Skeleton Infusion

the bewitching hour is drawing near

did you find your way here okay? ......  was it easy to park your broom or 

if you are the modern sort.....your vacuum?

Well good!  .... just come on in my sweet and join the party.....sit a "spell" in the kitchen with me.......as I prepare something delicious for you......freshly sliced tart crisp apples with a dipping sauce of spider spit perhaps......    hee hee hee!

 I hope you didn't have to step over my neighbor as you came in......he's always just lying around somewhere.....

Just put your hat any ol' place......it's very pretty.....did you make it yourself?  Us bloggers love to fluff and make things ever so pretty!

Let me introduce you to some of our other guest.  Meet my old boss....She ever so kindly agreed to make the invitations for this soiree :)

Would you care for some libations?  I know you must be very thirsty traveling from so afar!  Some "Black Widow Wine" perhaps??? Hmmmm?

 Now please feel free to mingle and wander around this old house.  I hope you enjoy it, as I decorated with my guest in mind.  There's dancing on the porch...... the Monster Mash  ....I was working in the lab late one night when I came up with that song   :)

 Slime on a Slab,  Deadman's Dip,  Evil Ooze,  Moldy Carmelized Pear Torte,  Edible Eyeballs...............ahhhhh.....just some of our tempting tasties on the menu tonite 

 Sweet little Boo pumpkins everywhere

 I am so thrilled you ventured into to our frightful poor lost souls fest. For your long journey home, may I tempt you with a little treat favor?  Nothing too heavy.....just a little chocolate.....we all lovvvvvve chocolate, don't we????  Hee hee hee..     :)


I am thrilled to be hosting a ghostly gathering this weekend. I wish you all could come.  I have always wanted to have a Halloween party complete with a hayride.  This year it is finally happening.  And I want to thank Vanessa  of a Fanciful Twist for hosting her fabulous virtual Halloween party on Saturday and allowing me to be a part of it.  I hope you can click over and visit.  I know it's going to be amazing. 

 Particulars:  All the spooktacular items at my party are Dollar Store buys or yard sale finds, with the exception of the dapper skeleton in the dining room.  He was a splurge from Spirit Halloween.  Other decor was made by me, or found in my cupboards, such as the vintage silver pieces.   BEWARE mirror sign created with lipstick.  :)  Ruffled tablecloth was a shower curtain dyed with walnuts. Martha Stewart black spiders and other scary stuff. Black and orange chocolates from For The Love of Chocolate Store, Carytown, Richmond, Va.  Food, not shown yet, because .....well....because it's not made yet.  :)  by me and my sweet neighbor, Cindy. 

 And it's always a treat to hook up with these fun parties every week.

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Olive said...

What fun, don't get toad...that is funny. I know you are going to have a blast.

Anne said...

Lynn what a fun party! Your house looks like it is ready! Looks so cool!!!!!!!

Jen said...

I love your party Lynn! How fun and creative you are! I didn't do so much Halloween this year, but more autumn. Now I want to start over decorating!
Enjoy your hayride and evening of fun!


Unknown said...

I have enjoyed looking through your blog this morning. You make me want to decorate more for Halloween!! I didn't get FB either, especially the "Like" but I do it anyway. I found you at savvycityfarmer, good luck with her fab giveaway!!

Alycia Nichols said...

This is really fun! I love the neighbor lying around!!! You are one brave soul to have put all that Spanish moss in your chandelier!!!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Girlfriend you have gone all out, what a great fun party, I have not been to one for years!! Can't wait for the pictures!


SImple and Serene Living said...

Thanks for making me smile first thing this morning. I love everything.


Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Oh my gosh, I love this! How fun Halloween is going to be at your home! Love Mr. Bones typing on the typewriter! :)

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

What a fun visual experience! Your chandelier with the skeletons hanging around is too cool! Love the menu!!

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

Everything looks great....it's going to be a fun party!

Unknown said...

Wow, I want to party at your house! Great job...loved stepping over the neighbor and the skeleton in the chandy! Thanks for sharing. Visting from Between Naps on the Porch.

Unknown said...

What fun! Love all those skeletons, especially the writer!

Unknown said...

I'm stopping by for a blog visit from Between Naps on the Porch today. I'm a urge fan of her tablescapes.
Autumn is my favorite time of year. The colors, decorations and textures that you chose are so beautiful.

Debra@CommonGround said...

wow, this is great Lynn! One of the highlights of my kids was when we had a subdivision Halloween party back in the 80's. we really did it up great! My girls have never forgotten the fun!

awal.ny said...

Your Halloween decor looks great. Love all the little touches. I am sure the kids love it.

Debra at HOMESPUN: http://www.thehomespun.com said...

This was a fun post for sure. LOL the neighbor...I almost DID step on him ( shudder )

Tea in Texas said...

Perfectly Haunting and Very Scary! The skeletons and bones are just perfect with all the Beware signs. I love your creative and terrific Halloween decorations. I'm sure it is scary on Halloween night and kids and adults will love it. Do you play scary music and the Monster Mash outdoors for the Trick or Treaters?

Thanks, Pam

Emalina said...

What a marvellous Halloween post, spooky and magical! I love those witchy signs! Thanks so much for having me, happy Halloween!

Please come party with me at my 2 different Halloween parties:



Cackle with you soon :)

Angela Reeves said...

Beautifully spooky post! I'm happy to have found your blog through this fun event and look forward to seeing more of it!


Yarni Gras! said...

what a lovely party! I love all the white..........
please come and see me too...I'm also hosting a giveaway!

Kyra Wilson said...

Fabulous party! Love the chandelier and the menu board!

Rachel said...

Wonderful post. I love your Halloween decorations, they are all so beautiful and spooky.

Enjoy your party!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goddess. LOVE. YOUR. HOME. That chandelier is by far the best use of moss and skellies EVER! Love the way it looks!

You're very clever and creative..your old boss may need some treats, she's looking kinda skinny :)

This was GORGEOUS FUN!!!

Laura S Reading said...

Inspiration in every photo. I am fascinated by the gloved hands.
You make me want to get crafty!

And your old boss at the desk - brilliant.

Carmen said...

I love your skeleton chandelier!!! :-) Happy Halloween!


Ms Misantropia said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your home :)

Please visit my party at: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2012/10/halloween-party.html

Marilyn Miller said...

Delightful! How fun that Halloween has visited you at this lovely Vintage Nest.


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Fantastic Halloween Decor!! Love all of it!! Great post!!


Goddess Findings said...

OMG I had a BLAST! I bet your weekend gathering is going to be the Bomb, I would show up in my best witch costume! I poured over all your fabulous photos and vingettes-- can'tget enough! THanks for taking time to put this together!

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, well, badness! Is all of that in your house? How can you sleep with all of those scareletons in there!! I love the one that is typing! Hope (I know) your party was a blast! I haven't been on a hay ride on 40 years. I'll pass on the spider spit, though. I love what you do!

Cameron said...

Wow! Look at those decorations and fabulously spooky vignettes! What horrible eye candy....but in a good way...heehee!

Thanks for having me!
Paint Myself Pretty

Kelly said...

Madness and Fun is what it's all about! Cheers!

Laurie said...

That skull looks so real - shudder!!

Such a beautifully spooky house you have!

Please come and stay a spell at mine - my SpoOky Haunted girl would love to meet the mad scientist!


Happy Haunting!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Ohhh!! hahahaa!!

Oh boy I loved that!

The menu, your chandelier, your decor, skellies galore... oh and not mention your neighbor, hahaheheheee!!

Super wonderful!!!

Thank you so much for being a part of this extra magical season!!

♥ Vanessa

Linda said...

I had the greatest time at your party. Your photo's were amazing and loved, loved loved your decor.
I hope that you will have the time to visit me:

Anne said...

Oooh-SO-cool! I thoroughly enjoyed my awesomely spooky visit!
Happy Halloween!

Bohemian said...

Your other Party Guests made me Smile... what a Delightful Halloween Party and Lovely Decor, I thoroughly Enjoyed myself, Thank you for Inviting us.

Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Lynn, This will be a great party! You have out done yourself with all the decorations though the menu doesn't sound too appetizing. Thanks for linking to my party and I hope you have a wonderful party.

awal.ny said...

Your decorations look great. Love all the little spooky touches. Happy Halloween.

The Charm of Home said...

Great! Love the quote by Norman Bates!

Susan said...

LOVE, Love, love all your skellies!
I am a big fan of Skellies!

That foor and hand look almost like real bones :)
awesome party, love all your decor...I'll, pass on anything to do with spiders. LOL

come meet my Coven, if you haven't already.

Thanks to Sandy...I am still making the rounds..I live in the dead center of landfall...we got hit hard, and my hubs is in the hospital also...was CCU, no Telemetry.

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain and Happy Dia de Los Muertos!!

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