The Other French Chair

Remember this chair I redid for my ongoing forever family room makeover?? ( and I'm still not finished) Well....I had purchased its mate also, which someone saw and commissioned a makeover for a room they are decorating. This time I went in an entirely different direction for redoing this fabulous old Louis XV mid century piece.  (some asked why I redid that gorgeous old tapestry on the chair.  Trust me...it was very stained and had to be changed)

I had painted the one above, with the burlap, birds and ruffle trim,  in an antique cream latex/acrylic paint.  The second chair, the one I am showing you today, I painted a plain stark white and used Annie Sloan dark wax to antique it.  I distressed the old chair just a bit, actually distressing it where it had its original chips and dings already.  I applied the wax with a very light touch, only giving it a slight mellow aged effect.  I used an artist's angle shader brush to apply the wax just a bit darker in the crevices.  This chair has beautiful carving and the light waxing high lighted it beautifully.

Now here comes the fun part or........ the really SCARY part!!! 
I had been reading how lots of bloggers have been painting upholstery fabric sooooo I decided to try it.  My main tutorial on this was from Kristy at the blog Hyphen Interiors. (thank you Kristy).   After reading her tutorial as well as many others, I decided to just use a latex/acrylic white paint.  I used a white, adding a dark gray, until I achieved the soft French gray color my client requested.  To this you add a Textile Medium, which transforms acrylic paint into a washable fabric paint.  And then water it down until it has a glaze like consistency.  Spray your upholstery with water until it's damp, and then start the scary part....painting it.  :) I ended up doing three coats.  Since my fabric has a lot of texture to it,  the pattern shows through the layers of paint and gives it an interesting effect....... which I fell in love it.

The start..........I like to hand paint my pieces.

Here...the wood painting is finished and I have frog taped off the cording trim to paint the upholstery. You can see the grunginess of the old fabric here and the worn areas. I used a small roller for the larger areas of fabric and a tiny thin brush for the fabric close to the wood. How did I correct the worn areas on the arm pads?  I actually sanded it with a very fine grade paper and it worked quite well. :)

Now...here is the really really really scary part!  Look closely at that photo.  I was actually standing on the table working on the chair (thank goodness) when that guy slithered by.  I didn't even see him until he was as close as you see here, I was so concentrating on what I was doing.  (this is where I did my rendition of the scream from Home Alone) :)

Now that you've climbed down off your computer chair........let's continue...shall we?   In this photo you can see the difference between two and three coats of paint.  Sometimes, it gets worse before it gets better. :)

And the finished chair.   I absolutely love it!  It's simple and elegant and can adapt to any color scheme.  Would I try this method again?? Absolutely!  :)


 Got my suitcase packed, the presents all wrapped and my newest shelter magazine ready to do some catch up reading.   Heading out on a jet plane this week.....heading out to the mid-west and am tickled pink to meet some bloggers....one being that incomparable lady, The Savvy City Farmer.  Gonna do some serious shopping at the SHED!   Heck....we're even bringing a trailer!! Will I see you there??  

I am so appreciative when you choose to follow my blog and if you do already.....I thank you so much. ♥ It's always a pleasure to join these wonderful parties.....charming hostess and full of inspiration.  I know they will love it if you give them a visit. 

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Hyphen Interiors said...

Lynn, thanks so much for the email! I love how your chair turned out! I'd love to feature it sometime, if you are alright with that. Great work! And, well done post. Thanks again for sharing and for linking to me!!

Tete said...

Love the chair, but will the paint crack when you sit on it.
Ok- the snake got me, and I do not like them at all...
should have painted him, too. That would teach him not come around.

Unknown said...

the grey is gorgeous!!!!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Lynn, The chair turned out fabulous! My chairs are still unfinished. If I had seen the snake I would have had to take the project inside...yikes! Have a fun trip.
xo, Sherry

Maureen Wyatt said...

Here I am, thinking what a lovely place she has to work and you show me that snake! Yuk. The chair turned out great, though. I have bought the fabric medium but haven't tried it yet. ~ Maureen

Ruth said...

What a great Idea, painting the fabric!

marie said...

O.M.G! i'm totally doing that! i have a chair i bought from goodwill YEARS ago that i still haven't recovered (and let's face it...i never will) but i can paint it!! i think i'll drag that chair downstairs today! i'm so excited!! :o)

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Love every word you write! The chair? Lovely! The snake? Not so lovely.

Lynn @ It's A July Thing

lynn said...

omgosh--that snake is too close for comfort! gorgeous chair!-- i've painted a chair like this and i'll try it again!

Sueann said...

Love the chair...gorgeous~!
I love painting the fabric...adds such texture!

chateau chic said...

Lynn, I am so jealous you're going out to Shop the Shed, and I'm sure you'll be hitting a lot of other places.
Have a great time!
Mary Alice

thistlewoodfarm said...

I love how your chair turned out. What a difference and thank goodness for your narrow escape from your slithering visitor.


PS Have a safe trip!

Sue said...

Lynn, your chair turned out wonderfully!! I don't have any experience with fabric medium- it has great coverage, but have you heard how it wears? Oh, how I would have jumped and screamed if I'd have seen that snake. LOL Have a blast with your pals!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Fabulous makeover my friend.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love the chair--I have almost the same chair to re-do. I'm not ready to paint fabric yet though.:) Any hints on putting on new fabric? Do you have a tutorial somewhere? Thanks for sharing your lovely chair. (my husband once had a pet rattlesnake so the snake didn't bother me a bit:))

Miss Kitty said...

That chair make-over is beyond fabulous, Lynn! Thanks so very much for showing us how you accomplished it (even with a snake nearby!). I saw your post over at Cowgirl Up! party.

Debbi said...

Gosh Lynn, this turned our so awesome! At first when I saw the pic I thought you had reupholstered the chair! Wow, just painting the fabric, how amazing. Have a great trip and I know you will find amazing treasures! Miss you at SLS...Catherine is seriously thinking a retreat at Myrtle Beach next spring so maybe we can figure out a way to meet up:)

Anonymous said...

I love the after so much that I am going to try it on my settee~ the time has come to paint my upholstery :) Oh and yuck to the big guy slithering by~ move along you low belly snake!

michele said...

sweeeet transformation!

you might like my blog, and i'd love to have you hop over

keep creating!


Angie said...

The chair turned out gorgeous! I never knew it was possible to paint fabric that way~something new to try! I am a new linky follower~love for you to return the visit!

Michele said...


Looks awesome!

I am your newest follower!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Love the chair, Lynn. Painting upholstery is a blast. You did a great job. I'll see you at The Shed.

Eileen @ Cottage Beach House said...

Super project! So brave. I would love to try this, I have to go back and re read your technique. So brave also, how you handled taking a pic of the snake!! I'd have shaken the camera so much he'd of been a big old blur!


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Lynn! This method is fascinating. I'd love to see it up close, but it looks fabulous! I have to find a French chair!

Wild Oak Designs said...

Wow! I have seen it done here and there...you give a really good step by step on what goes....
It looks awesome...question
How does it feel to sit on it?? I would think it would crack and feel stiff..does it?

stefanie said...

it turned out beautiful!
oh, heart failure on that huge!!!! snake!

Unknown said...

I love your chair, it just looks great! I also spotted the chadelier hanging in the tree, love that to. Thanks for visiting and I guess the house hunt is over, the reveal is Monday so stay tuned! Have a blessed weekend.

Karen said...

That is beautiful, love the way the painted fabric looks.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your chair looks amazing and so brave of you to paint the upholstery...I would love to give that a go some time :) I'm your newest follower and I would be delighted if you stopped by for a look at my blog too.
Cas x

Unknown said...

Beautiful Chair and the lake in the background is gorgeous! I'd love for you to post a link to this project at my link party...
Thanks for sharing!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great chair. It amazes me that people paint the fabric now. Yikes, that snake and he is huge.

Kathy said...

Painting fabric, huh!....I can hear the squeaky wheels in my brain turning - love the new look to this chair! Whoa! Is that a water moccasin? Huge! I haven't seen one in too many years - well, maybe that's a good thing. I hope you have a fabulous trip! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

Beverly said...

Happy very belated Pink Saturday, Lynn. It seems my life isn't my own these days, so I am worse that slow at visiting.

I love what you have done with both chairs. They are gorgeous.

And, I can hardly wait to see the goodies you find on your trip.

Your giveaway is awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Kathy said...

Hello Lynn, I just wanted to let you know that your post will be featured tonight in my Home and Garden Thursday post - I expect to see many more posts filled with painted fabric in blogland - thank you so much!

Hyphen Interiors said...

I just wanted to let you and your readers know that I posted your chair on my page with examples of painted upholstery! I linked right to you so they could find more information on your blog. Hope you don't mind.


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