Pig Pickin' ~ A Southern Tradition

 And every year, in October, our neighbor, to the west,  hosts a gathering of friends, music, a bonfire,  ambiance, and the pig pickin'.  Everyone brings a dish, a chair and their favorite beverage and we have a great time.  Pot luck is always the BEST food, don't you agree?  I got to taste three different wonderful Southern cooks version of mac n' cheese. ♥  Today, I would love to share with you where this event is held, their old homestead dating back to the 1700's.  It's a private residence, so I didn't take photos of the home but instead the flavor of the land and its out features. 
Plenty of parking!
One of these is mine.........   :)

 the owners use this old building as the garden shed.....I have always loved the deep weathered red of old barns.  The name of the property is Prospect Hill
At one time it was a working  farm......don't know what this old building was used for

Norm has the most beautiful garden.  I can only dream of a garden like this.  He has the same deer as I do but somehow he keeps them away.  No fencing around the gardens. and he grows a lot of heirloom.  He has inspired me to get the magazine Mother Earth.  The fall crops are coming in.....broccoli, turnips, kohlrabi and all manner of greens.  He invited us over to pick.  :)

More old farm machinery and sunflowers.  The sunflowers are for the birds.
the sweet farm kitties.  The no tail variety
 Camouflaged gourds :P

A lot of the gourds and pumpkins are grown vertically
Meet Norm ...... so many people ask for tours of his garden and he was happy to oblige
the old out house.  My grand-mother had one until the day she broke up house keeping.  I hear people long for the "good ol' days".  This is one thing I don't want!  Yay for modern plumbing.
  the herb garden and outdoor fireplace

the family cemetery.....not surprisingly, there were a number of little tiny graves

love this!......the old chicken coop

gathering for the pickin'

 game playing

the bounty of the garden is the only decoration needed.......

All you need is a bucket for a seat for some great story tellin'

Bobby G. and my friend tasting the cracklins'

Me taking pictures.......and the shadows are getting long as the sun sets

SUNSET........what a wonderful time we had :)

the Pig Pickin' Cake always makes an appearance at a Southern gathering and bbq.  Have you ever had it.....mmmm ...  mmmmmm..    GOOD!

here's my recipe

1 pkg. yellow cake mix
4 eggs
1 large can mandarin oranges and juice
3/4 cup wesson oil

Mix all above ingredients and bake according to package directions.  I always make 3 layers (cause the presentation is so pretty but you can make a sheet cake too).  Remove from oven and cool.  I put the layers in the freezer for 30 minutes or so to make the frosting easier to spread.

Frosting:  Mix 1 package instant vanilla pudding (3.5 oz), 1 large carton cool whip and 1 large can crushed pineapple (drained and saving the juice)
Poke holes in the cake layers with fork and pour the pineapple juice on each one.  Stack and frost.

When I make this for Easter or a Spring party, I tint coconut orange and sprinkle on the top....very pretty.  This cake is so easy and gets rave tasting reviews. 

I have added many new items to the shop and I would love for you to visit. I wish you a wonderful week.....once again, it's a busy one for me.   Two day trips and a day with Mom on the road, more creating, website additions and....oh yeah.....home life.   ♥♥♥  Lynn 

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Terra said...

I can not imagine a more fabulous day, since the location is wonderful and a roast pig and potluck, yum.

Junkchiccottage said...

It looks like a lot of fun. That cake sounds so yummy.

{oc cottage} said...

how cool!

m ^..^

Maureen Wyatt said...

That looks like a lot of fun and oh what a garden!

Stacey said...

Our family has a pig pickin' every year and it was this past Saturday! There were about 70 people there. Lots of food, games, beer, and fun. :)

All About Vignettes said...

You always have so much fun. I wish I lived closer.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, what fun! And what a wonderful farm! I (grew up on a farm when I was little before we moved to the "big city". Oh, how I loved this post and the fun of neighbors and friends at a BBQ. And those graves! We had a cemetery behind our house in the back pasture. I bet that other building was some sort of tenant house or could they have stored tobacco in there? Wasn't that the cash crop in Virginia for many years?

Great post, Lynn. Mr. Magoie's ggg uncle owned a farm in Virginia called Plain Dealing. I think it is up in Northern VA, but not sure where. I have seen shots of the farmhouse that I think dates to the 1700's. it is a white clapboard building. Virginia is so beautiful. And it is particularly so in the fall.

I remember outhouses. I never used one, but our farm had one. Thankfully we had indoor plumbing. So, yeah, I agree with you on that aspect of farm living.



Anonymous said...

The cake sounds yummy - I just might have to bake - LOL. Love, love all the pics and looks like a great time!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Lynn, This sounds like great fun and I can imagine the weather is wonderful this time of year in Virginia. Thanks for the cake recipe and for joining the Open House party.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Lynn, this looks like the perfect place for a pig pickin'! What great atmosphere, and oh my word, what a garden! It looks like this was so much fun. We used to have that cake frequently, but I haven't made one a long time. Thanks for the reminder. laurie

Jeannie Marie said...

Love the family cemetery! I'd be studying those graves!

pinkkandy said...

Hoping this week-end finds you filled with peace...alot of joy..and some coziness..

pinkkandy said...

Hoping this week-end finds you filled with peace...alot of joy..and some coziness..

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, especially the pink barn and the cat!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Very nice post! Looks like a clambake I used to go to 30+ years ago! Always fun to taste all the food and the cake recipe sounds great! Pinning! Visiting from Pink Saturday!

Unknown said...

Loved your post...the pictures of the farmstead are just gorgeous! I have a thing for old barns and outbuildings! Happy Pink Saturday!

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