I kept it on the kitchen counter for days before I even unwrapped it.  I thought it was so delightful.

And then I entered a give-away and won this from Simply Cool Stuff. 
Talk about an inspirational blog.  Maria's blog is chock full of her creative ventures and fabulous finds and she has a cool website too.  Don't you just love this sweet vintage 1950's hand thrown glazed pot.  I love the blue wash on it.  It's so Frenchy looking.  And Maria had no way of knowing this, but we share the same last name and that piece of pottery comes from my old stomping grounds,  the pottery factory of Williamsburg.  I  have been going there since I was a young girl, when the old buildings had nothing but dirt floors and chickens had free rein of the place.  Thank you Maria,  I love it and it now sits proudly with my other old crocks.  

Thank you Beverly of the blog, How Sweet the Sound, for our Pink Saturdays.  And I hope you all have a fabulous and fun weekend.  xoxo


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh my goodness, what a project you have. They say you have to make a mess before something beautiful emerges. I wish you nothing but good luck. Looking forward to seeing all of the changes ahead.
hugs ~lynne~

Shabbyprimdelights said...

These are going to make great before photos. I havent even thought about what I am going to post for PS yet...but Im getting there lol. Congratulations on your double win. Probably came at the best time.

DearHelenHartman said...

Oh My!! Happy Pink Saturday.

NanaDiana said...

WEll, Lynn- Could you frame them and call them "wall art"? What a mess! I don't envy you the job of patching and repainting...but you will be glad you replaced the pipes. We had to do that in one of our old houses too! It is a mess-but we were going to re-rock it anyway so the drywall was removed first. I see you caught a shot of the proverbial "plumber's crack" (in case anyone else is too polite to mention it!;>)

Congrats on your win- I'd say you deserve a win or two after all of the mess! Hugs-Diana

Unknown said...

I feel your misery, Lynn. Oy! So glad ours is finally finished. Chuckle ... love the rear shot!

Wha a wonderful gift. Congrats.

Have a beautiful PINK weekend.

5 day GIVEAWAY, pop over

LV said...

That is terrible. At least, you let a mess tun into a nice pick show.

dana said...

I know you will make a whole lot of lemon-ade outta this situation, Lynn. Seems like we replaced EVERYTHING in our old house...it was a never ending battle. However, we loved the place, so we did what we had to do.

Congrats on your wins...so ya had a little bad luck with the water, but you hit the blogging jackpot!

I loved the photo of the guy!! :) Seems like that's the view we get with most of 'em, isn't it?

Hope you have a great Pink Saturday...I look forward to seeing your studio all revamped....and what you do with the other holes!

L, Dana

Olivia said...

Oh wow! That's alot of holes!!!!!! Congrats on your winnings! Happy Pink Saturday.

suesueb said...

Wow~what a mess! I know it'll take time to get it back to what you want but you have the right attitude about getting it done like you want.

Don't you love blog wins? Your book and pot are fabulous! I have a win on my post too. The blog world is so generous!! Hope you have a great Pink Saturday!

Terri Morse said...

I have to say, Lynn, that the cracks and holes in your walls look better than the crack on your plumber :) I don't think spackle will help that. My heart goes out to you. I wouldn't know where to begin. I like the way you think, though-great time for a studio remodel. I'm hoping that the repair will be as painless as possible. As the saying goes, Keep Calm and Carry On. A sense of humor might help :) I'll be thinking of you. Hugs, Terri


Congrats on your double win! I think after hubby is finished working with his pink ladder, you should show it at Metamorphosis Monday at Susan's, BNOTP! We would love to see it! I'm also at Pink Sat.
Have a nice weekend.

Unknown said...

Dear Lynn,
I think I would rather deal with holes in my head than on my wall's...
If you buy a case of wine the holes should get smaller! LOL!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Lynn, Even with you telling me about the mess it was hard to visualize until seeing the pictures. I hope this project gets finished quickly and you get your house back in shape. Congrats on your two wins!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Lynn, now I am dreading it even more!! What a mess. Does insurance cover it? I can't wait to see your special room when it is finished. Did you get my last email?


Trotter said...

Hi Lynn! No, I've never seen such a mess... ;))

After the Blogger calamity this week, Blogtrotter Two is showing the last post on Amsterdam 2010... Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

Miss Char said...

Well this is the best chuckle I've had in a few days, love your pink ladder. Hopefully things will be looking up this week for you.

Tiff said...

Oh dear! I know it will end well... But the journey may be a bit of a challenge! I love the way you are looking on the bright side.... Imagine what new painting will look like! X

Dee said...

Oh my goodness! You have such a wonderful spirit about everything...I know it will be amazing when it's done!! Good luck with everything and keep us posted. Love you!

savvycityfarmer said...

I have a greeeeat idea!!!
I'm on the run today
email me

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Lynn,

Oh, I am so sorry you have to go through this. We have an older home too, and we had a leak in our kitchen too, from an old pipe. Gotta love PVC! Hope everything is back to normal soon!


Nancy said...

Renovations are so challenging and so rewarding. I wish you the best possible under the circumstances, and a wonderful redo!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Unknown said...

Well, at least you've got a sense of humor about the whole thing! Congratulations on your winnings...I can't wait to see your house all finished up and painted pretty! Hang in there! :)

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but giggle at the plumbers crack shot. Way to go Lynn! You will surely laugh your way through this I know it! Love your sense of humor!

Best of luck to your projects ahead, enjoy your remodel! It happens for the best. You know you wanted to have another great project to do!!! This will really inspire you, huh?!

Amisha said...

Gosh no ideas on the holes in the walls but the treasures you received are lovely!

Jenny said...

Oh goodness! I would be losing it! I had coniptions when my hubby did a little hole in my craft closet, so you have the best attituide (sp?) about this!

oldgreymare said...

I will not feel sorry for myself for at least a week after seeing this.
Oh dear...


Holly said...

You make me feel better, Lynn. =0) However, I have a feeling that your "mess" is a lot more temporary than mine...Maybe your remodeling will inspire me to do something.
Have a wonderful week!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Lynn. I know I am late (as usual), but I finally made it.

Girl, all of those holes in your walls just breaks my heart. I know you just have to smile through the mess, and focus on the good outcome.

Congratulations on your wins! How exciting!!!

Sue said...

Oh my, Lynn- you DO have a bit of disaster here! The photo of the guy on the ladder personifies the "crack" about plumber's butt. LOL Good luck with the project. At least it will solve your plumbing issues. Take care, my friend!
~ Sue

My Crafty Little Page said...

"cracking" up here about the plumber!!! The holes in the wall? At least in your creative space - just nail old tin ceiling tiles over them. I see that all the time and it looks so cool. :) Nancy

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