Packing Summer Away

in the kitchen, candy corn now fills the old mason jars  ( I love that stuff!), the old walnut tree is dropping her fruits of summer, and I pulled out my fluffy pink cool weather slippers. I take more walks now, just enjoying the delicious crisp Autumn air.  I invite you to join me today. 

Poke Weed .....the fence line is full of it now.  The migrating song birds love the berries. Yep, looks like they have been enjoying this bunch.  Some people still boil up a mess of the leaves and enjoy the delicacy. (don't do it!..poisonous)  Remember the song Poke Salad Annie?  I remember riding with my Daddy in the old Impala with that song just blaring.

the field is full of the golden wildflowers of Fall

remember last year as this time, I was preparing for the wedding party here?  I planted all the white chrysanthemums I could find.  This photo is the before and after....same plants.  They have grown and are huge!  In about 2 more weeks I will have thousands of white blooms.  The plants are so big they are growing out in the yard along with the 5 foot tall fallen over zinnias.  He is making hints at how hard it is to cut the grass around them.  hmmmm....    :)

I was so disappointed in the pink impatiens I planted this year.  They did nothing at all and a lot of them I pulled out early because they looked so bad.  But lo and behold.....look what came up voluntarily.....from last years flown seeds.  I was delighted!   Don't you just love volunteers?!

the cooler weather causes changes in the lake too.  This was a very early morning photo I took last week.  Bobby G. calls this "the lake turning over".  I think that's fisherman gobbly gook talk. :)

this was something new we added just recently.  Stopped by a pottery on the way back from the beach and spotted this life size concrete heron, so home he came with us.  Now, we have a pair of herons that live on the lake but they never sit still long enough for me get some shots of them.  I spotted one of them the other day checking this guy out.  We put him down by the dock.  Ever heard a heron squawk? It's gosh awful!

 this fence line is on my neighbor's property.  I discovered this old tire leaning here and took this photo to enter in a county wide photography contest not too long ago.  I called it "Tire on a Fence".     
...Original huh?

I made this old address pointer sign years ago.  Love the way it has weathered.  

out here, neighbors often come calling by way of horse, tractor or boat.  This is Dr. Ron, my neighbor, going up our drive with a round of hay for Bama and Lacy.
see that little building?  That's where I will be spending a lot of time this winter when it gets cold.  It's my neighbor's new green house.  She winters in California, so she has asked me to take care of whatever we try to grow in it getting ready for the Spring gardens. I jumped at the chance. 

 now, I just could not close this post without showing you something vintage and wonderful.  Love this rusty old sign I found some time ago. I put it at the top of the drive for horses and cars.....   :) It's a favorite!

wish I could say I grew these gorgeous confections......but I did make them.  Velvet pumpkins with fabulous twirly, twisted gourd vines from nature.  Three sizes and I just listed them on the website. An elegant addition to your Halloween decor lasting all the way to Thanksgiving. You can find them here and my blogger friends get a discount.  Just type in "blog" to the discount box at checkout. 
Thank You
I wish to thank How Sweet the Sound for featuring my blog at Pink Saturday this week (10/06/2012).  A dearer, sweeter lady you could ever want to meet.  Her Pink Saturdays have been a delight to many many bloggers over the years and I am proud to be a part of it.  Thank you Beverly....  xoxo  :) Poke berries are kind of pink, aren't they??

Next time on The Vintage Nest blog...... what are you doing with spray paint??  Here's a hint at mine soon to be tweaked into something spectacular. Karianne over at the Thistlewood Farms blog and her friends are having a "fall in love with spray paint"  blog party.  Are you game?  Do you bring the outdoors in like I have done for years, transforming that project with paint....... spray paint??  Join the fun on October 12th. 
Until then, let's party here!

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Junkchiccottage said...

Your property and home are so beautiful. Love all the fall pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

It seems autumn is in full swing! The walk around your place is quite lovely, and oh so welcoming. I've not seen poke berries in a long time. We used to make a huge mess of them when we were kids by mashing them and staining our hands and clothes. Momma used to get so mad at us! Your chrysanthemums are huge and will be stunning! I love when things come up voluntary and are even prettier than I imagined.

Have a great week, I think seriously cooler temps are arriving for the weekend .... They are calling for low-40's Sunday night!

Jen said...

It seems autumn is in full swing! The walk around your place is quite lovely, and oh so welcoming. I've not seen poke berries in a long time. We used to make a huge mess of them when we were kids by mashing them and staining our hands and clothes. Momma used to get so mad at us! Your chrysanthemums are huge and will be stunning! I love when things come up voluntary and are even prettier than I imagined.

Have a great week, I think seriously cooler temps are arriving for the weekend .... They are calling for low-40's Sunday night!

Desire Empire said...

What a lovely post. I loved the tour of your environs. So very interesting. I am assuming that ia a stop sign for horses. Wonder if they can read it.

Unknown said...

Wow Lynn, Enjoyed seeing all your beautiful photo's. I love the lake photo and I love what Bobby G has called it..sounds real good to me..
seems like yesterday the wedding took place. time is marching..Hope the winter is kind to use and how lucky to be spending your time in your neighbors green house..lucky gal..love great neighbors..life is good..

Maureen Wyatt said...

You have such a lovely property that it's a treat when you take us on a tour. Love the Whoa sign! ~ Maureen

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Lynn,

Ahhh...the cool weather is here...salvation! LOL!
How are you? Love these photos!


Olive said...

Hi Lynn, your place is enchanting and I love the Whoa sign. I took a photo of one recently too but I do not own it. The pumpkins are darling. They will sell out in a jiffy. Happy Fall, Olive

Blondie's Journal said...

What a fun post! Can we trade places?! You truly live in a country paradise! I would be outdoors sun up to sun down! Thanks so much for the tour!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What a beautiful area you live in...luv those cute signs and the pumpkins are wonderful.


Patty said...

I just love your blog. Your home and land are just wonderful. You seem to have such an amazing life. :)

Sueann said...

What a fabulous series of photos!!
And those pumpkins are to die for!!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh you showed my nemesis...poke weed!!!! AAAGGGGHHHH, hate it!

Sandy said...

Such lovely property to take a stroll
around... and the Whoa sign is simply
wonderful and made me laugh!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Lynn, Your Fall photographs are beautiful! Looks like I'll miss Fall this year since it is still 90+ degrees here in Florida. Thanks for joining the Open House party and take care.

DearHelenHartman said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Looks a lot like the countryside around us here in KY - a wander down a lane leads to many unexpected treasures. Like a click at the picket fence led me to your blog!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

LOL Polk Salad Annie, gator's got your grannie ! Now that brings back memories for me and so do your beautiful photos.
LOVE your pumpkins ... (())

The French Hutch said...

Oh Lynn, your property is beautiful. Such wonderful rustic touches.......love the address sign! I'm lovin those white velvet pumpkins. Great music........
Happy Weekend.

The French Hutch

The French Hutch said...

I don't know where I'm at this afternoon. I wanted to say Congratulations on being featured at Beverly's Pink Saturday.........

The French Hutch

LV said...

It was nice seeing you featured today. Pink Saturday is just the place to show of your goodies. I enjoyed the trip through the country.

SmilingSally said...

Even though it's fall, I'm not at all chilly. You see, I live in Florida!

Happy Pink Saturday, Lynn!

Anonymous said...

I just so thoroughly enjoyed your post -that turning of the lake photo is something else! I loved the stroll and "chat" . . . that was totally neat. A great morning stroll! I had no idea you'd been pinking so long (on your feature blurb). Wow. Neat feature on Beverly's blog. Why do people boil the leaves of the poke weed if it's poisonous? Maybe I shouldn't ask. Love the Golden. (So miss ours.) I hoped to see Bamma and Lacey! (Did I spell their names right? Love the WHOA sign and well, loved the post. Thanks for the stroll! Happy Fall and Pink Saturday! Jenn

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

Love that Whoa sign! It would certainly bring some smiles! I have a poke weed bush growing where there used to be a Bradford Pear. It's pretty wild looking!!

Kristin_Texas said...

What beautiful scenery! It looks so serene where you live. I would love to be surrounded by trees and nature. I'm so tired of the city.


Anne said...

Beautiful!! Love the "WHOA"! (I always liked "Poke Salad Annie" ("the gators got your Granny!")

Chubskulit Rose said...

Simply beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday.

Your comment at my PINK Post is always appreciated.

Have a great weekend!

Diane said...

Great photos! Just for the record, my impatiens did a whole lotta nothin' this year too. Yours look a lot better than mine!

Anne said...

Hi, Lynn, and thank you for visiting me! I know, I'm so glad Mom had those pictures of me...those are the only Halloween ones, though ~ lots of Christmas and Easter, as you said! Hope you post lots of pics of your parties!

Claudia said...

Hi Lynn! I'm so glad you joined in this week! Love all your photos, my favorite might just be the Whoa! sign. Love it. Your lake is so beautiful.

We have pokeweed around here - in fact there's some that pops up right by the dog corral every year.


SImple and Serene Living said...

There is nothing more fun than surprises in the garden. Your home and garden look beautiful as always.


Haworth said...

Aren't volunteer flowers the best, Lynn? I love discovering them in the Spring! My pokeberries are being eaten, too, but what a mess the birds make afterwards! Your beautiful lake picture is incredible (and it does look like it's turning over... spooky) and I love the signs you made and the vintage sign you found and posted. And those velvet pumpkins are so beautiful.

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

What a wonderful blog you have. I love your writings and the story you told today is so special. :) Thank you so much for visiting me and I hope to see you often. xo

lvroftiques said...

OMG Lynn! Talk about a slice of heaven! You must pinch yourself daily *winks* Vanna

Kim at Life in a House said...

I came as a new visitor from Pink Saturday and absolutely fell in love with your blog because of this post in particular. I do believe you are the luckiest woman alive to live in such a beautifully serene corner of the world! I grew up in farm country in Pennsylvania (hated it when I was a teen) and yearn to have a farm of my own one day now that I'm older and wiser! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and gardens!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Lynn. I hope you enjoyed being the featured blog. I know everyone loves you just like I do.

Your home and property is so lovely. I am so in love with the mileage sign. I just might need one of those. ;-)♥

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