Birdbaths & Spring Chickens

Our first daffodil!

   It's not earth shattering to most, but after a very stressful last few months, a snow storm and high winds last week, and now more snow tonight, seeing that sweet little sign of Spring..... to me, is like a breath of fresh air....and so uplifting. 

It's another rainy and cold day here, with predictions for a snowy and slushy night and morning.  We still haven't cleaned up the property from last week's storm.  We have towering tall pines that line the entrance drive and so many of them lost huge limbs due to the heavy wet snow and there must be five billion pine cones on the ground.  After the power went out, I ran outside to see if a tree had fallen on the lines, when I heard the crack of another limb breaking.  That's a scary sound!  I scurried back in the house like a scared rabbit.  I later found out that a tree had indeed fallen across the drive. And there's many branches just hanging that didn't quite break off. 

Last fall, we lost one of our chicks to a hawk.  Just broke my heart because our sweet girls are like pets to us.  She hung out with the other Easter Egger aka "Snow".  Snow seemed so despondent and lonely that we decided to get another chicken to keep her company.  We have two others but those two seem to be best buds and Snow seemed rather left out.  So we got a young pullet.  Right from the beginning this "chicken" was very vocal and the other girls did not take to her. That's not uncommon, so we weren't too worried.  But things never changed.  The other chickens just did not seem to take to this new girl.  I felt bad for her until I saw her chasing one of the other girls, trying things she should not have been trying, if you get my drift. :)  Then her tail started to change with a few downward curved feathers.  The suspicion started. Then a week ago, we woke to cock-a-doodle-doo.  That darn chicken was crowing to beat all and so proud of him/herself.   ack! :)  No wonder the other girls had been so upset. The last rooster we had was not very nice so I surely did not want another as we have no plans to have and raise baby chickens.  We found a lovely farm for him and I am sure he will be very happy.  So, a few days ago we got a red chicken, a young adult so we know it's a girl. :)  One way to introduce another chicken to the coop is to sneak her on the roost at night while the others are asleep.   So that's what we did and all was calm.  The new girl, Belle III, took to her new home quite easily and the others seem to like her a lot and after only 3 days she gave us a beautiful brown egg.  So all is calm in the little hen cottage now.

Is this not a gorgeous color?!!!  This is a very very old building  still standing in the midst of all these modern stores.  It's by the parking lot of a thrift place I visit and I finally remembered to take a picture of it for you.  I don't think I have ever seen an old teal paint job like this before.

I have had such a good time decorating this old cast iron bird bath for each season.  It was such a wonderful yard sale find last year.  Some pastel eggs and a made nest from a dilapidated twig wreath and it's ready for Spring.  It has a leak and doesn't hold water and I may try and fix that for the summer or just use as a bird feeder with planted flowers.  :)

And that's what's been happening on the farmette lately.  Are you trying to spruce up for Spring while still dealing with lots of snow and cold weather?  I always love your comments and visits and thank you so much. xoxo

Yay! -- Joining in today at Thistlewood Farms for a Spring Party and Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound

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NanaDiana said...

Lynn, What sweet Easter decorations and I love your "cross dressing" rooster-masquerading as a chicken...lol Good idea to get one that you know the sex of right up front to replace the one killed. Poor thing.

That barn color is amazing. It must have taken someone quite fanciful to paint a barn that color in those times...when barns were all red or white...lol

Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

thistlewoodfarm said...

Hello sweet friend! So happy that you joined our party today! Your chickens are the cutest EVER!

Happy day to you!


Anne said...

Oh your chickens are so sweet! Yes I adore that old chippy paint on that barn!
What a fun find! That sweet birdbath is so festive and ready for spring!


Jeanne said...

Hello Lynn, I so enjoyed your hen story today. Chickens are sweet and very friendly. My sister has them and we lived on a farm when I was young and we loved the chickens and the lovely eggs.

You have been having 'bad' winter days. Our only sign of Spring here in the mountains is the daffodils blooming as well. It has been rainy, foggy and cold here too. Spring is just around the corner though.YAY!

Happy warm days are wished for you and yours.
Jeanne xo

Betsy Brock said...

I came to see your lovely daffodil! And so sunny yellow and covered with spring rain!

the story of the new rooster is hilarious!!!

Maureen Wyatt said...

I feel for you with all the mess you have to clean up after the storm. We have an ice storm here tonight and I'm hoping it doesn't do much damage. I guess your chickens knew right away that you'd brought them a rooster in hen's clothing!

SImple and Serene Living said...

Roosters can be downright scary. I love that old teal building and your Easter birdbath.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

LOL - loved the story of your hen/rooster! And that building -- WELL that is the perfect match to my decor so if they ever tear it down, be sure to mail me a board or two! I haven't even ventured out to see IF anything is up in the garden yet -- so mucky and muddy and COLD here too!

Alycia Nichols said...

OK, Lynn...because I am not a farm girl, I had to really follow along closely. There was NO DOUBT in my mind, however, when you said she started chasing the girls!!! I feel sorry for the girls, but that is SO funny!!!!! I'll bet they were wondering what in the holy heck was goin' on?!??!?!! Oh, mercy...this gave me a good laugh!!! Glad all is calm now!

Beverly said...

Happy Spring, my sweet friend. We have a few daffodil blooms. I had to take my mother to the dentist this morning, and I noticed a forsythia beginning to show yellow.

I am happy if your hens are happy. We girls must like those sharing our house.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

ohh love the first site of yellow daffs, brings back great memories.
LOL at the hen/rooster story.
we had some limbs fall too from a heavy rainstorm, no damage than goodness.
Thinking of you (())

The French Hutch said...

Oh those first daffodils are always worth the wait! You did have strong winds for those tree limbs to come down. I hope your snow melts soon. Sad about your chick, big bad hawk. I had one get a pet rabbit when he was on the deck! Love the eggs in the bird bath.
Happy Spring Lynn.

The French Hutch

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Very pretty! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'd love for you to come join my Homemaking Linkup party.
HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
Mrs. Sarah Coller

RobinfromCA said...

Love everything today! The story of your chickens, that wonderful teal wall and your beautiful birdbath!
Happy Pink Saturday,

Jeanie said...

Oh, the eggs are so beautiful! What a splendid idea! It looks just like spring!

Unknown said...

You gave me such a chuckle. It reminded me of the time I volunteered to keep the class hamster GIRLS (5) for a few weeks. Turns out at least one of the girls was a BOY - and a very busy one at that. A week later we woke to massive amounts of little hamster babies - and trials that I won't go in to. Suffice it to say, I learned to NEVER volunteer to care for the class pets after that. Fortunately, there weren't any more to have a need for that. :) :) :) Have a blessed week!

Melanie said...

I love your chicken and rooster story - that is hilarious!

CEO Lisa Anne - L.A said...

Your Easter decor looks lovely! I'm inspired to get outside and start mine. It's still pretty cool here as well. Your rooster/chicken story made me smile! Love it! Happy Pink Saturday!

Junkchiccottage said...

Ok my dear blogger friend you need to stop by my blog to see your surprise. I think a Zebra tote may be in your future. Happy Junkin trips now!!!!

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